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The Boom of Visual Search

Visual search is a service that has been growing in recent years. It is similar to a traditional search made over the Internet, only instead of typing in keywords into a search engine, an individual is going to upload an image to the service. The engine is then able to compare the images directly through the search field and provide an accurate result based on the image uploaded. While this service continues to develop and expand, it is something that has proven especially popular for shopping. Whether someone is looking for a new pair of shoes, dress, hat or anything else of that nature, individuals are able to look for the most accurate depiction of the image they use directly through a visual search service, such as the one produced by Slyce.

Slyce is a image recognition service that has helped expand the popularity of the search method. It works with many of the top retailers in the world in order to make it easier for customers to find their products. Additionally, the company also works with smaller start-up companies, in order to give them a foothold inside of the industry as well. This makes it possible for the companies to compete and to reach new customers when they never had the chance before. With the creation of visual search, start up companies have the ability to expand to new regions and to make sales they typically never would, as Live Mint points out.

For a small business, it is important to have a strong Internet presence. Previously, attempting to make up ground against the larger manufacturers proved difficult, simply because of all the different services out there with larger marketing budgets. This, however, makes it easier than ever before to compete. Thanks to the Live Mint service, companies can include their images and products with image recognition. There are a few different ways this kind of method can help out. First of all, someone is able to directly see the product if they upload an image that matches what the startup has produced. Beyond this though, the service also provides similar looking items or less expensive options for a buyer to select from. This offers an alternative method for reaching customers where they normally would not have this chance. All of this kind of service makes it easier than ever before to make sales to customers from around the world.