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Services Offered By The OSI Group

Where companies cannot use the first mover advantage as their expansion strategy, they switch to other tactics such as acquisition and mergers. The OSI Group being in a competitive world has not been left behind when it comes to growth. The company that was ranked 58th on the list of biggest companies that are privately owned has expanded through the acquisition of other companies worldwide.

Its recent venture in the acquisition is the Baho Food. Baho food, prior to its acquisition used to operate in several nations such as Germany, Netherlands and other 16 European nations. The latest move is a sign that OSI Group wants to become the number one company in the food industry.

OSI Group is an equal employer and does not discriminate on race or gender. Some of the notable employees working with this company include Brent Aftman who is the senior vice president and general manager of further processing. There is also Uwe Robler who acts as the managing director as well as Bill Weimer who happens to be the executive vice president and chief financial officer. The position of president and chief operating officer goes to David McDonald while Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of the board and the chief executive officer of this company.

Through offices located worldwide, OSI Group is constantly building new production facilities to help market its product. These facilities are located in places like China, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Some of the facilities found in the USA include those in Chicago, Illinois, Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin and Riverside California. According to the Forbes, OSI Group had a net revenue of over $ 5 billion during the last fiscal year. Its headquarters are still in Aurora, Illinois and has been in operation since 1909 when it was established by a German immigrant.

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