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Capital Anesthesiology Association Knocks The Lights Out of Surgical Pain

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is an Austin-based group of physicians, nurses and technicians who are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality surgical pain management available. CAA is recognized by national organizations, including the Anesthesia Quality Institute for consistently providing top-tier service. And all CAA members are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Going under the knife can be a nerve wracking experience. With a CAA member physician, you can rest assured that you will not experience unnecessary pain or anxiety before, during or after your surgery. With over 80 physicians and 130 CRNA’s, Capitol Anesthesiology Associates can provide the right team of specialists for whatever medical challenge the day brings.

CAA member physicians practice at all Level One Trauma Centers across Austin as well as most acute care hospitals and many outpatient medical centers. CAA members also represent most specialties including obstetrics, pediatrics and cardio-thoracic disciplines.

What is anesthesiology?

The word anesthesia is a Greek portmanteau which means “no feeling”. Some people mistakenly believe the term denotes the drugs used. In fact, anesthesia is simply the state of not being able to perceive feeling. General anesthesia, or total unconsciousness, is desirable for major surgeries such as open heart surgery. Local anesthesia, such as that used for tooth extraction, is commonly used for more minor procedures. But the end goal is always the same – to minimize the acute pain and distress caused by medical procedures.


Anesthesia, even for minor procedures, should always be administered by a licensed physician. For more information please consult CAA at

Sergio Cortes the Healthcare Guru

The term expert is used to refer to an individual with extensive knowledge and practice in an area of specialization. In most cases, an expert produces superior work or results case compared to those of others in the same line of work. An expert possesses unmatched skill and techniques, therefore, considered an authority in that sector.
From the definition of an expert above, we can begin to understand the life of Sergio Cortes, MD. Described as an experienced doctor and health expert, Sergio Cortes’ academic and professional records are admirable. He is a teacher, researcher, surgeon, planner, skillful administrator and healthcare manager.
You can follow Sergio on LinkedIn and also on Twitter. Being a teacher and a researcher, Sergio Cortes masters the art of listening to public opinion and gathering facts.
His administrative prowess earned him various promotions to administrative and management positions throughout his career. For instance, he has been involved in the management of the health industry in Brazil for the last decade. These areas include board membership at the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute. As explained by his professional experience on the LinkedIn profile, he played the role of an advisor and ambassador of good governance within companies.

Sergio Cortes enrolled at Harvard Business School of advanced education on executive management. Here, he built a foundation for understanding and tackling current issues in the healthcare industry. Other areas he sharpened his skills in include administration, accounting, and finance with relevance to healthcare. Sergio’s experience make him a highly sought after professional. In 2002, he became the Chairperson and Director of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Brazil. He held the position for four years. Later on, he was appointed to the post of State Health Secretary in Rio de Janeiro.

Sergio Cortes recently revealed interesting detail about the existence of pregnancy in men. In his assessment, the symptoms include vomiting, nausea, dizziness, belly bulge and evidently weight gain. These symptoms present themselves involuntarily to men while their spouses happen to be pregnant too. In his statement on, Cortes revealed that it frequently happens to first-time parents with high emotional attachment and affection towards each other. Anxiety may also contribute to these symptoms.

Dr. Rohrich Is One of The Nation’s Best Doctors

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a specialist in the rhinoplasty field. He is also a plastic surgeon who is based out of Dallas, Texas. He has been nationally recognized as one of the most proficient plastic surgeons by the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program. It is a program that selects physicians through peer review processes that take place after careful screening. It is specifically designed to assist consumers towards finding the most proficient and proven professionals in the field of healthcare. The nomination process consists of Castle Connolly contacting more than 50,000 different licensed professionals in the healthcare workforce on a nationwide scale. This enables the program to obtain nominations and critical feedback/input about some of the best doctors practicing in the nation today. They’re asked to specifically identify and nominate those who are considered as being outstanding doctors. They are also considered as being the top working professional doctors in their respective region, or even nationwide. It is a selection process in which one is not able to nominate themselves.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is the Founding Chairman of the Dept. of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center of Dallas. He graduated with high honors from the Baylor College of Medicine. He also completed residencies at the Medical Center of the University of Michigan and the fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard) and Oxford University. He’s served as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well. It is an organization that is currently the largest sized board of certified plastic surgeons in the entire world. He has repeatedly been selected as one of the best doctors in all of America by his peers. He has received on of the highest honors in his professional field twice. His services have proven to save and assist the lives of many.