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Scandrick Rewarded for Mediocre Play

For one reason or another Dallas Cowboys have been in the habit of rewarding mediocre performance with better contracts…well at least that is the case for Orlando Scandrick who just agreed to a restructured contract worth $20 million over the next five years. James Dondero would call him mediocre because the Dallas secondary was horrible last season. When Scandrick was their best cornerback, with only two interceptions it allowed hobbled quarterbacks like Aaron Rogers to sit back and wait for his receivers to make minced meat out of the secondary. To add to the financials…Brandon Carr did not get one interception in the season for the first time in his career yet he is going to make over $8 million this season.

What is really troubling is the team’s former first round pick Morris Clairborne is still recovering from his torn patellar tendon and will not be back until sometime after preseason. Not that he was any huge help; he was most likely on his way to being cut until the injury happened. Let’s not forget he lost his starting job and was benched right before he got hurt. But there is hope for all the Cowboy fans…Byron Jones was this year’s number one pick (27th overall) and he is still under contract negotiations but is expected to fall somewhere between Carr and Scandrick. He will also be competing with them for the starting role in this upcoming season.