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Reinventing Dog Food with the I Stand Behind Beneful Campaign

As reported at the PR Newswire, Purina has taken steps to launch a brand new national campaign showing proud dog owners who stand behind the Beneful brand. The new commercial focuses on accountability and the care that goes into every single bag of dog food produced. This latest campaign shows associates at Purina who are proud to say they work for a company and feed their own dogs with the products lovingly created each day for millions of dogs across America.

The new Beneful campaign builds on the long-standing tradition at Purina that values and standards take center stage in everything they provide for dogs. Employees who work closely with the production of the Beneful food share their stories about how this is the only food that they feed their pets. In order to provide your dog the absolute best tasting and nutritious meal, only high quality and wholesome ingredients go into each wet, dry, and dog snack baked in the Purina facilities.

Employees of the Purina company have long known that everything produced for the Beneful brand is safe, nutritious, and of the highest quality. Now they are taking that rallying cry to the public, ensuring dog owners across the country that this is the best choice for your dog if you are concerned about providing your pet the best quality ingredients that will allow they to live a long and healthy life. The employees at Purina make sure that customers know that at no point will the quality of the food or the safety of their pets be compromised.

The Beneful brand dog food is currently available in twenty delicious wet varieties, tasty high protein dry blends, and oven-baked dog treats made with love and care every day. Beneful brand is the only choice for employees of the company, and they are taking to the streets to show that love to the rest of the country.

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Disneyland Prices Could Rise Even More

Just when you think that Disneyland couldn’t be more expensive, the park has announced that it is taking surveys to see if people will pay more money on peak days than regular days. Even still, it looks like the price of a regular day will increase from $99 to $105, and they are thinking of making the peak days cost up to $125.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Disneyland sends out these surveys regularly to ask season ticket holders what they think of the change. Personally I would find it difficult for anyone to be willing to pay more money on a given day to attend an attraction theme park, so I find it a little strange that this is what is happening.

It seems to the folks at and Igor Cornelsen that every year Disneyland grows and gets more and more things to add in their parks, which is a reason that I would find it hard to believe that they could be wanting to charge more. I suppose with the more attractions that they add the more expensive it will be to run the park each day with electricity, water, and labor costs though. I just hope that it doesn’t get too high as to where it will cost a fortune to spend a day at these amazing parks. Even still they are good at what they do, so that is why people go.