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Dog Food Market Revolution

If you happen to visit Fresh Pet production facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and see very freshly cooked meat leaving a machine and getting mixed with other meat products, you will think that they are also making human food. The pet-food industry has been invaded by fast-growing innovators who have come up with new ways of making the food and are winning the hearts of pet owners.

These innovators are obsessed as revealed by Wikipedia about the quality of their products and are doing everything in their power to ensure this quality is achieved. They are using only fresh ingredients, quality preservatives and are making sure the food do not sit on the shelves for long. The food is also nicely packed and refrigerated just like human food. Craig Giammona, of Bloomberg News, spoke to Richard Thomson, the CEO of a small pet food manufacturer. According to Thomson, this is the new level of how people will be feeding their pets.

The old fashioned way of mixing lamb and salmon will soon be forgotten. Traditional food makers are now digesting this and coming up with ways of surviving in the market. They just cannot ignore the threats posed by this upstarts innovations. The old companies are fighting back with acquisitions and innovations. For example, Purina has bought Merrick Pet Care. Merrick is the first licensed producer of dry and wet organic food. Merrick’s innovations include the introduction of a backcountry line that includes recipes like Pacific Catch and the Game Bird.

Purina is the producers of the Beneful dog food which have a variety of wet food, dry food, and dog bites. Beneful dog food is made with the understanding that your dogs’ diet needs are different depending on their various characteristics like age. For example, a puppy needs to have a special mix of nutrients for proper development. For this need, there is the Beneful Healthy Puppy formulated with a balance of nutrients that your puppy needs so he can grow up healthy and happy.

Beneful dog food has all the varieties you need for your pet, and all you need is to understand your pet’s needs. Nestle PurinaStore has also employed a team of Nutrition researchers who evaluate the safety and the ingredients that go into making‘s dog food. The team is led by Janet, who has a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition. Beneful products are available on