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Solo Capital: A Sanjay Shah Success

Solo Capital is an international investment firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah and incorporated in 2011. The firm offers various services that are specialized and produce excellent results. The first area that the firm specializes in is global boutique investment. Within this area, the firm provides everything from talent acquisition and commercial advisory and representation to asset and permanence management. The second arena that the firm offers to clients is proprietary trading. Within this division, the firm will provide clients with commodities, FX and derivatives. The third area that Solo Capital has a division in is consulting. They provide services like performance, investment and human capital.

Within five years the firm was able to create monumental success. The firm has assets surpassing 67 million dollars, cash flow of more than 30 million dollars and a net worth estimated at over 15 million dollars.

Solo Capital is located in London and the United Kingdom regulates them. They have more than 100 individuals employed with 35 of them being traders. The firm also has offices in Dubai, which is where Sanjay Shah and his family now live and due to its success Shah has stepped back from running the firm on a day to day basis.

Solo Capital is just one of Shah’s projects. He also owns more than 30 other companies around the world, including in London, The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai and Luxembourg. His net worth is estimated at roughly 280 million dollars and it is growing quickly.

Before Shah started his own firm and started buying up other companies, he was just a kid in London. His parents had moved to the city in the 1960s after emigrating from Kenya. Shah went on to study at King’s College in London and although he started out in medicine, he quickly realized that was not the occupation for him. He switched to accounting and pursued DJing in his free time.

When Shah graduated from university, he started at KPMG as a chartered accountant and then moved onto investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Rabobank, ING, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He has served as everything from a chartered accountant and a member of a synthetic prime brokerage desk to a senior equity finance trader and the lead on a linear equity derivatives trading team.

Shah has also started up projects in the music industry. He has partnered with Done Events to host and annual jazz festival in Dubai and he has started his own charity, Autism rocks, to raise money for autism research by hosting small private concerts. He currently has plans to produce a compilation pop CD.

George Soros, the Mysterious Force in Politics and Finance

Most people are familiar with the name George Soros. However, he is often named on conservative talk radio and cable TV stations as the billionaire that funds liberal politics and causes. He is both celebrated and controversial, but in many ways, he is also the story of the Immigrant’s Dream, a man who fled his home country, became a success and went on to influence the major events of his time.

According to his Forbes profile, George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 and grew up amid the Nazi occupation of his country. At the age of 17, Soros decided to escape the communist-dominated regime of Hungary and fled to England, where he continued his education and received his degrees from the London School of Economics. He later immigrated to the United States, accumulating a large fortune through his investment activities. Today, Soros is known for his work as a financier, writer, political activist and philanthropist/founder of Open Society Foundations.

Financial Activities
After achieving his educational goals, Mr. Soros had a difficult time finding work in the finance industry. However, he eventually succeeded, working for a number of notable companies. During England’s entry into the European Union, Soros began to understand England had undervalued its currency, and he shorted his currency holdings. The move made him over a billion dollars and made him a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector. When he moved to the United States, he continued his financial work, founding several investment funds.

Mr. Soros was active in the fight against apartheid in South Africa, funding the black students who worked to bring down the unfair system of racial identification in that country. In the 1980s, he funded the distribution of printed material against the communist hold on the Eastern Bloc. In the 1990s, he founded Central European University to foster critical thinking in the region. He continues his support for human rights, transparency and an open society through the work of his Open Society Foundations, which operate in over 100 countries.

Political Activities
Recently, Soros has funded the fight against voting rights restrictions that a number of Republican legislators have put into place in Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina. The fight is expected to expand to Virginia, Georgia and Nevada in the near future. Soros has also written on the current refugee crisis in Europe, which he feels has been exacerbated by the lack of a comprehensive asylum policy between European nations. He is an active donor to immigration organizations in the United States, the Brennan Center for Justice and the Brookings Institution. He is also a contributor to a number of organizations that support social welfare programs, reproductive choice and campaign finance reform.

Soros, The Financial Guru And The Philanthropic Master

He is a renowned investor and a philanthropist in the world. George Soros a popular public figure in the world has had exceptional impact not only in the world of politics but also in waging war for the rights of the oppressed in the society. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary ( He braved the Nazi occupation of Hungary during the Second World War, before fleeing to England where he gained his education. He graduated from London school of economics and later migrated to the United States of America where he held senior positions in different organizations such as Wertheim & Co and Arnhold firm. Soros gained international recognition when on September of 1992, according to Washington Times, he risked $ 10 billion as he sorted the British is believed that in a single day, his gamble gave him in return a profit of between $ 1-2 billion and for that he is popularly known as the man who broke the ‘Bank of England’. He is also renowned for investing in the Quantum Fund that spawned back an annual return of more than 30% at a time when he operated as the head of the investment.

He left the Quantum Fund as one of the richest individuals in the world which prompted him into the philanthropic activities. His investment antics makes him one of the most revered investors in the world. His capability to translate different economic trends and exploiting on them made him an extraordinary person. He was a huge investor in the securities and currencies and he could make huge bets on the direction of currencies, where later it would pay off awesomely. In his philanthropic ventures, Soros founded the Open Society – a network foundation that has charity programs in over 100 countries in the world. His idea was instigated by the need to see an open society, where rights of the people are respected and governments carry out their responsibilities and a broad space for speaking out one’s mind is maintained. Soros supported many lack students in South Africa during the apartheid rule, by providing them with scholarships in a bid to help them liberate their country. Soros also funded the creation of the Central European University with the aim of promoting free and critical thinking in the world. He has also played an integral role in ensuring equal justice for all, by providing paralegal and layers support to bailout those who have unlawfully arrested and have no legal representation.

His financial capacity has made him spearhead and champion the rights of the oppressed as opposed to others who shy away from offering support. Soros has also had his say on various political affairs of the United States of America and its role in different issues in the world. He has been critical on the US government on issues to do with human rights, political freedom as well as education. Soros has been a great financial guru, a market speculator and a philanthropic. His impact on the lives of people has been imminent in change life and attitude towards different things.

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