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Lovaganza Releases Important Information About The Anticipated Celebrations

Lovaganza is preparing for the 2020 celebrations that will rock the whole world with cultural illustrations and performances that will work to bring communities closer to each other. The company has already begun shooting some of the trilogies that should showcase the beauty of the world. Lovaganza manages two structures, the entertainment franchise and the Foundation. It is through the entertainment franchise that the 2020 celebrations will be effected.

On the other end, the Lovaganza Foundation, which should come into operation in 2018, will specialize on catering for the needs of the marginalized and pushing for the elimination of poverty and inequality. They will raise funds to help them in their pursuit for a better community.

The Bohemian Adventure inspired celebrations on will feature the present and the future of different countries across the world. Slated for May to September 2020, the celebrations will mark an important stage in the life of Lovaganza as this will help to bring to the attention of the world the presence of the company and its mission.

Initially, Lovaganza planned to hold the celebrations in 2015 but due to several issues they saw it fit to push the dates to 2020. One of the reasons they had to move the dates forward is due to lack of sufficient technology and the need to incorporate modern and emerging technology. They also were not prepared adequately to effectively market the event across all corners of the world, hence the need for additional time.

Preparations and trilogies
One of the mistakes the managers of the celebrations would not like to suffer is a poor setup or late preparations on Tumblr. They also want to make the event flowery and unique, so marketing effort has already begun in most parts of the world.

The main marketing procedure that will be used includes the Traveling Show, which should kick off in 2017. The aim of the Traveling Show is to share information about what people should expect come 2020 during the main celebrations. During this period, Lovaganza will present some occasions on cinematic 3D immersive screens. At the same time, the company will release some motion pictures to show how the 2020 celebrations will go down.

Most countries have already started shooting the footage that will crown the show. The trilogies include the different cultures of the world and share the beauty that makes the world a unique place. Through these pictures, Lovaganza is pushing for understanding and acceptance while fostering unity.

The Support Behind S’well

S’well is a company that launched with one goal in mind. That goal was to rid the world of plastic water bottles. Launching the company was something easier said than done. Sarah Kauss understood that there was a need for this product. It was a great idea and plus it was way more environmentally friendly. Of course, like any good family and group of friends, Kauss had a great support system. They supported her idea and probably gave her a few tips and tricks. At the end of the day, however, they are not professionals. They could not give her the guidance that she needed. That’s when she realized she needed a network of professionals that know the ins and outs of how the business world works. Kauss realized that a great mentor would have been just what she needed. She needed someone to motivate and believe in her until she believed in herself. Fortunately, Kauss found a group just like what she wished for. It was a group that came together and supported other women in the business world.

This group did more for her than just offer support. It gave her the confidence to support S’well wherever she went. She was no longer nervous about pitching what her company was all about. Where ever she saw an opportunity to talk about her company, she took it.

This company was called EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women and it’s really what she owes her success too. They also taught her the importance of just having fun with the business! A lot of people don’t realize that a little bit of fun is needed to truly make a business successful. Through this group, Kauss noticed that in order to make S’well a success she also had to communicate with her whole entire team. This means communicating everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Overall, S’well is doing quite successfully. Who knows where her company would have been without that group.

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Reinventing Dog Food with the I Stand Behind Beneful Campaign

As reported at the PR Newswire, Purina has taken steps to launch a brand new national campaign showing proud dog owners who stand behind the Beneful brand. The new commercial focuses on accountability and the care that goes into every single bag of dog food produced. This latest campaign shows associates at Purina who are proud to say they work for a company and feed their own dogs with the products lovingly created each day for millions of dogs across America.

The new Beneful campaign builds on the long-standing tradition at Purina that values and standards take center stage in everything they provide for dogs. Employees who work closely with the production of the Beneful food share their stories about how this is the only food that they feed their pets. In order to provide your dog the absolute best tasting and nutritious meal, only high quality and wholesome ingredients go into each wet, dry, and dog snack baked in the Purina facilities.

Employees of the Purina company have long known that everything produced for the Beneful brand is safe, nutritious, and of the highest quality. Now they are taking that rallying cry to the public, ensuring dog owners across the country that this is the best choice for your dog if you are concerned about providing your pet the best quality ingredients that will allow they to live a long and healthy life. The employees at Purina make sure that customers know that at no point will the quality of the food or the safety of their pets be compromised.

The Beneful brand dog food is currently available in twenty delicious wet varieties, tasty high protein dry blends, and oven-baked dog treats made with love and care every day. Beneful brand is the only choice for employees of the company, and they are taking to the streets to show that love to the rest of the country.

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Haidar Barbouti – A Property Magnate

The Barbouti family have been a big name in the world of real estate investments for a while. They have been very active in property investments across the globe. The driving force behind the family’s U.S. investments has been Haidar Barbouti. He has been a major player on the U.S. scene since the mid 1980s. Some of his most notable U.S. investments involve condominium conversions, development lands, shopping centers and office buildings, among many other types of commercial properties.

Barbouti is well known for his philanthropic views and charitable actions, and has been served the Houston community and beyond as a longterm proponent of several charities that provide for the welfare of children and animals.

Perhaps one of the most notable developments property magnate Haidar Barbouti has had a hand in is the Highland Village area in Houston. The ultra-luxury, mixed-use development caters almost exclusively to Houston’s upper crust. Though Highland Village is now several years old, it has stood the test of time, unlike many higher-end developments that fade in value as new properties go up.

Highland Village itself dates back to the 1940s, when it was just a cluster of car dealerships, stores and a gas station here and there. Haidar Barbouti brought Highland Village back to life. He revamped the development to bring about high-traffic stores such as Apple, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor and Escalante’s. While the stores are high-end, Highland Village was built with a unique tie to the outdoors/ Foliage can be found everywhere from the palm tree-lined sidewalks to the parking deck covered in a gently growing ivy.

Within Highland Village, Barbouti runs a swanky restaurant named Up Restaurant. After returning from Europe, he had the inspired idea to bring an open-air style restaurant to his mixed-use development. At Up, Barbouti knows that ‘the customer comes first,’ isn’t just a saying, it’s the lifeblood of his succes. Up Restaurant serves up generous portions in a see-and-be-soon atmosphere. The restaurant serves up real food, a mix of American Classics and a few Italian and Asian-influenced dishes. If you’re ever in Houston, visit Up early – the coveted tables will be filled by 7pm.

Yellen Raises Concerns About Stock Valuation

The stock market has been doing exceptionally well the past few years. So well has the stock market done, the crash of the market in late 2008 has become a distant memory. The head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, has now publicly warned investors about potential problems with current stock prices. Specifically, she is noted stock valuations may be off. In other words, the price are higher than they should be and this means their value may end up crashing.

No, Yellen is not saying that stocks are guaranteed to crash or will suffer an imminent and immediate decline in value. She is not using her position as head of the Federal Reserve to launch a panic in the market. Rather, Yellen is simply explaining the situation with the market as a means of giving investors a “heads up” and warning governments about the actions they may be taking. Low interest rates, for example, cannot last forever.

As Marcio Alaor will tell you — ups and downs in the market are inevitable. Even drastic price increases and decreases are possible. Crashes in the market, however, are often the result of factors that should have and could have been avoided. That is not to say steps are always taken to avoid crashes in the market as history shows. Perhaps this is why Yellen is taking such a public stance with here warnings and admonishments. If steps are not taken to address the issue of overvaluation in the market, then a decline in prices might prove unavoidable. Obviously, this would not be a good thing for either people’s personal finances or global economies.

Whole Foods No Longer Whole Paychecks

Whole Foods is looking to be rid of it’s unfortunate nickname Whole Paychecks. The moniker was lovingly given by it’s customers due to Whole Foods’ seriously high prices. Known for organic and locally grown foods, the store does boast quality products across their shelves only. You wont find your typical Ramen and Cheez-Its at this place.

With more people wanting nutritious food one would think Whole Foods would be at the front of the market. However the rising costs have pushed away previously regular customers posing the question “What’s next?”. With the current state of affairs Whole Foods has announced that it will be launching a new brand to cater to the concerns of it’s less financially abundant customers.

Christian Broda (realdailybuzz) has learned that these new stores will have similar products at a greatly reduced cost the company states. There is a hope that this new brand will not only bring former customers back, but also introduce new shoppers to their markets.

Natural and organic food sales are at an all time high. In order to move with the current economy Whole Foods needs to make adequate changes in response to their target markets sudden droop. The concept has just started for them so there is no news on what the brand will be called or where the first store will open. Health conscious consumers however can rest easy knowing that their voices are being heard.

Trading Hybrids for SUVs – A Surprising Consumer Trend

For a brief time, it seemed electric an hybrid cars were going to be the wave of the future. Such a future may come to pass. Right now, this does not seem to be the case at all. A huge number of hybrid vehicles are, ironically, being traded in for SUVs. Yes, cars that are touted for their fuel efficiency are being “upgraded” to vehicles known for their very high fuel consumption. How could such an outcome occur?

A drastic lowered of gasoline prices in recent months definitely factors into the outcome.

Gasoline prices have dropped off quite a bit since Saudi Arabia greatly increased supply. Hydraulic fracturing in the United States also boosted supplies and dropped price demands. So, it is no longer as expensive as it once was to drive a SUV. While a great many people did purchase hybrid cars as a means of helping out the environment, a significant volume opted to buy these cars solely because they could save money on gas. Now that fuel is cheaper, all of those hybrid trade-ins are going towards the down payment on a gas guzzler.

Purchasing and consumer trends are never stagnant. Adam Sender is aware of this. Things changed based on market factors. In time, the odds are great that fuel prices will chart upwards once again. The minute this happens, sales on hybrid cars are going to increase. Such is the nature of the ebb and flow of the market.

CEO to Raise Employees’ Salaries to a Minimum of $70,000

Dave Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, a Seattle credit card payment processing firm, announced that he will be raising his workers’ annual pay to $70,000. At the present time, the average worker at his firm earns $48,000. His raises will go to even the lowest paid clerk.

“The market rate for me as a CEO compared to a regular person is ridiculous – it’s absurd,” said Price. He intends to lower his own salary to $70,000 and use 75 to 80 percent of his profits to finance the raises. Other owners, such as Flavio Maluf, see this as a huge step forward.

The paychecks of 30 of the 120 employees will double. Price got the idea from an article he read about happiness, which pointed out that those earning less than $70,000 say extra money makes a big difference.

Price’s idea shows the huge difference between the pay of CEOs and the average worker in the United States, which has one of the world’s widest pay gaps. CEOs in America have 300 times the salary of the average-paid employee. During the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s, business titans were referred to as the Robber Barons. J. Pierpont Morgan recommended at the time that salaries of the elite be 20 times that of their employees.

Considering Your Options For New York City Real Estate

There are many hurdles to cross for someone in the market for a piece of property not the least of which is the location they end up choosing. Whether it is an apartment to serve as an investment or a place to call home, New York City is as good a place as any to get started. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to appreciate the value of a real estate agent when shopping for their property, and the task turns into a nightmare. The smart ones will take a step back and engage the services of an experienced realtor who knows the town and the best options they might have.

Smart Choices

When it comes to shopping for property, one of the greatest challenges is the neighborhood you end up in. Your Real estate agents might be inclined to steer you to an area with lots of potential for a home you like, but what about the other issues. Town Real Estate has been helping their clients find some of the most luxurious properties based on the needs of the client. It is pointless purchasing an apartment or townhouse in an area where you are simply afraid to go outside. In addition to that, there will be the matter of property values and which direction the trends are heading.

Pick A Size

It will matter when it comes to the size of the property you choose, even more so because of where the residence is located. This is certainly not a time to be skimping on the size of your rooms, however, that extra square foot in the bedroom could translate into a smaller kitchen. If this property is intended to be an investment, there will be other concerns such as whether it is being occupied and how difficult it will be to find a tenant.


Choosing a Real Estate company like Town is more than just an opportunity to make your home-buying experience a convenient one. As a well-respected realtor in the big Apple, Town Real Estate can provide a fair share of references to confirm that they know what clients are looking for. It is not just about picking a winning team; it is also about finding someone to help you make important decisions regarding NYC apartments for sale. When it comes to New York City, the right team will be the ones who help you get the best property in the prime location.

Tom Rothman Brings Show Business Back to Hollywood at Sony

The surprise announcement from Sony Pictures that Thomas E. Rothman had made a shock return to the highest echelons of Hollywood shocked many within the movie industry, according to a story first reported by the New York Times. Rothman had been a leading executive when he headed Fox Filmed Entertainment.

Rothman replaces Amy Pascal at Sony after a series of poor box office showings for Sony movies followed the shocking release of emails between Pascal and producer Scott Rudin. Pascal was forced to apologize to a number of individuals, including President Barrack Obama for a supposed racist remark made about him. Pascal will help with the change over to Rothman and will then produce for Sony a number of their most important movie franchises, including the Spiderman series.

Former entertainment lawyer Rothman was thought to be behind Sony executive Doug Belgrad in the race to become the latest chairman of the movie side of the Sony’s production team. Instead the history of producing both award winning movies and those that gross large numbers has seen Rothman brought in from the smaller TriStar Productions. It is thought Rothman will oversee a shift to a segmented production style with different Sony brands being given a more focused brief about the types of movies they will produce. Rothman is also a change in style when compared to many of the executives that have recently been appointed, Hollywood has been looking to chairman more concerned with the bottom line than artistic expression, Rothman does not fall into that category.