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Todd Lubar Succeeds as President of TDL Ventures

Todd Lubar is the CEO and President of TDL Ventures. Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Maryland State University with the highest honors in Speech Communication. When he was in college, he knew that speech and language were the best things one needed to succeed in the world of business. This is because virtually everything in the industry is commenced and enacted through the use of language. When you look at contracts, there is nothing that develops better business more than the world of business and assimilation techniques. Therefore, you would do best to achieve the most effective ways of communication to help your clients achieve better business deals.

For over two decades of professional experience in the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar understands the special needs of his clients seeking mortgage solutions in a dream to own the house their families will reside. During that time, most clients are faced with a wide range of solutions that can only be achieved through fascinating capabilities. This only meant that people develop working solutions for those who have a better understanding of what it takes to develop numerous working achievements. Lubar is also the CEO and Founder of the Legendary Investment Company based in the United States. For the company, they are always delighted by the fact that they become part of the solutions to the

Todd Lubar is ranked among the top 25 most proficient entrepreneurs of the year in 2015. According to, Todd Lubar is also ranked among the most proficient real estate agents who drove their companies to achieve greater benefits and solutions through business opportunities. While Todd Lubar keeps his focus on the real estate industry, he has also achieved his business growth in other companies as well as business entities. This means that his solutions have been adopted on a massive scale with many other capabilities.

Todd Lubar also owns numerous entertainment businesses as well as the mortgage construction company. His main focus is to become the solution to the problems facing clients in a wide range of businesses. Todd Lubar has the passion to serve the people. Perhaps this is what sets his business apart. Follow Todd Lubar’s Patreon page.

Gregory James Aziz Successfully Revolutionizing National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz is National Steel Car’s administrator, president and CEO. The Hamilton, Ontario-based organization is a world pioneer in railroad cargo auto fabricating. A London, Ontario local, Aziz went to the University of Western Ontario and earned a degree in financial matters. In 1971 he went to work for Affiliated Foods, a discount sustenance organization possessed by his family. By 1987, the organization was an overall shipper offering real discount new sustenance showcases all through the U.S. what’s more, Eastern Canada crisp nourishment from South and Central America and Europe.


From the late 1980s through mid 1990s, Greg Aziz was in New York taking a gander at venture saving money openings. In 1994 he bought National Steel Car. His objective was to make the best railroad cargo auto producer in North America out of the formally awesome Canadian organization. Gregory J. Aziz underlined solid designing abilities and group working at National Steel Car. He contracted 2,400 laborers and by 1999 had expanded yearly generation from 3,500 autos to 12,000. The organization’s advancement, building and assembling magnificence prompted its railroad autos being voted the most astounding quality in North America 18 years in succession. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz is focused on the group in Hamilton, Ontario. As the organization’s fortunes taken off, he has offered liberally to the group. National Steel Car supports a wide assortment of social and beneficent associations. They incorporate the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the United Way and numerous other nearby foundations. Every year a great many over a significant time span National Steel Car workers go to the organization’s Christmas Party. The workers additionally take an interest in significant sustenance drives composed by National Steel Car for nearby nourishment banks.


Greg Aziz and Irene, his significant other, are Royal Agricultural Winter Fair backers. It’s the most unmistakable farming reasonable in Canada. For more than 23 years Gregory James Aziz has done his best to change National Steel Car into an organization with a notoriety for delivering the most astounding quality, most imaginative railroad cargo auto in North America. Not just has he succeeded, he has done his best to help enhance the personal satisfaction for individuals in Hamilton also. Click here for more info.


Aziz and National Steel Car’s prosperity is an immediate consequence of his vision, comprehension of business organization, scrupulousness and sense of duty regarding his staff, his organization and the group. Today he’s among Ontario Canada’s best business administrators. One that made his grand corporate vision a reality.


What The Future of Fashionable Technology Holds, According to Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a fashion and technology author. Chris loves to draw parallels at the two realms, fashion, and technology, aiming to see whether they can guess the future trends. Writing on Endgadget Chris takes the reader a walk down memory lane on the evolution of personal entertainment.


At the beginning of the tech burst, consumers had to be content with the rectangular shaped boom box. That was in the seventies. All the way to the eighties people still had no additional features asides being able to listen to FM, AM, tape cassettes and recording features. The nineties were the golden years. The size started coming down. The prices soon followed.


The Self-Painting Dress For Sale


The quintessential artist, Anouk Wipprecht, has always been a huge fan of merging technology into everyday fashion apparels. Anouk recently created the ‘self-painting’ dress which is said to be worth a lot of money. The trend has already caught momentum and innovators are releasing exciting products. Here are a few succinct examples;


  1. Two researchers, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt release a working prototype of the Airbag for Cyclists System. The unique one of a kind trademark contraption prevents your head from direct impact hence saving your life.


  1. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan developed the world’s first ever smart gloves. These were ideally designed to be used by firefighters. With the gloves, the firefighters would be able to keep in touch by casual motions on the sensors on their gloves.



  1. The recycling firm, SegraSegra submitted an entry of T-shirts and jackets made out of bicycle tubes.


  1. Fashion designer, Soledad Martin has taken an entirely new angle, however. He’s manufacturing shoes which will collect the energy and use it to charge phones and laptops.



What Next?


Some time back, some models put on Google Glass on the runway in Milan or Paris and all over sudden everyone knew that the glasses were indeed cool. Fashion designers get paid for coming up with ideas on how to incorporate the tech into fashion.


About Chris Burch


Chris began his long, successful career nearly four decades now past. He’s the Owner and CEO of his investment firm, Burch Creative Capital. The strategy used by Mr. Burch is a time-tested formula which continues to power the profitability of well over 50 top companies in the US. The venture capitalist firm has a very promising outlook. Mr. Burch attended the Tilton High School. He went to the Ithaca College in the years 1972 to 1976.


Remaining Relevant In The Phase Of New Media

A person must have the relevant skills to achieve career success in a world that is constantly changing because of technological advancement. Many professions are changing, and most people have stopped being relevant because they do not have the skills. Career success is a journey of growing with the discovery of new products and services in given fields. This is the only way that an individual remains competitive in the industry for them to be eligible for more and better opportunities. The journey of PodcastOne is one of a kind.

PodcastOne is a new media product that is tailored to meet the needs of the current generation. People are rigid towards change most of the time, but technological advancement can cost you and cause you to remain irrelevant until you learn to embrace it. PodcastOne is a product that gained a market share by constantly changing from one discovery to another. This makes it a competitive product that is adopted by its consumers. It is a product that produces audio books and messages. The messages are the ones that are of interest to its users. Most people download the information it shares. The product uses various modern people to capture different markets. It is accessible and easy to consume than the traditional media.

Norman Pattiz is the man behind the discovery of the new media product. He leads the team and is in charge of PodcastOne. Norman is an open-minded person. He has the ability to fit in a new environment and develop new skills to remain relevant. Pattiz is not rigid to change compared to most of the people in his age group. He is easy to work with since he is a team player and gets along with people easily. Most people of his generation understand the traditional way of working on things, but he chooses to embrace change and understand different opportunities that are tied to change.

Pattiz is capable of working with the various people at various levels who view things differently. This attitude has seen him collaborate with the best media outlets. He has worked with the government at their radio transmission on the military department. These are some of his major achievements that make him gain experience in the media. PodcastOne gets its revenue through advertisements. It has currently released a new product called Beyond the Darkness.

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The Entrepreneurship Undertakings of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who is based in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. His greatest investments are two state-of-the-art shopping malls, which are Manara Shopping and Mangeira Shopping. Mr. Santiago is currently 58-years old. He has been striving to ensure that the properties offer excellent services that make them stand out. The businessman started focusing on his investment career when he was a teenager. His first major enterprise was a cartonnage company that manufactured decorative and utilitarian items. He began by designing his creations from cardboards and later changed to utilizing innovative technology in making the products. Roberto is recognized in the area due to his success and an entrepreneur.

Santiago made significant profits from his cartoon business and used the money to venture into real estate. At that time, he had sufficient knowledge in business, and this enabled him to be successful. The businessman was born and bred in Joao Pessoa. He schooled at Pio X-Marist College and then enrolled at the University Center of Joao Pessoa to study business management. Apart from entrepreneurship undertakings, Roberto Santiago participates in sports such as kart and motocross and has been awarded several trophies and medals.

The construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall started in 1987, and it took two years. The shopping mall has been operational since 1989, and it is regarded as a landmark in Joao Pessoa. It has been designed to offer an exceptional experience to individuals who visit it. The main facilities that it offers are for shopping, comfort, entertainment, and relaxation. The building is located in a strategic place and offers a beach that has vivid sunset views.

The amenities that Manaira offers include a gym, theaters, ballrooms, and an electric amusement park that is 1800 square meters big. Its cinema has been equipped with the best 3D screens and about 11 movies rooms. It offers the clients refreshments such as soft drinks, snacks, popcorns, candy, and alcohol. The electric amusement park has the 200 impressive machines. Manaira Shopping’s roof top has a spacious concert hall that is called Domus. It was set up about seven years ago, and it has outstanding sound facilities, air conditioner, and a holding capacity of up to 10,000 people. Another facility that the mall offers is a gourmet place. It has a food court and steakhouse that offers delicious food. The environment of the shopping place is serene, and families and friends can relax there whenever they visit the city. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Josh Verne shares tips for business managers

Being a manager isn’t a walk in the park. Josh Verne, the CEO of, and who has over 20 years’ experience of business management, admits this. He, however, shares tips that would make on drive his business to success.

  1. Passion is the most important aspect. Verne states that, if one doesn’t have a passion for whatever he is doing, he should drop it and find something better. According to the former owner of, there are only a handful of cases where a manager successfully drives a business he isn’t passionate about towards success.
  2. Proper managing is never about giving commands to your juniors. This way, one will come out as being bossy, a trait Verne states isn’t good for managers. A good manager leads. A leader takes into consideration the goals of his team, and helps the team to achieve them. A boss wants everything to go as he plans, without considering what his team needs.
  3. The decisions a manager makes should favor both him and his employees. Every decision should be a win-win for everyone. Verne explains that, it is possible to achieve this. For him, a win for the employees is also a win for the manager.
  4. Don’t solely focus on your business, and forget to work on other aspects of your life. A successful manager has healthy relationships, good health, and proper ties with others. All of these should be worked on daily.
  5. Don’t speak much, listen more. This way, you will earn respect easily by appearing more authoritative. As the number of words you utter increase, the power in them decreases.

About Josh Verne and are the major businesses that Verne has founded. Before this, he had served in superior managerial positions in other companies, including Home Line Furniture, a firm that distributed furniture. was the first business he ever formed. It is an online e-commerce platform, which lets its users make huge purchases off their payrolls. Until the time Verne sold it to Global Analytics, had over 50,000 brand name items under it.

After selling for an undisclosed amount, the entrepreneur formed less than two year later. targets college students, allowing them to share information through peer-to-peer connections. With this, students have the power to get real time information about current happenings in colleges. Marketing is also possible through this online avenue.