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How Greg Secker Got Into the Trading Industry

Greg Secker is the founder and CEO of Learn To Trade. He recently gave an interview in which he discussed some interesting stuff. Greg Secker is not a why guy, he is a why not guy. He believes in saying yes and why not to things and then letting them work out along the way. It is always good to give something a go and try it out. For example, his Flying Trader initiative shows how he can make trades while flying and give to charity at the same time. When people ask him why he does it, his answer is why not?

In school, Greg Secker studied agriculture and food science. He was also selling and creating computers, as there was plenty of time for him to learn how to program them. He attended a job fair, and that is how he got a job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. That is how he got into working in creating the Virtual Trading Desk, an online platform for traders. That is how he got into the world of trading in general, as he spent a lot of time around traders and learned a lot from them.

During his time working on Virtual Trading Desk, he got into Forex, or foreign exchange trading. Since he had to code for Virtual Trading Desk, he had to learn how all of this trading stuff worked, or else he would not have been able to code them. At the same time, he saw that people were profiting by doing foreign exchange, so he decided to get in on the action.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a global speaker. Besides Learn To Trade, he is the owner of Smart Charts, Capital Index, and others. Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation, which he uses to donate money to charity.

Greg Secker was already a millionaire in his twenties. He created one of the largest trading platforms in Europe. He has helped many people achieve their dream of financial freedom. Over two hundred thousand people have attended his various seminars and workshops around the world.

What OSI Group Industry Is Offering The European Market

The OSI Group Industries has remained committed to the expansion into foreign markets across the globe. The enterprise which is dominating the global food industry is keen on improving its footprint in the world food industry. As a pacesetter, OSI Group provides tailored solutions and quality foods in the sector food and beverage. Looking at the company’s financial report for last year, one can confirm that the growth of the company becoming steadier by the day.

So what does it take to be a leader in the OSI Group’s niche? According to David McDonald, the conglomerate’s President, OSI is driven by an insatiable appetite for quality and growth. The company has invested a lot of resources in infrastructure development and human resource so that it can increase the production capacity to satisfy the demand for processed foods. With strategic partnerships with other suppliers and retailers, OSI Group has managed to create a robust distribution channel for its goods. David McDonald avers that the company has focused on providing custom food solution to its clients including an opportunity for the customers to get natural and organic servings.

Some of the leaders who have steered OSI Group Industries to the apex include the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company, Sheldon Lavin. The CEO has managed to create positive energy that powers the employees of the enterprise. From the early days when OSI was a typical McDonald’s supplier, Sheldon Lavin has provided the appropriate leadership strategies that remain to be the ingredients of the success of the business.

To demonstrate its commitment and optimism to the American market, the firm recently acquired a former Tyson Foods processing facility in Chicago. The acquisition is one of the growth strategies the company had laid out to help propel its future growth. According to Forbes, OSI is currently one of the most successful privately-held enterprises in the United States.

In Europe, OSI Group is also embarking on an ambitious expansion plan. The firm acquired Flagship Europe as a market-entry strategy. Until its purchase, Flagship Europe was one of the most distinguished food processing companies in the UK. The addition of Flagship Europe to the OSI Family demonstrates OSI’s optimism with the European market. The acquisition also broadens OSI Group’s ability to provide custom food solutions to its customers in Europe. The CEO of OSI, Sheldon Lavin has managed to create an enterprise culture in his company to develop a sense of business ownership in his employees.

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About Logan Stout, An Accomplished Entrepreneur, And Leadership Trainer

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IDLife. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, leadership trainer, keynote speaker, and philanthropist.

Stout established IDLife in 2014 alongside his partners Troy Aikman and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. Over time, IDLife has grown to a globally recognized brand. In fact, it features in the list of 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. IDLife specializes in organic nutritional supplements for weight management and nutritional purposes.

Logan Stout has a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market. Through his leadership skills, Logan Stout helps young entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. Throughout his career, Stout has worked with renowned speakers and authors such as John C. Maxwell to help everyone in the world gain leadership skills. Through his book; “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams” Logan Stout has made a positive impact in the society by inspiring and empowering readers to reach their potential. In fact, it was recently recognized by Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John one of the world’s renowned entrepreneurs.

Logan Stout was born and brought up in Richardson, Texas. Logan and his wife, Haley Stout attended the J.J. Pearce H.S. While at J.J. Pearce H.S., Logan was elected to the Student Athletic Council for his excellence in leadership, sports, and teaching. As a result, he decided to specialize in baseball after completing high school. Logan Stout is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dallas Patriots Baseball organization. As a former baseball player, he founded Premier Baseball Academy, a premier provider of indoor baseball training. It’s one of the world’s largest providers of coaching to kids aged between six and eight years through its world-class instructors, coaches, and trainers.

Logan Stout has been featured in several publications such as The New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Panola University as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. While at college, Logan Stout would participate in the music club as a pitcher and shortstop.

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Remaining Relevant In The Phase Of New Media

A person must have the relevant skills to achieve career success in a world that is constantly changing because of technological advancement. Many professions are changing, and most people have stopped being relevant because they do not have the skills. Career success is a journey of growing with the discovery of new products and services in given fields. This is the only way that an individual remains competitive in the industry for them to be eligible for more and better opportunities. The journey of PodcastOne is one of a kind.

PodcastOne is a new media product that is tailored to meet the needs of the current generation. People are rigid towards change most of the time, but technological advancement can cost you and cause you to remain irrelevant until you learn to embrace it. PodcastOne is a product that gained a market share by constantly changing from one discovery to another. This makes it a competitive product that is adopted by its consumers. It is a product that produces audio books and messages. The messages are the ones that are of interest to its users. Most people download the information it shares. The product uses various modern people to capture different markets. It is accessible and easy to consume than the traditional media.

Norman Pattiz is the man behind the discovery of the new media product. He leads the team and is in charge of PodcastOne. Norman is an open-minded person. He has the ability to fit in a new environment and develop new skills to remain relevant. Pattiz is not rigid to change compared to most of the people in his age group. He is easy to work with since he is a team player and gets along with people easily. Most people of his generation understand the traditional way of working on things, but he chooses to embrace change and understand different opportunities that are tied to change.

Pattiz is capable of working with the various people at various levels who view things differently. This attitude has seen him collaborate with the best media outlets. He has worked with the government at their radio transmission on the military department. These are some of his major achievements that make him gain experience in the media. PodcastOne gets its revenue through advertisements. It has currently released a new product called Beyond the Darkness.

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Innovative Office Collaboration Key To Business Growth

Creating a business environment that promotes collaboration among the team members can go a long way to realizing business growth. After many years of operation in its original location, the owner and founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP, Marc Sparks relocated the company to a new office setting that is meant to provide conducive working environment and optimize collaboration for the workers. This is something that is crucial for startup incubation.
In any business startup, it is important to build a model that works and acquire the right resources to take the entity to greater heights. Marc Sparks explained that the design of Timber Creek Capital, LP has enabled the company to be able to host close to three different companies and provide intensive nurturing and incubation period.
Marc is a serial entrepreneur and has learned what it takes for a business to succeed in this world. He says that having quality and conducive work environment that is pegged on the collaboration of workers makes more than 25 percent of the ingredients that are needed for a business to succeed. In an office, there is a special flow needed to enhance collaboration and productivity of the team.
In his book, They Can’t Eat You Sparks has outlined some few successes and failures as well as the journey to learning entrepreneurship realities. It is these experiences he explains in the book, which led him to start one of his most successful ventures, the Timber Creek Capital, LP.
Sparks take a few companies and works on them by offering mentorship and an easy access to resources such as office space, capital, banking, and marketing. Some of the qualities that helped this entrepreneur to succeed are faith, tenacity, passion, savvy of monetization, focus, and an extreme sense of urgency. His team calls these qualities the “spark speed” and they have seen him grow in leaps and bounds.
According to Spark, he always likes to mentor his team about these qualities. Marc Sparks is the CEO, owner, and founder of Timber Creek, LP, a successful private equity company. He has also authored a series of books and is a renown philanthropist. Timber Creek Capital, LP is a highly qualified company that helps entrepreneurs to advance their ideas and turn them into quite successful business models.
Spark says he has seen every side of entrepreneurial success and failure. Timber Creek Capital, LP specializes in taking dreams of inspiring entrepreneurs and turning them into highly sought-after and unmatchable revenue generating engines.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

A Simple Tool For Effective Goal Setting

Following through on my long term goals has been an uphill battle all my life. I have good intentions, create a great plan, but somehow I will not complete the task. I know I’m not the only one that becomes complacent with seeing a task through to the end. Marc Sparks, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Timber Creek Capitol, has written a blog on the subject. The advice he gives is valid and simple.

Sparks says the first and most important thing to do is to write a list of your goals. Use pen and paper. In this age of tablets and desktops we have lost the connection created by the act of writing. Personally, I have found that when I do this, it gives me a good idea of what I hope to accomplish in a given period of time. Doing it once a week will make sure you aren’t looking too far ahead of yourself. Sure, long term goals are great, but by brainstorming on them every week you can see your progress. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller steps will make them seem less difficult. Writing transforms ideas into physical reality.

A handwritten list also brings with it a certain amount of accountability. Staying honest with yourself is vitally important. Mark Sparks is adamant about the advantages handwritten lists have over electronic ones. Even though it would be faster to type it, his advice is that quick and easy isn’t always the better option. The idea is to create new habits in your life. Having something tangible like a piece of paper makes the process all that much more real. I agree wholeheartedly. Sure, writing is more cumbersome than typing, but I have a more powerful connection to my own penmanship than words floating on a screen.

I have discovered that by following Sparks advice, I can see progress where once I would think there was none. This simple, yet effective suggestion has given me a more positive outlook, especially when I feel the goal is too far off for it to matter. My short term goals have benefited from this process is well. This is a tool I will definitely continue to use.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

About Christian Broda

Christian Broda on valuewalk is one of the most influential business leaders in the country today. He is managing director at Duquense Capital Management. Before starting his business management career, he was a professor at the University of Chicago’s school of business. He taught here between the 2005 and 2010. During the time he was a lecturer, he also got a position as the head of international research at the Lehman/ Barclays Capital. He is a member of the National Economic Bureau of Economic Research among other important positions.

Early life, education and career development

Christian Broda grew up in Argentina. This is where he attended his elementary, secondary and even college. In 1997, he graduated from the Universidad de san Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After his Bachelor’s degree, he enrolled for a Master’s degree in MIT. He graduated in 1999. In June 2011, he attained a Ph.D. in economics, also from MIT. He started acting as a managing director at Duquense when he was studying for his Ph.D. at MIT. In 2008, he was appointed as a tenured professor in economics at the University of Chicago.

Besides his management positions in different investment platforms, Christian has written a number of papers, gotten published in journals and contributed a lot to literature related to business. Some of these contributions include being an associate editor of the IMF economic review, being an associate editor of the Journal of development economics, and many others. He also has many publications to his name. These include Optimal Tariffs, The Evidence, and Defining Price Stability in Japan, Dollarization and the Lenders Last Resort among many others.

The man has also received numerous awards for his exemplary performance in business leadership. These include the James S Kemper foundation Scholar award in 2006, NSF grant in 2005-2008 and several others. He is a member of the American economic association, the Latin American and Caribbean economic association, and the society for economic dynamics.

The thing that is truly inspiring about Christian is the fact that he is an immigrant whose journey towards the success he is enjoying today started a very long time ago in Argentina. He has had to break through barriers such as language, lack of economic support and many others to become the admirable person that he is today. His success in education saw him gain access to MIT, one of the most prestigious tertiary educational institutions in the country.

Even before he had finished his post graduate studies at the University, he was already receiving offers to go work at the University of Chicago Business School. He attributes his many successes to his relentlessly hardworking nature. Christian is also a family man. He lives with his wife and two sons in New York.

Igor Cornelsen Believes Investing Should Be a Personal Choice

Igor Cornelsen, the founder of Bainbridge Investments believes the changes seen in the economies of the world in recent years have led to a huge change in how investing takes place. Cornelsen believes these changes should continue and include the chance for investors themselves to take more control of their personal finances on a day to day basis. Igor Cornelsen isn’t claiming investors should ignore the advice and options presented to them by his fellow financial experts, he simply believes the rise of the Internet has made it possible for every investor to take more control of how their money is used.

The days of investing in a faceless hedge fund manager should be over in the eyes of Igor Cornelsen, which would see the power in the world of investing shifted back to the individual investor. Cornelsen believes that for too long the individual has been forced to blindly trust the investment choices made by those in a position of financial power. But, how does an individual investor know the decisions being made are the right ones for them? This is the question many are now asking as they see lower than expected returns on their investments and expanding access to investment news and options means members of the general public know more about the markets than ever before.

Igor Cornelsen believes it is a good idea to take a look around and decide on a number of different areas or industries to invest in to make sure the individual does not have their financial future placed in a single company or investment opportunity. This means questioning a financial adviser or investment professional about where the funds invested are being dispersed to in a bid to build more money. Cornelsen believes many investors will begin to see a whole new world of opportunities open up for them when they make a simple change and look at where their funds are being invested.

Alongside the need for a greater say in where funds are invested the financial expert from Bainbridge Investments believes a little research should be completed to make sure the choices being made are the correct ones. Igor Cornelsen believes any investor can spot signs of distress amongst the executives from a company that may be hiding problems within its hierarchy. Completing a simple Internet search will allow any potential investor to see how regularly the top executives at any company are departing their posts. A high turnover of executives is usually a sign that all is not well and the investor should steer clear of the investment opportunity.

Bernardo Chua’s Impact On Organo Gold

Mr. Chua, well known as a genius of the network marketing industry, Bernardo Chua has directed all his efforts on coffee, tea, and other daily products to introduce to people around the world to Ganoderma.

He has played a big role in 2 successful companies in Gano excel and currently, Organo Gold. Starting in his home country of Philippines, Bernardo has played a vital role in raising Ganoderma to the competitive attractive North American market.

Bernardo Chua is ranked as one of the most successful business men in The Pacific Rim. As he has been pursuing his career, Mr. Bernardo’s business efforts have been awarded a number of times. He received the Dangal ng Bayan Awards for Industrial Business from the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumer Quality Awards in the year 2014. Mr. Bernardo was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice as the best direct sales company in the food supplements section. Mr. Chua has been awarded 5 different times as the best “Direct Sales Company of the Year”. With his company being well established, Mr. Chua now focuses more on refining his business as much as possible.

Ganoderma, a mushroom known in ancient Chinese medicine as the “highest-ranked herb”, became Bernardo Chua’s new pet project. He works hand in hand with the best organic Ganoderma producers in the world; this partnership lets him to produce quality without a high price tag. Additionally, he also funds researchers from Ganoderma on their projects; this in turn brings favor to Organo Gold when new breakthroughs are discovered.

In 2008, Bernardo had a purpose to build a company that could take Ganoderma Lucidium products to a notch higher. After realizing the nature of success Ganoderma products had in the Asian markets, Mr. Bernardo wanted to show the West what they were missing. Currently he holds the position of a chief executive officer of Ganoderma. With as little as 5 years of direct sales, Organo Gold was reported as the 55th biggest direct sales company in the world.

Youtube caption: OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention. OrGano Gold has broken records and has some of the industry’s Top Income earners.

Now based in Canada, Organo Gold has more than a million distributors around the globe. Bernardo Chua and his companies continue to carefully focus on ways to take the lead ahead of the stiff competition in the market, and that has been a leading factor as to why the name has continued to grow. Organo Gold being based in Canada, a country known for its strict rules in production, gives customers peace of mind. Any fore thought risk is eliminated from the consumers mind after seeing it’s from Canada before distribution.

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Marc Sparks: the example set for modern entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is an excellent entrepreneur! This has to be the first sentence when we describe this man. Ever since he graduated from high school in 1975 that he started several business ideas, some with a lot of success, and some that did not, which is part of the growth as an entrepreneur. Right now, Marc Sparks is in what we can call, the “mature stage” of entrepreneurship, all the lessons learned, all the failures that provided a step closer to great success, all of those will serve as a path for younger entrepreneurs.

“They Can’t Eat You”
“They Can’t Eat You” is the title of the book that Marc Sparks wrote to pass his experiences to new entrepreneurs understand that the path of success is very harsh, and sometimes not a very rewarding one. All the experiences described are fantastic and valuable lessons for everyone that wants to venture in the path of building his own career.
The greatest value transmitted by Sparks’ book is the passion he places in everything he does, and where there are no impossible when you want to reach and that is possible to have a wide range of interests while you develop you career.

When does success happen?
Another valuable lesson that you learn with Sparks, is that success is right now, you must always have your doors open to success and keep refining your ideas to the point they will get in a point where you do not need to keep investing more resources than you should. According to Sparks’ way of business, you shouldn’t have fear to lose, as long as you can maintain yourself and your family, anything you lose other than that is just collateral or if you want to put it in that way, it’s the investment’s risk.

Value the people
Marc Sparks’ greatest achievement is to be able to place his family and others’ above the road for money and success. Being possible to give back to society is also one of his traits, we work for ourselves, but we can produce surplus to give back to the people who supported us, who helped us or those that simply never had an opportunity such as he keeps having. This native from Dallas keeps inspiring people into success and to help others, that is what makes of Marc Sparks a perfect example for modern entrepreneurs.