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Bernardo Chua’s Impact On Organo Gold

Mr. Chua, well known as a genius of the network marketing industry, Bernardo Chua has directed all his efforts on coffee, tea, and other daily products to introduce to people around the world to Ganoderma.

He has played a big role in 2 successful companies in Gano excel and currently, Organo Gold. Starting in his home country of Philippines, Bernardo has played a vital role in raising Ganoderma to the competitive attractive North American market.

Bernardo Chua is ranked as one of the most successful business men in The Pacific Rim. As he has been pursuing his career, Mr. Bernardo’s business efforts have been awarded a number of times. He received the Dangal ng Bayan Awards for Industrial Business from the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumer Quality Awards in the year 2014. Mr. Bernardo was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice as the best direct sales company in the food supplements section. Mr. Chua has been awarded 5 different times as the best “Direct Sales Company of the Year”. With his company being well established, Mr. Chua now focuses more on refining his business as much as possible.

Ganoderma, a mushroom known in ancient Chinese medicine as the “highest-ranked herb”, became Bernardo Chua’s new pet project. He works hand in hand with the best organic Ganoderma producers in the world; this partnership lets him to produce quality without a high price tag. Additionally, he also funds researchers from Ganoderma on their projects; this in turn brings favor to Organo Gold when new breakthroughs are discovered.

In 2008, Bernardo had a purpose to build a company that could take Ganoderma Lucidium products to a notch higher. After realizing the nature of success Ganoderma products had in the Asian markets, Mr. Bernardo wanted to show the West what they were missing. Currently he holds the position of a chief executive officer of Ganoderma. With as little as 5 years of direct sales, Organo Gold was reported as the 55th biggest direct sales company in the world.

Youtube caption: OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention. OrGano Gold has broken records and has some of the industry’s Top Income earners.

Now based in Canada, Organo Gold has more than a million distributors around the globe. Bernardo Chua and his companies continue to carefully focus on ways to take the lead ahead of the stiff competition in the market, and that has been a leading factor as to why the name has continued to grow. Organo Gold being based in Canada, a country known for its strict rules in production, gives customers peace of mind. Any fore thought risk is eliminated from the consumers mind after seeing it’s from Canada before distribution.

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Uber Working on Delivery Service

It looks like Uber is trying to expand its business into more delivery options. Earlier this week the company started offering food delivery in some locations and now it looks like they’re also testing some other forms of delivery. Specifically, the company is looking at giving high-end retailers the ability to use Uber to deliver goods to customers quickly. Some of the stores reportedly in talks with Uber for the service include Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, and Neiman Marcus. With the service Uber drivers would be carrying around cargo as well as people, and would simply pick up that diamond ring or fancy suit on their way to retrieve another passenger.

If successful, Uber could create a program that rivals that of eBay and Amazon’s same-day services. Handy from Consumer Reports likes the idea since Uber already has drivers on the road, it will cut down considerably on the cost of hiring drivers and paying for vehicles. Even if drivers are paid the same amount as carrying around a human passenger, something like $20 to get that $2000 suit driven across town is a no-brainer for many wealthier clients who would rather not head downtown to pick something up but would appreciate receiving product the same day they buy it.