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E-Governe for Better Service Delivery across Brazilian Municipalities

Adapting to the new technology is the core for better and faster service delivery. Cities across Brazil are changing to the e-governe system as the best platform for this purpose. This ICT platform allows for integration and sharing of data between different departments over a secure connection. Instituto Curitiba de Informatica – ICI is the company implementing the e-governe in various departments across the municipalities in Brazil. The company provides the hardware and software solutions required in installation alongside staff training programs in various departments. When fully implemented, the new system will have the capacity to provide better and faster services to the public.


The municipality of Teresina is currently under training on how to accelerate the implementation of e-governe tools. According to the president of Teresinense Data Processing Company, Prodater Miguel Oliveira, a series of meetings of various departmental representatives have already taken place to outline the optimization process. Health, Finance, and Education departments are among those represented at the meeting. Curitiba de Informatica – ICI undertakes the implementation of the portal in various municipalities. The city hall became the first beneficiary of the new system with a human resource management system in place and a further extension to improve public service expected. The states mayor, Silvio Mendes acknowledges the importance of having the full system running. He adds that after and efficient responses to the public needs will be achieved with the new installation. With the growing demand for services by the public, the new facility will have the capacity to analyze various needs, suggestions, identification of problems and monitoring of service delivery among other key factors required to ensure faster and efficient service to the public.


The municipality of Osasco has also signed a deal with ICI for the provision of the new system. The education sector is to benefit from the program titled e-governe Educadao school management system. The system will network 138 school units in the city alongside headquarters. The system is specially tailored to offer safety of information, uphold integrity and uniqueness. The new installation will enable sharing of valuable information in real-time and reduce time wastage. The municipality is currently experiencing sustainable development and integration of the new system is a big boost to its growth. In the deal for the new system installation, ICI got the mandate to supply computers, install networks and create a call center from which the management of the fixed network will be taking place. The municipality is home to some of the biggest Brazilian companies and has significant potential for growth with the new system.


The health sector is bound to benefit greatly from the new system. The new system will integrate all health facilities thereby easing service delivery. Appointments and meeting with specialists in various institutions of health will be more reliable eliminating the constant queuing for the services by patients. More to this, the system will control and monitor the distribution of drugs and other medical equipment from the pharmacies to health institutions. Through its active monitoring, shortage of medicines and other essentials will be checked, and measures are taken to replenish stocks.