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Keith Mann Helps Students With Educational Testing

Dynamic Search Partners is a company owned by Keith Mann. He is a person who cares about aiding others in the Brooklyn community of New York City and he knows how to lead by example. Keith Mann chose to hold a private fundraising event not long ago on behalf of Uncommon Schools. It is an organization that strives to provide local students with financial aid to improve their situation in life. Many students who come from an economically disadvantaged background simply don’t have the funds to pay for testing fees. They need to take exams like the AP Tests and the PSAT and administering these exams costs money. Uncommon Schools needs sponsors to help students cover these fees and Keith Mann has decided to be a hero to some students by raising funds.

Keith’s event was at the famous Standard Beer Garden Hotel. He gave a passionate speech to an audience of financial services people who all reached into their pockets to help fund Uncommon Schools. A total of $22,000 was raised to help students that evening and it will be sure to make a difference in the lives of many. Keith Mann has been working to help Uncommon Schools since back in 2013 and he plans to continue to be their champion for many ears to come because he believes in their mission. Keith has established a platform that he can use to benefit his local community. He supports academic excellence and fosters innovation wherever he can. He knows that by helping students to get the needed tests they will enhance their chances of going to college and elevating themselves out of poverty.

Keith said he was very excited to form a partnership with Uncommon Schools. He met with administrators for one of the local charter schools that his fundraising benefitted. He walked the halls and stepped into the classrooms. He met students and the enthusiasm for learning that he saw on their faces encouraged him. He wants everyone to know that when you help students get ahead in life you are changing the world so don’t hesitate to try and make a difference in any way you can.

ClassDojo Is Taking The Platform For Education And Communication To A Whole New Level

Based out of San Francisco, ClassDojo was launched not too long ago in 2011. They are passionate about bringing better solutions to schools and parents for improving the quality of education students can receive across the globe. Since first launching, ClassDojo has grown exponentially and is being used by 1 out of every 2 schools in the US every day. The platform is available in hundreds of different countries, and they continue to grow every day in order to expand their reach.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, both founders for ClassDojo, say they designed the programs in order to offer solutions on problems that have always surrounded education. Most other companies on the market offering education or learning software are not offering their products for free, and they are not easy to use. Sam and Liam knew this before creating ClassDojo and wanted to created something that everyone could use.

This educational program allows for advanced communication between parents and teachers while allowing them to check in on the progress of their kids in school. Teachers are able to share pictures and videos as well as messages on the ClassDojo board for school moments. Instructors are also able to leave their students feedback or notes on their activities. This program is helping many students gain a more positive view around school and the classroom environment with helpful feedback and encouragement.

Since the founders first created the program, they have been bringing more students, parents, and teachers together and providing a more engaging school experience. Their is also no need for scheduling appointments and conferences because ClassDojo conveniently allows for direct and instant communication at all times for teachers and parents. Parents are able to see notes left by teachers for their child’s behavior, or even for helping them teach their kids at home.

ClassDojo has seen a lot of success and many raving reviews since launching. The founder of the platform say they plan to continue to further develop the program and its available features. As technology continues to advance and the app’s develop more, ClassDojo will continue to expand as a tool to build better communities and environment around school.

All users and participate in the program for free since ClassDojo is not asking money for their educational app. Even as the company continues to grow and more people use the app, they intend to keep an always free app available to everyone around the world.


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What Dogs And Owners Trust

It really is a great endorsement when those people who make a product also use a product. This shows that they stand by and agree with whatever is being made. They’ve put their trust into that product and now trust it enough to use it. That’s exactly what happened when it comes to Beneful Dog Food.

There is a trusted team of scientists, nutritionists, and many others that band together and make this product possible. Not just that, they really put their heart and soul into this product. They know exactly the types of wholesome ingredients and neccesary nutrients to include that make a pup happy and healthy. These owners are dog owners, dog lovers, and dog enthusiasts. They will do anything to make sure your dog is getting the utmost nutritional care. These team members trust the product so much that it’s the only one they use on their dogs!

Beneful is a great product because there are so many different kinds. The food is specially formulated depending on which type and age of dog you own! If you have a puppy, there is a Beneful dog food specifically crafted to promoted puppy growth. The same goes for an older dog. It goes beyond that. If you have a dog that needs to watch its weight, there’s a product for that as well. Basically, Beneful wants to help your dog succeed no matter what stage of life they are in.

Beneful is committed to delivering the highest quality dog food. The people can’t lie. There are over 15 million users of Beneful dog products. They stick around and keep coming back because they’ve seen just how happy and healthy this product has made their pooches! Aside from wholesome nutrition that dogs need, Beneful also markets snacks and treats for pups! There’s nothing that says “I love you, dog.” by giving them a little extra treat inbetween feedings!

Purina follows standard safety protocols. This means that a dog owner will never have to worry about there being something in the food that shouldn’t be. This also means that the owners can rest easy knowing that this food is made from top quality. There really is no denying that this product is a cut above the rest. It’s no coincidence that Beneful sounds like beneficial because that’s exactly what it is.

Owners who love their dogs feed them the best nutrition. That’s exactly what Beneful is here for.

Who Will Pay for Higher Education

As many students have entered their final semesters of their high school career, many are looking to the future and wondering what will happen after the walk across that stage and no longer have a state funded education. Some may decide to take a break from school and will go into the workforce, others will enter the military, and many will givecollege a try. The problem with the first two options is that a long term career means they are just delaying their educational needs. While those entering college, are facing increased costs that will leave them with a substantial amount of debt from attaining the educational goals.

As the President laid out his initiative to make community college free, it still would not solve the long term problems facing many of the states providing higher education in the country. Many states like Arizona are struggling from the down turned economy over the past decade have looked for any place to cut their budgets and the costs of providing higher education have many people on both sides of the aisle saying the burden should be on the students and off of the tax payers. Besides reversing this trend and putting the costs back on the taxpayers it still does not reduce the over expensive costs of education in the country. As Susan McGalla knows, to do this universities and colleges will need to look into a mirror and figure out how to make their education more affordable.