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Kevin Seawright Helps Newark Youth Obtain Summer Jobs

There are few companies that have stepped up to assist Newark, New Jersey young people in finding summer jobs. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC) is one of the few companies to step up, thanks to CFO Kevin Seawright. The goal is work that helps youth learn a strong work ethic and save money to attend college. Mr. Seawright hopes to improve the community’s number of college graduates. There will be help with training, on-the-job, as well help for the participants to learn how to manage their finances. Lectures will be offered to help empower and encourage the young workers and to help them prepare for college.

“As of Monday we had 350 youth applications already in. We have turned what is traditionally a six-week process into a 30 minute event… This is an event myself and and the rest of the Newark CEDC team are really proud to be apart of. It gives us hope for the future of this incredible city,” said Mr. Seawright on Twitter.

The plan is to provide each Newark student with 6 weeks of paid summer work. One of the improvements made for this year has been the implementation of online applications to the program, something Kevin Seawright told LocalTalkNews he sees as a great new improvement. The program starts on July 5th and will end on August 16th. The hope is to provide a total of 3,500 youth jobs. Connected with the program is a bank account setup and training course.

Mr. Seawright explained, “This way, the students and individuals can learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts. This basic skill is the foundation for financial success both now and down the road when they graduate and enter the professional workforce.”

As NCEDC’s CFO and Executive Vice President, Kevin Seawright serves the development needs for Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. He was the former CFO and Facilities Officer for the Departments of Recreation and Parks in the state of Maryland. He often worked in planning and finance for educational institutions, sometimes working with huge budgets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kevin Seawright Shows His Commitment To Education

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright has shown his own commitment to education and looked to inspire the Newark community with his own personal education experiences. Seawright has recently been seeking to complete the Executive Leadership Program at Notre Dame University, which he has now completed the second phase of with a special Certificate of Achievement. Market Watch reports the high level of the work of Seawright during Phase Two of the program the Mendoza Collehge of Business saw him given the award.

For over 13 years Seawright has looked to use his education and experience in accounting and project management to provide the highest quality assistance for the communities he has served in various roles. In his latest role as the CFO of the Newark CEDC, Seawright see his role as being much moret han simply a financial expert looking to assure the future of the region through his business skills. Instead, Seawright sees himself as a member of the community and has sought to make himself available to the community through the programs he assists on a regular basis.

MarketWired tells that Kevin Seawright has stated he is making inspiring the community to education success is one of the a personal quest. In doing so, Seawright has undertaken the program at Notre Dame, which is designed to aid nonprofit leaders in understanding the changing nature of the industry. The Phase Two program was called Leading Nonprofit Boards and allowed Seawright the chance to examine the way a boardroom must change as a nonprofit grows and evolves. By being awarded the Certificate of Achievement for his work, Kevin Seawright made sure he completed the course to the best of his abilities.

Prominent Hedge Fund Forefront Income Trust

Forefront Income Trust is a well-known hedge fund that’s located in New York, New York. The company specializes in providing clients with dependable and solid financial advice that can help them take care of pressing capital matters. This advice can also help them take care of future priorities that are centered around capital matters. The team at Forefront Income Trust is equipped with impressive knowledge regarding the vast investment world. Forefront Income Trust, with the assistance of its various subsidiaries, provides capital markets, investment banking and alternative investment banking work. Forefront Income Trust was established in 2014.

The international financial services company is headed by Bradley Reifler, also commonly known as Brad Reifler. He’s an American entrepreneur who graduated from Bowdoin College, which is a Brunswick, Maine liberal arts college. Not only does Reifler serve as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Forefront Income Trust, but he also is its founder. In the past, Reifler worked for companies such as Pali Capital, European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities and The Reifler Trading Company. He established The Reifler Trading Company at the start of the 1980s. Reifler is an expert in subjects such as asset management, investment advisory, derivatives, financial structuring, commodities, trading and much more. Ray E. Friedman is Reifler’s grandfather. Friedman was the founder of Refco, a financial services firm that was headquartered in New York, New York. Refco was initially known by the name Ray E. Friedman and Co. It came into existence in 1969 and stayed in business until the fall of 2005.

Aside from Reifler, other key members of the Forefront Income Trust team include COO (Chief Operating Officer) David Wasitowski, Vice President Nicole Teow, Vice President Cole Reifler and senior managing director Francis J. Argenziano.

Forefront Income Trust is renowned for its relationships with many reputable figures and entities in the business world. Many people admire Forefront Income Trust because it frequently gives boutique firms the chance to come across exciting and one-of-a-kind chances for advancement in the business world. It differs from many similar investment programs out there in that it accommodates investors that are not accredited. The publicly listed fund works to produce income by lending means that are centered around specialty finances. Forefront Income Trust concentrates on investors first and firemost. The fund doesn’t profit until its investors gets opportunities to profit. Forefront Capital Advisors, LLC is in charge of Forefront Income Trust’s management.

Alexei Beltyukov; An Outstanding Russian Entrepreneur

Born in the year 1970 in Sverdlovsk located on the Serbian plains in the present day Russia, Alexei Beltyukov is better known as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He sits at the helm of numerous corporate bodies notably being the president of Skolkovo Foundation. He is hailed as a serial entrepreneur having founded numerous companies including A–Ventures, Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies and recently launched; an online homework space for high school students (PR Newswire, 2015).

Alexei Beltyukov pursued a career in Medicine and worked as a medical doctor. It was during this time that he came across an advertisement in the Izvestia newspaper that his life took a whole new different path. The advert’ was from INSEAD business school which he and his wife applied for, not having the slightest idea of what a business school pertained and went ahead to attain a business MBA. Thereafter, he held a job at McKinsely & Company, a consulting firm, in Moscow.

Alexei moved on thereafter to join a private equity firm in Moscow which he worked for till the year 2003 and left to join a Russian oligarch who owned a group of companies. It is while here that he caught the entrepreneurial “bug” where he moved on to form his first entity. He walked out with lessons that would define his fate – There is money to be made in places that weren’t obvious – “in the dirt” (Alexei Beltyukov – insead, 2009). With this new invention of himself, Alexei Beltyukov founded Mechanicus in 2007 which is an outfit for motor car repairs as well as a petroleum gas drilling that later came to be known as New Gas Technologies.

Recently, Alexei launched which caters for high school students by providing teachers with customized learning exercises that are set and generated in accordance to set parameters. The unique thing about it is that it encourages innate thinking in tackling and arriving at correct answers by students thus allowing them to learn where they make mistakes as well as boasting comprehension of concepts notably in mathematics.

Beltyukov remains a force to reckon with in the present world of shaky and stubborn global economies which does not give job security. He stands tall to champion entrepreneurship as he engages in different ventures with a believe and strategy thus qualifying his a “serial” entrepreneur. How better could you express him to be?

Jonathan Veitch: An American Educator

Jonathan Veitch is a California born and raised author, college administrator and former educator. He received a bachelor’s degree in American Literature and English from Stanford University and a doctorate degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University.

With his education in hand, Mr. Veitch took on an associate professorship at the University of Wisconsin in 1993. He also authored his first book and it was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1997. Also in 1997, Jonathan Veitch was named an associate professor at The New School in New York. He taught classes in American and cultural history and American film in the nineteenth and twentieth century In 1994, Mr. Veitch became the dean of Eugene Lang College and remained in that position for four years.

In 2009, Mr. Veitch was named the fifteenth president of Occidental College. The first challenge for Jonathan Veitch was to improve relations between the school and the surrounding neighborhood. The neighbors were concerned about the expansion of the school into the neighborhood. Mr. Veitch set upon a plan that limited the expansion of the school into the community, lessening the impact to the neighborhood.

Jonathan Veitch celebrated his first anniversary at the school in August of 2010 by hosting a public forum which allowed the city officials of Los Angeles and city activists discuss the future environment of the city. The forum proved to be a success and a vision for the preservation of the city was developed and put in place.

In 2011, Jonathan Veitch announced the new name of the football stadium of Occidental College. The stadium was renamed to honor an alumni of the school, Jack Kemp who passed away in 2009. Mr. Kemp was an outstanding college football player and professional football player, as well as serving in the United States House of Representatives. Mr. Veitch also unveiled a statue of Mr. Kemp that keeps watch over the football stadium.

Also during Jonathan’s tenure as college president, he announced the school would receive a 5 million dollar donation to renovate Johnson Hall, which is one of the original buildings on campus. This announcement coincided with the college’s 125th anniversary. The next year, 2013, Mr. Veitch unveiled a project that enhanced their environmental effort. The school was slated to build a one megawatt solar array that would allow the school to generate a portion of energy supply needed to operate the school.