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Philip Diehl on Gold Coins, Investing, and Customer Service

U.S. Money Reserve remains one of the biggest distributors of precious metal coins in the United States. Located in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve puts a lot of effort into acquiring high-end gold coins. The president of the company, Philip Diehl, took time out from running the company to discuss the benefits and complexities of investing in gold coins. He granted a podcast interview on EPN, and the interview was quite interesting.

Diehl makes it clear that investing in gold could be a good strategy for those wishing to expand and diversify their portfolios. He is quick to suggest one of the main reasons people choose gold over other investment vehicles is monetary policy drives them in that direction. Specifically, when people become worried about monetary policy, they look towards gold. Weak currency conditions commonly lead to an increase in the price of gold. Once people become worried about currencies, they move towards precious metals.

Diehl does say it is necessary to buy the right gold assets. Bars and bullion are popular, but they do lack one strength quality gold coins possess. Gold coins that are legitimate legal tender are backed by the strength by the government that issues them. Many of the gold coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are made by the U.S. Mint. That means they are legal tender backed by the United States’ economy and government. No one is going to question the legitimacy of such coins.

Sadly, there are coins out there known to be counterfeit. On the podcast, Diehl mentioned that foreign sources are importing fake coin. The poor people who purchase these coins end up with a product that has no investment value. They are, after all, fake coins.

This is why it is so wise to purchase an established seller with a proven and serious track record. U.S. Money Reserve definitely does have such a track record. Under the leadership of Philip Diehl, the company is putting a huge emphasis now on customer service.

The 15-minute interview covers a lot of ground. Listening to the podcast is advised for those wishing to learn more about Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve, and gold coins.

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Food Bank To Benefit From U.S. Money Reserve Crowd Funding Effort

Each year during the Holiday season the thoughts of many turn to helping those who are less fortunate. U.S. Money Reserve is a precious metals trader that is now seeking to assist those in need with a fundraising drive designed to provide added assistance for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, which has been serving a number of communities across Central Texas for almost 30 years.

Over the last few years the traders at U.S. Money Reserve have been looking to assist a range of charitable organizations in their quest to help people with various needs in the central Texas community. The company works for investors hoping to make a profit from trading in precious metals and employs more than 100 traders who hope to provide the best advice for the clients of U.S. Money Reserve. Despite the success U.S. Money Reserve has achieved over recent years the needs of the community have always been at the top of its list of priorities. Previous charitable drives have benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

Digital Journal explains how U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise page allowing individuals the opportunity to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The Crowdrise page explains how U.S. Money Reserve are asking employees, clients and friends to assist the food bank in providing meals for the needy over the Holiday season. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas partners with more the 300 agencies across 21 counties within the central Texas region; the fundraising effort hopes to achieve similar results to the work of the food bank in previous years when they provided more than 31 million pounds of food for communities across central Texas.

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This Gold Distributor Is Arguably The Best

Precious metals are always needed to be bought from an authorized distributor or else one can face the risk of not getting real precious metals or not getting the agreed upon amount in the trade. US Money Reserve is by far one of the best-performing distributors of gold and silver in the United States, if not the entirety of North America.

All of the coins available for sale on US Money Reserve’s official website are all made within the United States, never from any outside sources — only coins that have been minted by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States government. There are a ton of gold coins that are available to be purchased, including the 1992 Olympic Games $5, 1987 Constitution $5, and the 1991 Mount Rushmore $5, just to name a few of the many coins listed on this great company’s website.

US Money Reserve, a Texas-based company, is very active philanthropically, giving charitable contributions to more than seventy different companies, organizations, or other entities in the United States, including the Boy Scouts of America, Children’s Hospital, and the Autism Society of Greater Austin. US Money Reserve tries to donate to as many causes as possible, and always tries to give to the organizations that have the potential to make the most of the contributions provided by US Money Reserve.

There are testimonials available to be read by some of the customers of US Money Reserve, both collectors of valuable coins minted in the United States and investors that are looking to diversify their portfolio with the highest quality precious metals available for sale. You can also watch a variety of video proofs from its collection of TV Commercials, if you want to find more about the company.

When gold, silver, palladium, or platinum is purchased from US Money Reserve, a background check and a short identification verification process is carried out. Once approved, a customer is able to place the order within a period of about a week, with the price of the precious metal at hand being purchased locked in throughout the entire purchasing period, starting from the time that the person initially placed the first inquiry to US Money Reserve.

Senior gold specialists are the representatives and employees that work for US Money Reserve to make sure that the gold is of the highest quality. There are customer service professionals that help deal with any problems that clients of US Money Reserve may have, which are typically few and far between because US Money Reserve devotes a good deal of focus to customer relationship management and its services.


The U.S money reserve is one of the world’s largest and most trusted distributors of the U.S government gold and silver coins. It was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.The founders were military veterans who required a combined platform for excellent customer service, expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance when purchasing precious metals. It provides the most exceptional and honest U.S government issued gold, silver and platinum coins in the market. The U.S money reserve, unlike its competitors, has an ample supply of its featured coins. Hence, customers are free to purchase as many coins as they desire. With over 100 experienced and knowledgeable professionals, it serves hundreds of thousands of clients who have placed their trust in its ability to help them choose coins that afford them highest value. Many of the customers of the U.S money reserve are in profits positions today due to their wise purchases.
The U.S money reserve offers the fastest standard shipping in the industry. Upon credit card approval, a customer’s purchase is shipped within 24hrs of the order and often arrives at their home in three days. The company has 100% money back guarantee within 30days of purchase. The U.S money Reserve is committed to customer satisfaction. It has made every possible effort to ensure that all its customers have a positive experience with its business.
The U.S money reserve is currently the only gold company run by a former Mint director Philip n. Diehl, who was the 35th director of the U.S Mint. The U.S money reserve has four pillars of commitment and behaviour to ensure clients complete satisfaction. They include total transparency, personalised service and quality assurance and safeguard promise.
How U.S reserve money works
When a client is ready to order U.S government-issued coins, he/she just calls the company’s senior gold specialist, the order is confirmed and verified, and then it’s paid for by check, credit card, or bank wire. Once the funds are received, orders are mainly shipped within two business days. The client can prefer to pick personally up the coins at various vault facilities in New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas or Montreal and Toronto in Canada.
The military background of the company and its professional management continue to define the US money reserve.

Gold Can Be A Risky Yet Valuable Investment


Experts say gold is the investment of the future. In certain areas of the world — China, India and Turkey — gold is in high demand. The U.S. has the largest amount of gold. Thirty-three tons of gold is said to be in the U.S., although only about 15 has been found. That means we have a good supply of gold just waiting to be mined. While gold performance has been pretty good domestically, it has done even better in other countries. While the demand for gold jewelry continues to rise, the same cannot be said for raw gold. In some areas globally, the demand for gold has doubled, and even tripled over the last few years.

Recycled gold has accounted for about 35% of the world’s market. Just a few short years ago, gold prices peaked to a record of $1,920 an ounce. Many experts say that by 2017, gold prices should rise over $2,000 per ounce. Stock market indications project that if the gold market crashed, the dollar value would increase.

Serious investors thinking about purchasing gold and other precious metals should look to U.S. Money Reserve. The reserve is one of the largest supplier of gold in the world. According to experts at U.S. Money Reserve say that gold is solid, lasting and long-term security. The reserve offers coins, bullion or a mix of both depending on what their short or long-term needs.

According to Forbes Magazine, there are three good reasons to buy gold right now: gold is priced near its average cost; for diversification. All investors should have at least 1-2% of gold in their portfolio and because of the value. The price of gold can be driven by a variety of factors including politics. In the long term, it can be a nice financial egg in the basket.

Most experts agree that gold can definitely be a safe haven for investors. Unfortunately, the cost of gold sees its best rise after the stock markets crash. Golds can have highs and lows. All investors should research the market thoroughly to figure out the best time to invest.