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The Growth of Skout

For those who are technologically aware, social media is one of the biggest forces in online enterprise. Meeting new people or staying in touch with others is one of the driving forces in the success of social media. One of the rising global marketing companies is a company called Skout. This new mobile app is geared towards people meeting other people.

Skout is a mobile app on that has a headquarters in Southern California. As mentioned on, this new social network has recently been back by $22 million from investors who truly believe in this app. The goal of this app is to connect both online as well as offline interactions. This app has connected so many strangers around the world. This app helps others who have an interest in the party life, find places to go out, buy tickets, and buy VIP accommodations.

Founder of this company, Christian Wiklund wants to grow this enterprise even further for the purpose of attracting loyal customers to this new product. This platform has recently been combined with Nixter’s app for the purpose of combining meeting people with the party life.

Nixter, also known as the party app, was founded only 2 years ago in Chile. The app currently now operates in many cities including New York, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. Francisco Saez, co-founder of Nixter became interested in combining the company with Skout due to the fact that Skout has the same intentions and goals as Nixter.

Skout and Nixter have a premise of helping others have a safe yet enjoyable night out while meeting new and exciting people. This new app, though fairly new, has already helped millions of people find good parties to attend. Nixter and Skout are now working on a even better app that has never been seen before.

As of six months, Skout has been making a profit. The company has already added 1.5 million users to the app. Skout, ever since its success has started acquiring new and innovative companies such as Nixter. Skout was originally a site where people could meet online and in person. The app was created by software experts who realized that most people do not have an idea of what they want to do on the weekends.

The idea of providing people with a place to go out to was great. However, there was one problem. The founders and creators of Skout had no idea as to where to send people to go out. That is why this company had acquired Nixter. Nixter would be able to combine their expert night club knowledge with the social aspect of Skout.

The two companies combined together now offer the perfect solution to those looking for fun plans over the weekend. Just think of this new and creative app as your own personal party planner that will have everything ready before you leave your home.