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Uncommon Schools Received Funds to Support AP and PSAT Testing from Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners

Uncommon Chartered Schools offer students from kindergarten through 12th grade the opportunity to receive a quality education, and prepares them to attend four-year colleges and universities. Managing Director of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has supported the chartered schools program since 2013. He has influenced thousands of students in New York to focus on learning through mentoring workshops and scholarship foundation, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievements. In March 2015, PR Newswire released press news that Mr. Mann and the Dynamics Team raised more than $22,000 to help students receive college aptitude testing in 2015. The fundraiser was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and all proceeds went to a new school that is opening during the fall of this year.

In addition to the estimated $22,000 that was raised, Dynamics Search Partners had already given $10,000 to help with chartered school testing. Statistics and data have proven that the mission of Uncommon Schools are being fulfilled based on the academic performance of chartered students. According to Uncommon Schools Organization, chartered students in New York City outperformed the students attending public schools in N.Y.C. and the State of N.Y. Chartered students scored higher on math standardized testing by 58 percent. More than half of the students scored advanced or proficient in mathematics, while 34 percent of New York City chartered students scored higher in English and Language Arts.

This is great news to the Uncommon Charter Schools Organization Keith Mann Scholarship Professional Achievement Foundation, and team at Dynamics Search Partners. In Brooklyn, there are over 5,900 students who attend 21 Uncommon Chartered Schools, including elementary, middle and high schools. Keith Mann is pleased with the students’ educational performance and working with Uncommon Schools.

Keith Mann co-founded Dynamics Search Partners and serves as senior vice-president. He contributes hours to volunteer and work at selected Uncommon Chartered Schools in Brooklyn and other neighborhoods in New York City. Dynamics Search and Mann will be celebrating its third year of working with the Uncommon Schools Organization in its mission to prepare students for college.

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How Avi Weisfogel is Helping Children With Facial Deformities

Prominent New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel has come to the aid of Operation Smile, an international non-governmental organization. He is aiming at fundraising 2,000 dollars for the organization through a Go Fund Me campaign. Operation smile is a global organization, which provides surgical operations to kids for free. The correctional surgeries aim at amending cleft palates, bifurcated lips and other kinds of face deformities. Avi hopes that his participation in the initiative will help children and young adults suffering from facial anomalies develop into healthy and self-assured adults.

Speaking during a recent media interview, Avi Weisfogel retaliated that his desire to partner with Operation Smile was out of his belief that every child should have access to quality medical care. The organization’s goals are also in line with his personal credence, that all kids must enjoy their lives to the fullest and be helped to achieve their dreams. His love for children, coupled with his medical background made him select Operation Smile as the recipient of funds that will be raised from this campaign.

The NGO carries out medical duties in numerous locations around the world. It partners with medical research institutions, government agencies, local governments and health professionals to ensure that the best medical care is availed to children with facial malformations. Since its inauguration in 1982, it has delivered more than 220,000 free surgeries, mainly in third world countries.

He is a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. This is a wellness and fitness facility, which mainly deals in sleep disorders resulting from dental conditions. He prides himself in providing high quality cosmetic dentistry to patients for almost 20 years. Under his stewardship, Old Bridge Dental facility provides one-of-a kind dental healthcare. The medical team is devoted to ensuring that the well-being of its patients is given priority.

Weisfogel attended the New York University College of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors. He is dedicated to sleep medicine, a commitment that saw him come up with the Dental Sleep Masters program. This is a system that encompasses dentists, physicians and other health professionals. It aims at enhancing health care delivery and awareness about the treatment of sleeping disorders. Due to his dedicated service to the field of dentistry, he has been named New Jersey’s Dentist of The Year on numerous occasions. Away from his profession, Avi is a hockey fan and supports the New York Rangers hockey team. He is also a fan of rock and classical music.

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Charles Koch Supports George Mason University

According to tax records spanning from 2011-2014 Charles Koch has donated an estimated $48 million dollars to George Mason University. Why should this become noteworthy? Charles Koch has spent millions on his philanthropic pursuits. The large amounts of the Koch Foundations donations have caused some university officials and students concern as to the feasibility of academic independence. Another cause for alarm are the number of people who sit on the university’s boards who have ties to Koch Industries.

The majority of the donated funds go to the Mercatus Center which was founded by Richard Fink who is the Executive Vice President of Koch Industries. Charles Koch also sits on the board of the Mercatus Center and the University’s Institute for Humane Studies. The Mercatus Center conducts research that is designed to educate Federal regulators and congressional aides whose work can influence the direction of government. Recently Koch Industries donated $10 million dollars to the George Mason University’s Law School. Over the past four years the university senate committee and various student organizations have been attempting to investigate the relationship between George Mason and Charles Koch to no avail.

In 2013 the Koch Foundation signed an agreement with Florida State University. The Foundation gave a considerable grant to the university with the permission from university officials to fund the Study of Political Economy and Free Thinking Program. One needs to ask do these grants truly come with no strings attached?

Billionaire Charles Koch was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas where he still lives today with his wife and children. Charles graduated from the Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he holds a bachelors in general engineering, a masters in electrical engineering and a doctorate in chemical engineering. Upon completion of his studies he returned home to Wichita to the over the family business Rock Island Oil and Petroleum after the death of his father. Charles then changed the name of the company to Koch Industries. Today Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned corporation in the United States.

In 2008 Charles was named one of Business Weeks top philanthropist after donating an estimated $250 million dollars. He donates to a plethora of organizations who range from free thinking libertarian groups to the Republican National Party. All of the programs and organizations have one thing in common and that is the studying of free societies we and forming an understanding about how economic freedom benefits humanity.