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Christopher Burch Talks about the Future of Fashion and Technology

The fashion and technology industry has experienced a lot of growth together. Technology became fashionable, and the fashion industry became technologically fashionable. Chris Burch says that it’s fascinating how technology and fashion have grown together and that a squint of the past and the present indicates high expectations in the future.


In the current fashion industry the synthesis of technology and fashion is happening unlike in the 70s when the box brought excitement since it allowed people to move around with their favorite’s stations and tunes, back then the two cassette decks which one side played music and the other side would have recorded from the other cassette. With an improvement in technology in the 80s, movie story line was added and thus increased its popularity. In the 90s there was the invention of Walkman and a decade later down the line the iPod was established. It’s been a journey and today in the current world of technology one chooses the device they feel it’s more fashionable.


The fashion designers in the current world delight in tailoring products that delivers and this is made possible by use of technology thus resulting to a high level of innovation and functionality. A Dutch fashion designer says that technology is like a playground where experiments take place and results to a wide range of possibilities in technology and systems. The Dutch fashioner is popularly known for literally designing a drink-making dress and the DareDroid.


The future shines brighter in the technological world including when it comes to protection. Terese Ailstin and Anna Haupt designed an airbag for cyclists. During an encounter, the airbag pops out of the neck wearer and protects the head of a cyclist from impacts. The beautiful side of the airbag over the helmet is that one has a better visibility of the surroundings.


The technology works hand in hand with fashion, and in most cases, the technology relies on the style to gain popularity. Fashion shows tend to involve people on style and the latest trends as well hence advancing in technology borrows a lot from the fashion industry.


Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. It’s a firm that manages venture investments and also brand development based in New York City. He is a billionaire and was listed by Forbes magazine in 2012.

Burch has his entrepreneurial values and vision for the new market includes incubation, creativity, applying imagination, scale, and support. He is successful and keeps thriving in business. He also has an interest in fashion and technology.