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Want to Date a Russian? Here’s how!

Russian women come pretty high on the list of a guy’s desires. While the charisma of Russian women makes them irresistible, Russian men aren’t too far either when it comes to the attraction quotient. A normal Google search for dating in Russia would throw up several tips on how to successfully end up with a Russian partner. As effective as those tips may seem, they won’t work out to your advantage until you get some basics of Russian dating in place.

Traditions hold a special place in Russia. For many Europeans, Russian many seem outdated since they (most of them) stress on their traditions. This trait is also found in the younger generations. Russian men, for instance, exhibit a chivalrous attitude when they are around women. Expect the Russian men to open the doors for you, to pull the chair for you, to pick you up for the date, and so forth. They are always ready with flowery compliments for their date. Another thing to keep in mind while dating (or trying to date) a Russian man is that there will essentially be a lot of touching from his side! You may suddenly feel his arm around you without any signs. But if you show that you are uncomfortable with this, they are quick to correct it. Don’t be surprised if you hear the ‘L’ letter word within the first few dates. The Russian men are known to be expressive when it comes to love and feelings.

Russian women are an ideal mix of traditional and independent. Most Russian women carry a caring attitude towards their loved ones. If you are looking for common topics to discuss on a date, please keep politics out of your list since politics is usually considered a male-only topic in Russia. The Russians are very particular about their manners. So if you are willing to leave a positive impression, you know what not to do in front of your Russian partner. A word of advice – if you are thinking of gifting flowers to your date, make sure you take an odd number of flowers. Even number of flowers are only meant for funerals.

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