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Lorde Won’t Back Down

If you have ever doubted yourself as a woman, or if you have ever found men criticizing you and you are frustrated with the way that they put you down, then you are not alone. Everyone deals with that kind of hatred, even celebrities.

Lorde recently posted some tweets telling men to back off. She is staying strong and showing a good example to girls everywhere. We all know that Lorde is a great singer and we know that no one should be putting her down for that. I am proud of her for standing up for herself.
Lorde may be young, but she has already proven herself so many times in so many different ways. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is fond of that. These tweets show another side to her, and another reason to like her. She is strong, and she is not ready to back down from what she thinks and knows. She is a great singer, and a great role model for young girls to look up to.

Tom Rothman Brings Show Business Back to Hollywood at Sony

The surprise announcement from Sony Pictures that Thomas E. Rothman had made a shock return to the highest echelons of Hollywood shocked many within the movie industry, according to a story first reported by the New York Times. Rothman had been a leading executive when he headed Fox Filmed Entertainment.

Rothman replaces Amy Pascal at Sony after a series of poor box office showings for Sony movies followed the shocking release of emails between Pascal and producer Scott Rudin. Pascal was forced to apologize to a number of individuals, including President Barrack Obama for a supposed racist remark made about him. Pascal will help with the change over to Rothman and will then produce for Sony a number of their most important movie franchises, including the Spiderman series.

Former entertainment lawyer Rothman was thought to be behind Sony executive Doug Belgrad in the race to become the latest chairman of the movie side of the Sony’s production team. Instead the history of producing both award winning movies and those that gross large numbers has seen Rothman brought in from the smaller TriStar Productions. It is thought Rothman will oversee a shift to a segmented production style with different Sony brands being given a more focused brief about the types of movies they will produce. Rothman is also a change in style when compared to many of the executives that have recently been appointed, Hollywood has been looking to chairman more concerned with the bottom line than artistic expression, Rothman does not fall into that category.