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Gregory Aziz; the Brains behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current chair and CEO at National Steel Car. This is one of the biggest railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering firms in the world. The company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg Aziz’s thoughts on National Steel Car


Gregory J Aziz says that the company has over 100 years of excellence in the manufacturing and engineering sector. He also adds that in all that time, the company has maintained a strict commitment to high-quality products and services. The result has been that the company has been able to earn a reputation as one of the leading railroad, tank, and freight car makers in the North American continent.


According to James Aziz, the company has been able to reach these dizzying heights of success because of its people. The company is proud of being innovative, diverse, and value driven more than ever before in its history. Get More Related Info Here.


Greg James Aziz adds that the company is constantly challenging itself to raise the bar above what they have already achieved. Because of this persistent effort, they know how to focus the strengths, which has led to unmatched efficiency in the rail sector. Gregory J Aziz adds that the company has a deep sense of purpose and has remained true to its core values.

This has resulted in a lot of trust from its customers to build the best quality of railcars, which are usually on time and offer great performance. Greg is proud that the company is the only one, which has been able to achieve ISO 9001:2008 in North America amongst all railcar companies on the continent. He is quick to add that the company has been awarded numerous times at the annual TTX SECO award for more than a decade.


According to Greg James Aziz, the company does not depend on its past success. Instead, it is always in a relentless pursuit to ensure that it continues to be the leading railcar company in North America. It has achieved this by continually paying attention to the voice of its customers.

Gregory J Aziz also pays tribute to his customers and their suppliers, with whom they have cultivated valuable relationships, sometimes spanning decades. He is also thankful for the integrity and commitment of the team of about 2,000 members with whom they are able to build the best railcars. He says that even in future, this relentless pursuit of excellence will persist. He is proud to be associated with National Steel Car.


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Greg Aziz a Leading National Steel Car CEO

Gregory Aziz is the current President and the chairman of one of the most famous railroad manufacturing and engineering companies that are located in Ontario a city by name Hamilton. He is one of the CEOs who will go down in history as people who have made tremendous achievements in their lives. Greg Aziz has been respected because of his great managerial skills and has pursued in great heights. He is on the frontline fighting for equality and better treatment of his employees.


Gregory James Aziz has worked for his success. He has worked tirelessly for the achievements in his life and is in no doubt one of the best business empires manager. He has got so many tricks towards making it in life. Greg is definitely a man who can pick up a business that is dying and make it achieve in just a few years’ time. Gregory J. Aziz was born in London on 30th April 1949. He also went to schools where he advanced his way to make it in life. He attended Ridley College and later went to the University of West Ontario to study a Bachelors of Arts in Economics. He later went on to pursue his dream careers.


Greg Aziz went on after school to manage his family business. The company was called Affiliated Foods and Greg joined it in the year 1971. The company grew very well and after like one and a half decades, the company turned to be the largest fresh goods imported from Europe, South America as well as the whole of central America. His supply mission cuts across Canada and the United States of America. The company has continued to do very well in its business and it is respected for its moves that have made it be one of the most leading food distribution companies across the globe. His managerial skills helped the company rise to great aspects of life. It has had a tremendous achievement over the last years he was working on it. His goals are usually global and have been spreading very well in certain continents. Click Here for more information.


Greg James Aziz also before purchasing National Steel Car worked as a banker between year 1980s and 1990s. The company was bought from a company called Dofasco and was by then performing very well. He has worked on ensuring it is human and capital investment, strong and persuasive engineering capabilities and improving on increased team-building.



Gregory James Aziz Successfully Revolutionizing National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz is National Steel Car’s administrator, president and CEO. The Hamilton, Ontario-based organization is a world pioneer in railroad cargo auto fabricating. A London, Ontario local, Aziz went to the University of Western Ontario and earned a degree in financial matters. In 1971 he went to work for Affiliated Foods, a discount sustenance organization possessed by his family. By 1987, the organization was an overall shipper offering real discount new sustenance showcases all through the U.S. what’s more, Eastern Canada crisp nourishment from South and Central America and Europe.


From the late 1980s through mid 1990s, Greg Aziz was in New York taking a gander at venture saving money openings. In 1994 he bought National Steel Car. His objective was to make the best railroad cargo auto producer in North America out of the formally awesome Canadian organization. Gregory J. Aziz underlined solid designing abilities and group working at National Steel Car. He contracted 2,400 laborers and by 1999 had expanded yearly generation from 3,500 autos to 12,000. The organization’s advancement, building and assembling magnificence prompted its railroad autos being voted the most astounding quality in North America 18 years in succession. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz is focused on the group in Hamilton, Ontario. As the organization’s fortunes taken off, he has offered liberally to the group. National Steel Car supports a wide assortment of social and beneficent associations. They incorporate the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the United Way and numerous other nearby foundations. Every year a great many over a significant time span National Steel Car workers go to the organization’s Christmas Party. The workers additionally take an interest in significant sustenance drives composed by National Steel Car for nearby nourishment banks.


Greg Aziz and Irene, his significant other, are Royal Agricultural Winter Fair backers. It’s the most unmistakable farming reasonable in Canada. For more than 23 years Gregory James Aziz has done his best to change National Steel Car into an organization with a notoriety for delivering the most astounding quality, most imaginative railroad cargo auto in North America. Not just has he succeeded, he has done his best to help enhance the personal satisfaction for individuals in Hamilton also. Click here for more info.


Aziz and National Steel Car’s prosperity is an immediate consequence of his vision, comprehension of business organization, scrupulousness and sense of duty regarding his staff, his organization and the group. Today he’s among Ontario Canada’s best business administrators. One that made his grand corporate vision a reality.


Coriant Gets a New Star

Coriant has recently gained a new CEO. His name is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a good match for the networking solutions company because of his experience with communications and networking. He has done work for companies like Verizon. After working for Verizon, he has worked for other networking companies. He has recently built a relationship with the senior management team in order to get an idea on how the company is run so that he can take over the company. With Shaygan taking over the position of CEO, it is very likely that Coriant is going to experience a lot of growth.

Coriant itself is a giant among networking solutions in that it works with more than 100 countries in the world. Now, with Shaygan’s experience with technology and business, the company can expect greater success in its activities. Coriant will have a better ability to focus its attention on technology and bringing influence to the market. One thing that Shaygan’s involvement with Coriant is going to be a lot of help with is allowing for a greater ability to handle apps that use a lot of data thanks to the large scale data center. Shaygan has shown a major interest in the data networking solutions.

With Shaygan’s involvement with Coriant, he is hoping to come to the aid of the clients when it comes to technology. The goal is to save them money with solutions that will bring about a lot of user friendliness, and agility. With Shaygan having almost 30 years of experience with technology and finances, he has the perfect combination of skills that will bring the company increased revenue. He will also provide new innovations that will make things easier for the clients and the operation of the company. Shaygan is no stranger to innovation. Among the things he has developed is the mobile payments software called Pingit. Shaygan was also involved with the High-IQ Networking and CLoud Builder as well as other growth markets. He is also the holder of a few patents in the telecom industry. One thing to say about Shaygan is that he keeps moving forward with new ideas that solve problems in the industry.



Kevin Seawright Helps Newark Youth Obtain Summer Jobs

There are few companies that have stepped up to assist Newark, New Jersey young people in finding summer jobs. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC) is one of the few companies to step up, thanks to CFO Kevin Seawright. The goal is work that helps youth learn a strong work ethic and save money to attend college. Mr. Seawright hopes to improve the community’s number of college graduates. There will be help with training, on-the-job, as well help for the participants to learn how to manage their finances. Lectures will be offered to help empower and encourage the young workers and to help them prepare for college.

“As of Monday we had 350 youth applications already in. We have turned what is traditionally a six-week process into a 30 minute event… This is an event myself and and the rest of the Newark CEDC team are really proud to be apart of. It gives us hope for the future of this incredible city,” said Mr. Seawright on Twitter.

The plan is to provide each Newark student with 6 weeks of paid summer work. One of the improvements made for this year has been the implementation of online applications to the program, something Kevin Seawright told LocalTalkNews he sees as a great new improvement. The program starts on July 5th and will end on August 16th. The hope is to provide a total of 3,500 youth jobs. Connected with the program is a bank account setup and training course.

Mr. Seawright explained, “This way, the students and individuals can learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts. This basic skill is the foundation for financial success both now and down the road when they graduate and enter the professional workforce.”

As NCEDC’s CFO and Executive Vice President, Kevin Seawright serves the development needs for Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. He was the former CFO and Facilities Officer for the Departments of Recreation and Parks in the state of Maryland. He often worked in planning and finance for educational institutions, sometimes working with huge budgets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

2015 Hedge Fund Award Goes To Highland Capital

Winning in the category of “40 Act Fund – equity,” Highland Capital Management was awarded the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award for their Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund (HHCAX). Highland, combined with all its affiliates commands $20 billion dollars of assets, which they manage. Co-founder and president of Highland Capital had this to say, “Winning the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award is a testament to the deep experience and healthcare investment expertise of Michael Gregory and his team.”

The judges took a great deal of data into consideration of different fund of funds categories, including 40 Act funds to decide whom has won the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. The award is based on performance measured far beyond their peers. The judges will also be considering different year ranges of performance data gathered, 1 – 5 years. The fund manager’s reputation and history also play a part.

James Dondero started Highland Capital with his friend Mark Okada in 1993. After the meltdown that was the Savings & Loan fiasco, during the darkest days that included bankruptcy for Drexel Burnham, The two friends picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and began one of the most successful and innovative investment firms in the whole world. James Dondero relates quietly, “We created our first collateralized loan obligation in 1996… It was quite challenging because there were only a few non-bank investors outside of ourselves and a few mutual fund investors. Since then, we have created 40 collateralized loan obligations and structured vehicles.” They’ve recently expanded their family by hiring a new President of Institutional Products, Terry Jones.

Michael Gregory is the full time manager of the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund and points out that the healthcare sector is by far the largest area of investment with their $3 billion dollars in assets. Eleven specialist investors whose entire focus is in the healthcare sector bring a total of 130 years unified experience. Mr. Gregory is also Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Highland Alternative Investors. He had this to say, “We remain focused on delivering strong, repeatable performance for our investors… This award is indicative of the success of our investment process and risk management infrastructure, and a credit to the hard work and intensity of the team.”


White Shark has had their fair share of complaints of there years. It’s these complaints that has made the company better. This is a line coming directly from one of the CEOs.

It takes a long time for any company to become a success. You are building something from scratch basically. You are going to make mistakes along the way. The trick is rising above all of these mistakes.

“We all have made mistakes. We believe we have paid for these mistakes, and then some. Some clients are not so eager to let these mistakes go. There comes a point in time when you can only apologize so much, before you continue to keep moving forward. We have gotten better though. These mistakes have brought us some of the best lessons we could have ever gotten.”

This statement came directly from a representative for the company.

In moving forward, both the good and bad have helped White Shark to grow. What is in store for the company as they look ahead?


There is a strong disconnect between the clients and the advertisers. White Shark is looking to improve upon this.

“We are making sure out clients know the ins and outs of each campaign. If our clients know the information going in, it will make it easier for them to stay with us.”


“This is something that we have been lacking. We are now looking to fill in the cracks with a new improved system.”

What does this new system include?

–Monthly status calls

This is where White Shark Media reviews the activity and growth during the previous month.

Then meetings will be held to figure out what needs to be improved. White Shark recognizes they have lacked this in the past. They are now looking to make these meetings a permanent thing.

–Old versus New

Often times people feel the new versions of an outdated ad will do the trick. White Shark is finding out otherwise. Moving forward, they are looking to focus more on the old ways, just in more of a revamped style. Sometimes new is not always better. Many clients respond better to the traditional methods of advertising.


White shark feels that if they improve upon the old, the newer ways will take care of themselves. Most companies feel they need to reinventing the wheel, in order to get to the root of the problem. White Shark is doing things a bit differently. Early progress reports have stated that just by improving upon traditions, White Shark is on track for getting back to the top.

You can read the full article about White Shark here

BMG’s CEO Ricardo Guimarães Says Brazil’s Finance Minister Is Not Giving Up On China Trade

BMG’s CEO Ricardo Guimarães keeps up with what is happening in the world when it comes to finance and economic issues. Brazilian Finance Minister Joaquim Levy attended the International Monetary Fund meeting in Lima, Peru recently, and Levy had a lot to say about China and the potential amount of exports that country will need from Brazil.

That information hit a nerve in Mr. Guimarães, and he is reacting to that jolt. Guimarães family owned bank, BMG, has a lot riding on the economic stability of Brazil, and he is exploring all possibilities as the Brazilian government tries to curb the increasing inflation and the sporadic value of the Brazilian currency.

The news that China could buy more from Brazil next year gave the financial industry some needed relief from a deteriorating economic situation. That situation is the result of inept governing, according to some bankers. Brazil’s GDP product is set to drop 3 percent in 2015, and if China doesn’t step up their importing, the GDP will drop another percent in 2016. Banks like BMG will have a hard time giving credit to clients if the economy is shrinking rather than expanding.

BMG is an important player in the credit and payroll loan business in Brazil. A shrinking economy means lost jobs and that means BMG’s sales will drop. But if China begins to balance its new economic structure, Brazil will benefit. Mr. Guimarães thinks BMG will continue to expand thanks to the demand for sugar, meat, machinery and vehicles.

Mr. Guimarães says BMG has a huge presence in the domestic vehicle loan segment of the business, and an increase in vehicle exports would help their clients immensely. The iron-ore industry may not benefit as much, but other resources will help due to the slow sales in iron-ore, according to Guimarães.

The only issue that could hurt BMG and the other banks in Brazil is an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve and a lingering strong dollar. Brazil’s Real has lost more than 30 percent of its value against the dollar and that is impacting loans and credit. But BMG has a liquidity buffer and a conservative approach to lending, thanks to the Guimarães family. The bank made financial adjustments before the government formed their new regulations to improve the 2016 budget projections.

The need to increase investments by pension funds and other investors is a priority for the government. BMG is helping companies and individuals financially survive during that process.

Susan McGalla Is A Successful Businesswoman Who Believes In Herself

Many girls may dream of becoming a businesswoman one day, but they may be afraid that that is something that they will not be able to do. They might not have much confidence in themselves and their abilities, and if so, then all of that needs to change. It is time that girls realized that they should not be afraid to go after any dreams that they have. If they want to be a businesswoman, and if they feel that they have something good to offer to the business world, then they should put their full effort into making a career in business happen.
All that it takes for a girl to become a great businesswoman is a lot of ambition. She will need to keep working toward her goal until it happens. She will have to believe in herself and all that she can do, and she will have to work hard to make sure that she is always giving her career her all. It will take time and dedication in order for a girl’s career to turn into something big, but it will all be worth it when that day happens, and the girl finds herself becoming a respected businesswoman.
Susan McGalla on bizjournals has done many things that have made her respected through the years, and many girls look up to her for what she has done to make her career happen. She has believed in herself and what she could do with her life since she was a little girl, thanks to the way that her parents raised her, and she took that belief with her as Susan McGalla worked toward her career. It was the confidence that she had in making a good career happen that drove her to see success, and every girl should keep that in mind as she sets out toward her career.
Any girl who wants to have a career in the business world should give it her all. She should do everything that she can to make it happen for herself. She should not be afraid of the challenges that she will face, but she should instead learn from them and grow in everything that she does. There are so many great things that a girl can do with her life if she only just gives this a chance. One day, when she is a successful businesswoman, she will be glad for all of the work that she has done.

Kevin Seawright Shows His Commitment To Education

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright has shown his own commitment to education and looked to inspire the Newark community with his own personal education experiences. Seawright has recently been seeking to complete the Executive Leadership Program at Notre Dame University, which he has now completed the second phase of with a special Certificate of Achievement. Market Watch reports the high level of the work of Seawright during Phase Two of the program the Mendoza Collehge of Business saw him given the award.

For over 13 years Seawright has looked to use his education and experience in accounting and project management to provide the highest quality assistance for the communities he has served in various roles. In his latest role as the CFO of the Newark CEDC, Seawright see his role as being much moret han simply a financial expert looking to assure the future of the region through his business skills. Instead, Seawright sees himself as a member of the community and has sought to make himself available to the community through the programs he assists on a regular basis.

MarketWired tells that Kevin Seawright has stated he is making inspiring the community to education success is one of the a personal quest. In doing so, Seawright has undertaken the program at Notre Dame, which is designed to aid nonprofit leaders in understanding the changing nature of the industry. The Phase Two program was called Leading Nonprofit Boards and allowed Seawright the chance to examine the way a boardroom must change as a nonprofit grows and evolves. By being awarded the Certificate of Achievement for his work, Kevin Seawright made sure he completed the course to the best of his abilities.