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EOS-Lip Therapy for Everyday

EOS lip balms are known for their cute orb shape that is unlike anything on the lip care market. They are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic and come in seemingly limitless flavors that you just can’t resist.

With flavors like Passion Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate raspberry and Blueberry Acai in their Organic Smooth orb collection, it’s hard to decide which one to try first.

EOS lip balm also has Visibly Soft orbs that come in Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut milk. They are rich with vitamins C and E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to make your lips extremely soft. They are also paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free.

The Shimmer Smooth collection comes in Pearl and Sheer Pink and will not only nourish your lips, but will give your smile a nice shimmer, as well. The Shimmer lip balms have vitamin E and jojoba oil as well as shea butter to nourish and moisturize. They are also easy to use thanks to their twist-off top and easy to apply balm that glides onto your lips smoothly. For details, click on

The Organic Smooth Stick collection comes in Vanilla Bean, Sweet Mint, and Raspberry Pomegranate and are loaded with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. They are also gluten-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Follow EOS on

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EOS products are meant to pamper and nourish your lips and come in a range of flavors that will suit every mood, season, and outfit. They are small and easy to throw into your tote and are the perfect go-to for dry lip therapy. The twist-off lid makes it easy to open and the natural ingredients will make you feel great that you are putting good, wholesome things on your body, rather than harsh chemicals that are not only bad for you, but for the environment. More of this on

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Kate Hudson wants to take you Into the Night

Kate Hudson, you’ve heard of her, right? But, we bet you’ve never associated clothing with her. Well, she’s taking the world by storm with her line of clothing for the lazy girl in you! First, her Fabletics style is athletic by day with flirty skirts and tawdry tank tops to go anywhere from the gym to the beach in. Yes, she came out with a swimwear line just before the summer. It’s bright and island fashion based a real surfer chick chic. But now, there is yet another side to the gal and her fashion line.

It’s not a brand new line, it’s not a whole new look, but, it’s a collection of mix and match that turns the basic line into a night life wardrobe. The best part is, Fabletics is the most affordable collection of hot and sexy, yet, practical clothing you can own. Want to know how it works? Here goes and you won’t believe it.

How the Kate Hudson Fabletics System Works

The Fabletics line is like a cool, chic clothing club for active girls. Those that love the outdoors, beach, gym and an active dance, clubbing or dating life. There is a nominal membership fee you can get for under $100, then, you get your first mix and match outfit for that. Then you pay a small monthly fee and are entitled to several pieces to make another outfit or two. What you’ll find is, you couldn’t buy off the peg at a shop and come away with the same amount of clothing or more for the price.

It’s a win-win situation. You pay a stable fee each month from Fabletics and get outfits all the time. This is a genius way to run a business and make sure that your customers will in fact keep coming back. And, the best for last you can skip a month.


Kate Hudson Has Done It Again-With Fabletics S/S16

Kate Hudson has taken the boring and drab out of gym-wear. With her new active-wear brand, makes going to the gym a delight. Now you can sweat and workout and look good doing it. No more baggy clothing or skin tight clothing that adds to your uncomfortable feeling. Kate co-founded Fabletics by the desire to look good while you work out.

A mother of two, an actress and an eye for fashion allows her to inspire others. It’s her amazing passion that reaches and motivates women to maintain an active live style. With Fabletics’ active-wear line of outfits, Kate enjoys her own favorites and puts her stamp of approval on each outfit.

The Fabletics S/S’16 collection takes Kate’s fashion sense to another whole level with the geo patterns, a monochrome floral print and the vibrant pops of color a little here and there. These outfits are perfect for the new season and can be coordinated for style and functional at any occasion.

Kate’s done it once again with keeping in mind that your clothing can inspire you to stay active. So even if you’re training for a marathon or an exercise class, your outfit makes you feel good all over. Fabletics is affordable even to those who’s budget is small. This exclusive line with on-trend designs and quality made allows you to be inspired to work out. It’s a “Live Your Passion” type of thing you’ll love. See the whole article at:

Fabletics offers style and quality made outfits for yoga, running or at the gym, but did you know they have beautiful outfits such as tops, tanks, sports bras, pants, leggings, capris and shorts. You’ll find the accessories perfectly coordinating. Kate’s amazing eye for fashion allows you to let your outfit prepare you for your workout. Find out more about Fabletics at:

It’s a fantastic feeling to reward your hard work at the gym with a new outfit each month instead of a piece of pie. You deserve a fun outfit that keeps you in the gym or running, jogging or any type of exercise. You’ll love how you look and now you’ll love how your feel. 

A Short Girl’s Guide To The Perfect Shoe

Recently, I found the perfect outfit for both work or play, but when the time came to wear the fabulous frock I was at a stalemate. I would have preferred to walk to work barefoot that put on a pair of heels with that perfect outfit. Sometimes the mood just does not strike for a day in heels and wedges. Flats seems to be the reasonable solution on Twitter, but I am what one might refer to as a “short girl”, and at 5’2 I sometimes feel as though I might bump my head on the conference table if i wear flats. Recently, I read and article posted on, about the 3 types of flats every woman should own and how to wear them. This lovely little piece of fashion literary heaven has saved my little piggies, and i now feel more than confident rocking flats at the office or even a night out! The article divulges information on the 3 styles of flats; work flats, weekend flats, and my personal favorite fancy flats. The article on Heels detailed how to sport each style of flat, and even provides readers with photos and shopping information for each style pictured. A shoe lover’s dream come true!

Once I had educated myself on all three styles of flats, and found inspiration for the looks I wanted to achieve I headed to JustFab. is an online subscription boutique with literally hundreds of shoe styles. Customers are able to sign up for a monthly subscription where a personal stylist will send you monthly style recommendations based on your style preferences! Yes, I said personal stylist! At JustFab, members come first and they guarantee the most updated styles and on trend designs available. Located in Los Angeles, the online boutique promises styles that are born right in the heart of the L.A. fashion industry. is not only shoes, but clothing and handbags too! Check out, and shop the most recent on trend designs to update your wardrobe!

Starting a New Steelers Season Right with Susan McGalla

It’s that season again, and if you are a Steelers fan there is great news for you. Earlier this year wikinvest reported that the Steelers football team announced a new fashion line lead by Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers. She is organizing the new fan clothing line as well as a new website for the team to connect with fans. Along with the new pushes, she establishes a better mobile app so fans can connect with the team and purchase their favorite memorabilia. Among the new releases, fans can purchase their favorite Pandora Steelers charms as well as fashion from major labels such as Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. The new Steelers line is geared towards fans at any age and any gender. Ms. McGalla takes on this new venture with the Steelers and brings with her two decades of expertise. She is alumni of Mount Union College in Ohio where she attained her degree in business and marketing. Her experience in the field began in marketing at the Joseph Horne Company. Before having the position of the President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. for fifteen years, she was the Divisional Merchandise Buyer for women’s clothing for the company. She then moved into a retail industry consultant then was the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc., where she reinvented the brand. From there, she founded P3 Executive Consulting firm where she used her expertise to provide advisory services to the Wall Street community. In 2015, she took the position as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her experience and proficiencies make her the lead in her field when it comes to branding and marketing. Her know-how has made her an asset to the business management field. She knows the ins and the outs of the field as well as how to overcome in complexities she comes across while in the marketing field. Mc. McGalla brings her understanding from ireport of the management practices to help others by sitting on the Board of Advisors for Mount Union College.