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The Fun Colors Of EOS

Previously, when you went to pick out a new lip balm, you only had a couple of choices. They were bland and in a cylinder tube with a list of active ingredients that made it feel more like a medication. You only used it to keep you lips healthy.

The makers of the Evolution Of Smooth, or EOS noticed this problem and created the solution. EOS comes in fun colors and flavors to make using a lip balm product more enjoyable. The sphere container is softer to the touch than the old plastic tube and even has little grooves for your fingers to make it easy to hold, navigate here at

Unlike the other lip balm products, EOS appeals to the senses. The touch of the container, the look of the colors on the containers, and the taste and smell of the lip balm. These products cost about the same as the other lip balm products as well and can be found in many stores, you can browse more EOS products here on

EOS is also made with organic ingredients and is hypoallergenic. This takes away the long active ingredient list. These products also contain antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. EOS is also free of paraben and petrolatum.

Once you get hooked on the lip balm, you may be curious to try the other products. EOS also makes lotion and shave creams using the same organic standards they use for the lip balm. Many celebrities have tried the EOS products and enjoy them. With the comparable price to other products, everyone has the opportunity to try these wonderful skin care products, check over here.

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