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Equities First Holdings Businesses Continue to Flourish

Equities First Holdings is among the leading international alternative lenders. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and it has several offices all over the world. The company recently announced to its business associates and clients in Australia that it had managed to relocate its Melbourne offices.

According to a report from the private company, the new office is readily accessible to all the stakeholders in the industry. The founder chief executive director of the banking institution says that the Australian business has grown significantly, especially in the recent times, and the old office cannot accommodate all the staff and clients. Mitchel Hopwood, the current managing director at the private company, says that the new location is bigger, and it is in a better position to accommodate everyone. Space is also suitable for any future expansions.

Equities First Holdings was established in the international market several years ago, and it specializes in offering individuals with stock based loans that are used mostly for business growth, strategic investments and expansions. The private firm has also announced that they will maintain the three offices in Australia for the time being. The offices are found in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and they have served the customers for a while now.

After the financial crisis that took place several years ago, many lending institutions thought that it was advisable to tighten their lending options so that they can survive the numerous challenges in the market. Most of the companies increased interest rates, making it difficult for middle-class investors to acquire loans. The companies also raised their requirements, giving their loans to the accredited individuals only.

Equities First Holdings, however, has changed the lives of many people who need fast loans. The institution offers loans to persons who have publicly traded stocks. The stocks are used as collateral.

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