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Riding Out the Tough Times

Startup companies face many obstacles when opening for business. It is important to have a solid business plan. However, a business plan does not replace experience. There are always unseen variables that present themselves once the journey along a new path begins. Certain lessons can only be learned by living through them. Oisin Hanrahan lived through this first hand. He and his co-founder Umang Dua were set to make their mark. As time went on they would soon come to understand that what they didn’t know could be very costly.

Hanrahan and Dua formed Home Cleaners Inc. The company went forth with a strong business model and two bright young executives. A key element to the growth of the company would be hiring skilled workers. Hanrahan came up with a plan to streamline this evolution. However, his partner believed that the application process was too time-consuming. So much administrative work could be a turn-off to skilled trades people. Dua felt that the applicants would need to be supervised by a human presence in order to complete the process. Time would prove him right. This realization also coincided with an influx of business. All of a sudden Handy Home Cleaners had too many clients and not enough support to service them. Turning the way customers is not a preferred method of doing business. These consumers will ultimately find the competition. Complaints about a lack of available service ( skyrocketed. Hanrahan and his co-founder were forced to come up with a creative way to maintain the momentum they had gathered.

The investors were playing close attention to the turn of events. The company had recently secured new funding. The extra money gave them financial breathing room and operating capital. It also brought along more stress and responsibility. Now there was a new entity to answer to.