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New Lime Crime Matte Velvetine

Lime Crime is a very popular Cosmetic Company that was founded by Doe Deere back in 2008. When Deere first launched Lime Crime she never could have imagined it would still be as popular as it is today almost ten years later. Lime Crime originally began as a fashion line when Deere created her eBay store back in 2004. It soon transitioned into the bold and expressive makeup brand that it is today. Deere and Lime Crime are constantly adding new and innovative products. One of the newest editions is a Lime Crime velvetine lip product in the color scandal.


The matte Velvetine lipsticks are one of the most popular products that Lime Crime has to offer. They are a liquid lipstick that applies liquidy and dries to a nice matte finish. It is available in a large variety of colors and the newest one is just as beautiful as all of the rest. Scandal is a deep rich purple violet color that looks great on every skin tone and type. Just like every other Lime Crime product Scandal is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. Scandal is just one of the many matte velvetines that are kiss proof as well as touch proof. It is a gorgeous luxurious formula that feels great on the lips and last a very long time.


Lime Crime also offers a variety of other great makeup products. They offer a full line of lipsticks as well as many varieties of eyeshadows and eyeliners. They are also known for their amazing and face products. Lime Crime offers some of the most unique packaging on the market. Each and every product offers a fun unique package and comes in a variety of bold expressive colors and flavors.


With so many amazing colors and products to choose from it is easy to see why Lime Crime is a leader in the makeup industry. Doe Deere continuously works to offer the most unique and fun makeup products. Lime Crime products are very easily available online as well as in a few select retail locations around the world.

The Lime Crime journey

The makeup industry is one that is very competitive. With over 100 brands available, every day cosmetic companies fight to gain your attention and your dollars. Though there are 100 over brands available, Lime Crime has been able to find its place in the very competitive market.


Lime Crime was started in the fall of 2008 by Doe Deere. Doe Deere has been able to create a brand that caters to a person’s uniqueness. She along with her makeup line has millions of fans world-wide that have gravitated to her message of being you. Doe Deere believes in being unique so much that she has branded her followers with the name unicorn and she has given herself the name Unicorn Queen.


Though Doe Deere and her makeup line have a host of fans that believe in her vision of being unique, many of these individuals are also fans of the brand. Doe Deere’s makeup company has a host of products. These products include lip sticks, lip glosses, eye liners and other eye makeup. One of the company’s best selling products is its lipstick. To be more specifically, the Velvetine Matte Liquid lipsticks have become a must have amongst many make up buyers. The shades of the Velvetine Matte lipsticks are inspired by the color of rose petals.


A second popular product of this makeup line is Venus 2. Venus 2 is an eye makeup palette that darker rendition of the Venus palette that was introduced in 2015. The Venus 2 palette contains pigmented eye shadows that include shades named ‘Boot’, Filter, and even mustard.


Doe Deere has made sure that her brand is nowhere near what is expected. With a unique approach, Doe Deere has gone beyond what “society” views as normal by advertising her products to not only are for females but males as well. This perspective of who are products are for could possibly have helped to create a stronger following. With some many people wanting to be a part of something that accepts them, Doe Deere has shown the world that regardless of who they are she accepts them in their uniqueness.

Lime Crime Beauty Products

Lime Crime is a company that specializes in the production, supply, and sale of beauty products. As a beauty company that has been around for a substantial period of time, the company has a wide range of cosmetics available for each avid beauty user.

Some of the cosmetic products that the company produces and sells are such as Eyeshadow, Make-up brushes, Nails Art products, Hair Colour, and Lipsticks. This article will take an in-depth look at some of these beauty commodities as well as what they can offer to you in terms of beauty.


The company offers five different types of lipsticks to choose from depending on your preferences. These lipsticks are such as Diamond Crushers, Perlees, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetiness, and Matte Velvetiness.

Hair Colour

The hair color products produced by the company are mainly meant for Unicorn hair. Unicorn hair is a hyper-performance semi-permanent hair color that upon application makes your hair look like a unicorn. Unicorn hair color was developed by Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere with the primary goal being to create a universal and vibrant hair color suitable for everyone. Examples of Unicorn hair products are such as Mint Ice, Kawaii, Sext, Cloud, Tweet, Bubble-gum Rose, Aesthetic, and Moonchild.


The lipsticks available for selection are of three types namely Bundles, Venus Palettes, and Venus Venus Palettes 2. Just like the rest of its products, the Eyeshadows are made from cruelty-free and vegan products.


Lime Crime nails or Pop On Nails, include Lizard, Camel, Black Magic, Oyster, Storm, and Baby baby. On average, once the nail art has been applied, it only takes about 10 minutes for the art to dry. The Pop On nail arts includes a set of shifts and sparkles which appear in an opalescent manner hence giving you a beautiful and natural feeling on your nails.

Make-up Brushes

Currently, makeup brushes designed by the company appear in a single set known as Aquarium brushes. The Aquarium brushes encompass a total of 7-cruelty-free brushes namely lip, fan, powder, angled brow, blush, and shadow blender. The seven brushes are securely enclosed in a pouch which protects them from damage.

Lime Crime Has Exploded The World Of Hair Color

The unicorn, a horse-like creature with a spiral horn sticking from its forehead, is mythical and found in folklore. Being mystical, one could not go on a safari to find one. It is only natural to discover that, in antiquity, the unicorn is said to love “fair maidens.” Thus, this creature was extraordinary and had unique qualities of purity and grace.


In today’s business world, the “unicorn” is the recruiter’s most prized candidates who have qualifications that surpass the scope of the job description and a startup tech company that achieves a $1 billion dollar market value. The term unicorn is associated with beauty, purity, individuality and high levels of functioning. These are the qualities that only an entrepreneur would appreciate.


Lime Crime is a cosmetics business, associated with bright colors, which has created its “Unicorn” niche in its marketing and tradename. The name was chosen became the brand wanted to be associated with a colorful and catchy fantasy illusion depicting the carefreeness of young women.


In 2008, Doe Deere, whose Russian name is Xenia Vorotova, founded Lime Crime and is its CEO. Deere is a self-taught makeup artist. She was born in Russia and moved to New York City at the age of seventeen, moving with her husband to Los Angeles, California.


Deere is known for her semi-permanent brilliant thirteen shades of hair colors, all with unique and non-descriptive names like “Hair in Jello,” Dirty Mermaid,” “Blue Smoke” and “Hair in Leebo,” and all the names appear with the word Unicorn before them. Deer has a full line of lipsticks as well. All of Deere’s products are vegan ingredients, containing no ammonia, peroxide or bleach. Deer also claims that her products are not tested on animals.


The whole point of these crazy and outrageous colors is to emphasize youth and playfulness. These products give girls something to talk about and to share their fashion fantasies. These products change the everyday boring hair style, allowing girls to experiment harmlessly.


Lime Crime hair products will not damage the hair, and the color will fade gradually. Professional are using the hair products.

The Answer to Our Prayers: Period Hacks

Alright ladies, this is a great one. Many of us have wondered how Wengie can be cheaper at all times of the year and now we may know her secret: her 10 Period Hacks All Girls Should Know. Periods are always a tough topic and even more difficult part of life to manuever and these hacks were great tips to make that time easier.

Wengie starts the video with one of the more well known methods of easing period pain which is using a heating pad. She even goes into detial on how to create your own and customize it for your needs. After that the tips become more intimate and helpful. She suggests triple lining pads (something many of us have thought of but never tried). It’s not only great for protection, it’s also an inconspicuous way to store pads and minimize attention. Running along the same vein, Wengie offers ideas like making make-shift pads with toilet paper and even socks if the time calls for it.

Diet is a big part of periods that not many women are aware of. What we eat is a huge factor and Wengie does a great job explaining that vegetables and calcium are a must during your period while caffiene and sugars are not. Try out those tips for yourself, you’ll feel a huge difference.

Keeping track of your period is ideal but it isn’t that easy for everyone. Wengie suggests getting an app or even marking it on a calendar to be prepared. There are other tools and devicess suggested in the video to keep heavy flow under control.

In all honesty, this video taught me alot about how to manage my period. Not all females have a female role model to teach them these things and Wengie does a great job of being educational as well as light hearted, professional, and fun all at once. This video is highly reccomended for anyone looking to make their “Time of the Month” experience easier to manage. I’m going to click that subscribe button. How about you?