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JeanMarie Guenot: A Devoted Doctor With An Aim To Help Humanity

JeanMarie Guenot, with over two decades of experience, is a renowned name in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Due to his extensive experience with the national/multinational firm at the different key position made him an ideal candidate to be the CEO and president of a well-known name Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This company is famous because of its ground-breaking therapies and treatment for hematologic malignancies.

Before becoming CEO and President in Amphivena at, she worked for SKS Ocular and assisted it to become a company from scratch and that was a crucial turn in her life that made him believe in herself that she can achieve whatever she want with dedication and hard work. She also worked for Hoffmann-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel as a business advisor, and Jeanmarie Guenot also held a position for VP at PDL BioPharma, where she led major mergers, licensing alliance and acquisitions management deals. Her professional career from at Hoffmann-La Roche to CEO for Amphivena Therapeutics is full of hard work, devotion and dedication and very few normally get triumph in such tough time.

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According to, JeanMarie Guenot trained in medicinal and physical chemistry, with emphasize in quantum semi-empirical and mechanical techniques for protein structure prediction, molecular dynamics, NMR refinement, X-ray and drug design. She completed her Master in Business Administration from The Wharton School that affiliated with Pennsylvania University, following her Ph.D. from the California University.

Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc is researching company that always works hard to find new and more effective cures for different diseases such as Hodgkin/non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The extensive background of JeanMarie Guenot in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has made her an ideal candidate to lead this company because of her experience in with different departments such as pharmaceutical R&D, commercial development, business development, corporate, alliance, and much more.

And that’s because to combine the expertise, strengths, and resources in one integrated and focused network that is passionate and committed to finding the most innovative therapies for the patients to help humanity.

Don Ressler’s Impressive Online Career

Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur and has been a partner in some very successful start-ups. Among them are and its subsidiaries. One of the well-known subsidiaries is JustFab which is an online fashion retailer that they launched with his longtime business partner Adam Goldberg. Mr. Ressler business acumen is well known for quite some time now from 2001 when he sold his first start-up to Intermix Media. While working for Intermix Media, he co-founded Alena Media under which the skin care brand by the name Hydroderm.

Together with his partner, Don Ressler moved to form after News Corp acquired intermix. Other brands besides include DERMSTORE which markets cosmetics and skincare products online. Throughout his entrepreneur career, Don Ressler has managed to secure capital for his businesses successfully. Among them include $43 million from Technology Crossover Ventures in 2008 for Don Ressler also managed to get another $33million for JustFab from Matrix Partners and another $76 million in 2012 from various partners including Rho Ventures and Matrix Partners as well.

JustFab has been very successful despite been in operation for quite a short time. Don Ressler has also been very instrumental in acquiring other companies through JustFab. Among the businesses that have been acquired include FabKids, children’s fashion subscription service in 2013 and The Fab Shoes, European fashion e-commerce site in the same year. The Fab Shoes has a wide clientele in Europe with over 500,000 members in France and Spain alone. JustFab has a strong membership of 1.5 million in Germany and UK alone as well.

Mr. Don Ressler has also been very successful in expanding as well as creating a new market niche. He has done this by overseeing the launching of Fabletics, an athletic outfit site in partnership with Kate Hudson, an actress, and style icon, who have boosted the company brand as well. In trying to capitalize on the growing market and expansion strategies, JustFab acquired the rival company ShoeDazzle in 2013. JustFab also opened a store in 2013 to bring their brands closer to their customers. Mr. Ressler together with his partners have also managed to secure more funding for which include $85 million from Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures at

Don Ressler success in business is admirable, and his investments and management skills are clearly seen in the expansion and growth JustFab and its subsidiaries. In total, he has helped the online companies in which he has been a partner or worked for generate over $1 billion in sales. A humble entrepreneur, Don Ressler is a recognized icon on growing online market space for various personal brands.

Coriant Gets a New Star

Coriant has recently gained a new CEO. His name is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a good match for the networking solutions company because of his experience with communications and networking. He has done work for companies like Verizon. After working for Verizon, he has worked for other networking companies. He has recently built a relationship with the senior management team in order to get an idea on how the company is run so that he can take over the company. With Shaygan taking over the position of CEO, it is very likely that Coriant is going to experience a lot of growth.

Coriant itself is a giant among networking solutions in that it works with more than 100 countries in the world. Now, with Shaygan’s experience with technology and business, the company can expect greater success in its activities. Coriant will have a better ability to focus its attention on technology and bringing influence to the market. One thing that Shaygan’s involvement with Coriant is going to be a lot of help with is allowing for a greater ability to handle apps that use a lot of data thanks to the large scale data center. Shaygan has shown a major interest in the data networking solutions.

With Shaygan’s involvement with Coriant, he is hoping to come to the aid of the clients when it comes to technology. The goal is to save them money with solutions that will bring about a lot of user friendliness, and agility. With Shaygan having almost 30 years of experience with technology and finances, he has the perfect combination of skills that will bring the company increased revenue. He will also provide new innovations that will make things easier for the clients and the operation of the company. Shaygan is no stranger to innovation. Among the things he has developed is the mobile payments software called Pingit. Shaygan was also involved with the High-IQ Networking and CLoud Builder as well as other growth markets. He is also the holder of a few patents in the telecom industry. One thing to say about Shaygan is that he keeps moving forward with new ideas that solve problems in the industry.



Coriant’s Kheradpir Progressing Tech


Coriant provides a wide variety of technological solutions. New products are constantly changing the way businesses and individuals do business. This business is known for its progress in photonics, silicon, IP optics. The company has created a network platform that combines optical layer IP capabilities with optimal control systems. Not only has the company been behind improved network efficiency, they have also improved traffic latency. This is a win win situation for companies and customers, who rely on interconnectivity. This efficiency not only make business processes stronger, it also passes lower costs associated with this efficiency onto customers. As new trends in the industry develop, Coriant seems to be right there at the helm.

Coriant has made the internet of things its priority. The company understands that video and cloud services via the internet is absollutely central to network traffic dynamics. The company has gone on record with it’s willingness to fill the market gap with their deep understanding of networks, service providers, and additional internet services. The focus on this will be especially good for those customers who are ready to turn their networks into Light IP. Coriant has consistently made cloud-centric communications it’s specialty. In response to increased application demands the market is growing for Light IP and internet based cloud services.

The man behind this plan is If that name sounds familiar, it’s because CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has taken the helm. He has a proven track record of impeccable management, understanding the trends within telecommnication industries. During his time as CEO of Juniper Networks he dealt with the companies controversy strategically, in a straightforward manner that is rare in today’s business world. How has Coriant grown in leaps in bounds since Kheradpir joined the team. He has been working in telecom for many years, but his experience includes a diverse set of industries, including finance. He also has experience in strategic telecom and investment services.

Shaygan is renowned technology leader with over 28 years of executive
experience across the telecommunications, cloud-technology, and financial services industries. Starting out at GTE Corporation, he was subsequently appointed to higher positions within the company before going on to work with Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. During this period he was able to improve his flawless accumen for financial advisory and management skills. Shaygan’s educational background also adds to his accumen at the company. He holds a bachelors, master’s, and PhD in engineering from Cornell University.

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Kenneth C. Griffin: A Money Man the World Could Use More Of

Financial wealth can be accumulated a number of different ways. Celebrity, family, lottery, business. Some of the wealthy are famous millionaires living in public luxury and celebrity. Others are strictly business and worked incredibly hard for their financial achievements. At the top of the rich list is a lot of back and forth between investing and donating. For the model of how to successfully remain successful without becoming a villan, we look to Ken C. Griffin.

Ken Griffin is no stranger to the public eye. His name has appeared on a variety of different lists saying that he is among the richest and most intellegent in his field. This Harvard graduate founded a high profile, global investment firm that you may have heard of called Citadel. Citadel was founded by Griffin in 1990, the year after his college graduation. With $4.6 million in initial capital, Griffin’s brilliant mind and savvy investment tactics created what we now know to be arguably the most famous alternative investment management firm. Ken Griffin’s hard work certainly seems to have paid off and then some. The hedge funds managed by Citadel are among the largest and most successful in the entire world. The firm’s success has given Griffin an estimated net worth of over $6 billion dollars as of May 2015.

The ability of Ken Griffin to make money and create wealth is undisputed. His repeated recognition for doing exactly that has afforded him fame and recognition. Griffin, unlike many of his peers, has chosen to focus heavily on philanthropy over the years. He has mainly focused his donations toward healthcare and education based charities. Along with donating to various hospitals and organizations, Griffin partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the opening of a Chicago charter school. He also gave $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard University which was allocated predominately to assit in financially aiding undergraduates who are underfunded. His charitable dontations total roughly $500 million dollars.

While his career has afforded him wealth and his donattions have been greatly appreciated by the organizations and institutions that received them, his true value is in his wisdom and his courage. Griffin has been quoted a number of times saying that he public disapproves of Wall Street’s practices. He has stated the risk management being practiced by current executives and companies shows a lack of experience. Ken Griffin has also publicly called into question the policies and regulations of the S.E.C. and even the Federal Reserve. His extensive and phenominally successful track record has made him the voice of reason on a number of issues facing the financial market. He has created, cultivated and maintained an incredible financial managment and investment firm that has weathered a variety of economic climates. While his charitable contributions and financial success are astounding, his experienceand knowledge of the industry is where the real wealth lies.

Doe Deere Is An Influential Leader

Prominent and extremely successful entrepreneur Doe Deere is on a mission to share her renowned business skills with aspiring female executives in many countries
around the world. Throughout the years, this influential leader has
cultivated her beauty enhancement passion by experimenting with many
different makeup colors and brands. Her success as a cosmetic
aficionado encouraged her to launch Lime Crime in 2004, which is a
whimsical makeup corporation that distributes vegan products. As an
inspiring figure, Deere strives to encourage business oriented women
in their career pursuits through online blogs, insightful speaking
engagements, and media outlets. Essentially, she strongly believes
that anyone can achieve remarkable success regardless of their
economic background.

Deere’s admirable accomplishments in the competitive fashion industry
are encouraging many females to pursue their personal and professional
goals. Although the world encompasses many high profile businesswomen,
Deere’s uniqueness lies in her simplistic approach to attaining
profound triumph. Through her blog (Doe Deere Blogazine), the press,
and conferences like PHAMexpo, this well-respected entrepreneur
motivates women with her moving childhood story. Remarkably, Deere was
recognized as one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by
SELF-MADE magazine.

At an early age, Doe Deere truly understood the value of a dollar as her
parents migrated from Russia to the United States with little
financial assistance. She was raised in New York City and often
remembers residing in homeless shelters with individuals who could
identify with her family’s struggles and challenges. Because she
amassed great success without her parent’s financial support, Deere
sought to encourage women who endured similar childhood obstacles. In
fact, her most popular inspirational quote is “don’t quit your
daydream.” Through this expressions, she hopes to inspire female
entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses in their unique pathway to
revolutionary victory.

Deere frequently attributes her profound entrepreneurial achievements
to the principles she learned as a child. Because her parents stressed
the importance of hard work and determination, she approaches business
concerns with skill and finesse. This deeply rooted problem solving
skill has served her well, especially as she introduces innovative
products to the competitive beauty sector.

Today, Lime Crime is expanding their line of makeup to create a
well-rounded collection. In the past, their most popular dazzling
products were the “Velvetines: liquid-to-matte lipstick”, the “Venus
Grunge Palette,” Zodiac Glitter,” “Candyfuture,” “The Clueless Witch,”
“Carousel Gloss,” and the “Unicorn Lipsticks.” In order to complement
these bright and wild selections, Deere is developing neutral tones,
which are still unusual but wearable. She plans to sell these new
shades on websites like and as well
as in stores such as Naimie’s Beauty Center, Urban Outfitters, Vorana
Cosmetics, Derby Shop, and I Love Makeup. These retail outlets are
located in California, New York, Mexico, Brasil, and Russia,
respectively. Notably, all of Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free.

Alongside her prominent business pursuit, Deere truly enjoys writing on her
blog, learning new languages, and creating interesting artwork. She
currently lives in Los Angeles California with her husband and two