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Busy Entrepreneur and Active Philanthropist: Eric Pulier

Pulier is a New Jersey native who graduated from Harvard and has been a successful start up entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He started his company building career in 1991 when he started People Doing Things in 1991. People Doing Things aimed at helping others with issues in healthcare, education, and other areas through the use of technology. He has started numerous other ventures, including Desktone, Media Platform, and Akana.

Eric Pulier has helped with children who are chronically ill. He first started the social network, StarBright world, to help those who are terminally ill connect with one another. They can chat, post content, blog, and genuinely connect with others who share the same experience. He also worked to start the Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with a chronic illness. In addition, he works on the board of the X-Prize foundation, which a group that hosts challenges to solve humanities problems.

He has worked with the government on a number of initiatives and exhibitions. He was selected by committee to create and produce the “Bridge to the 21st century,” a Presidential Technology Exhibit. He has worked on Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum and worked on Clinton’s Global Initiative. He skills and expertise has been showcased through his business ventures and work with the government.

Pulier has worked to build his businesses, ventures, and charities. He wants to help build up other entrepreneurs, investing in ventures and start ups. He continues to support his charities and work on the boards of multiple organizations. He invests his time and money in communities and businesses.

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