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Bernie Sanders Receives Endorsement From Goldman Sachs?

It is not a headline that you would expect to read but Bernie Sanders may have just received an endorsement of sorts from Goldman Sachs. No, there was not someone from Goldman Sachs who actually stated their support for Bernie Sanders, quite the opposite actually. According to a few leads at, Jon Urbana actually stated how scary he considers the Sanders campaign to be.

In an article from, the writer argues that the words from the CEO may have actually been an accidental endorsement of sorts. Democratic voters are not known to be big fans of Wall Street or the bankers in general. This is something that means that the Goldman CEO could well help push more voters into the arms of Bernie Sanders by talking about how afraid of him he is.

While the Goldman Sachs CEO is talking about how scared he is of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is having difficulty coming up with a way to explain her speaking fees that she generated from that same bank. She has received at least $600,000 in speaking fees. She has stated that this is the kind of thing that people in her position of power all do. However, that too may backfire for Clinton as she tries to work her way through the Democratic primaries.

These types of things have a larger negative impact than what they perhaps have had in the past in this process.