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Financial Aid Tailor-made For This Generation

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea? Many people feel stuck on where to get start-up capital. Upfront capital is not easy to raise. People take a risk by using some of their valuable assets in most cases. Some of these risks end up not paying up, and they feel devastated to invest in entrepreneurship. This is the substantial reason why Equities First Holdings (EFH) was developed. EFH develops a platform that enables people to take cheap and affordable loans by the use of the stock market. The process of applying and receiving the loan is easy and fast. EFH Resume .

EFH was developed to serve its clients to the best of their ability. This financial solution looks into changing lives. EFL does not get involved in striking deals and doing business like other traditional financial solutions. It makes accessibility of an economical solution efficient and effective. Anyone is qualified to get a loan from EFH. EFH does not require you to own a piece of land or a car to qualify for a loan as opposed to the traditional financial solutions offered by different financial institutions. A client has an opportunity to walk away with the loan once they sign up. Click Here for Marketweird news for EFH.

Equities First Holdings has existed in the industry for over a decade now. The economic platform has changed many lives. This platform comes in at a time of financial constraint. We live at a time when people fight; this generation is a generation of fighters. There have been few opportunities leaving ample room for people to create their own for this reason. EFH was tailor-made at such a time as now. It fits with the current needs of society. You ought to look no further than Equities First Holdings if you are in need of instant financial aid. Visit for more.

Ascension Ventures to Invest in Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a positive online reputation is necessary for any industry today, especially when applying for a job. Many companies are now turning to online profiles and conducting research on candidates online throughout the hiring process. Ascension Ventures, the investing sector of Ascension has invested more than $20 million dollars in online reputation, working with provides services for employers to monitor individuals who post reviews or mention companies they work for or have applied for online. These services give employers the insight necessary to ensure they are hiring those who have a positive outlook without a risk that may damage their personal relationship or the company they work for once they are hired.

Learning more about employees prior to hiring them is becoming more popular each day, especially with suites and programs such as offers. Getting to know employees before hiring them has never been easier with the use of various tools to research employees personally by their name and even their usernames that are online.

Reviewing posts, comments, and even past news stories that involve potential employees helps employers gauge which candidate is best for the job. With the various options available today, it is imperative to check your own online reputation by researching your name and any usernames that you use frequently prior to applying for a position you want.

Online reputations matter as they show the true nature of an individual whether you frequently post on review sites or other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Employers who are serious about hiring the right candidates ultimately choose to utilize programs, software, and outsourced companies to seek out employees who do not have any potential risk that may impact the company as a whole throughout the hiring process.

Understanding the importance of an online reputation is essential for anyone seeking new career options and the ability to be qualified for a job they are interested in, especially salary-based positions. Cleaning up your online reputation may take time but ultimately allows you to move forward in the process of obtaining the position you truly desire.


A Review Of The History And Importance Of Comparative Law

Legal education across the world has been developing and many new concepts have been placed in the line of items students should study. Comparative law is one of the fields that students of today who pick law can choose to pursue. It is a unique branch of law that deals with the study of differences and similarities between legal systems.

This system can be used to compare the laws of two different countries and it is an important area when developing new laws as it helps the legislators to understand what some ideas could do if integrated into the constitution. With knowledge in comparative law, one is able to source for facts about certain laws from different countries or legal systems before coming up with similar laws as the ones used elsewhere. The specialty helps scholars to understand legal systems, which include conservative elements and the way they differ.

The origin of comparative law can be traced all the way to the 18th century in Europe. Before the development of the practice, scholars only used comparative methodologies that would help them to come to conclusions when gauging the importance of certain laws.

It is with the need to understand other pieces of legislation from different regions that the scholars started comparing the legislative structures of the regions and with these activities comparative law was born. In 1861, Henry Maine, the founder of the modern comparative law, published his views regarding the development of the specialty and he expressed hope in the traditions that came with the new systems of litigation.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally acclaimed authority in comparative law and constitutional development. He founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions and he also works as the Faculty Director of the body. This is the first university-based center for the mobilization of resources that help in constitutional building. Sujit Choudhry has been addressing basic methodological problems in different sections of law. He has also authored pieces addressing constitutional design as a way to manage transition from violent state to settled demographic politics.

Other areas where Sujit Choudhry has worked on include holding membership to the United National Mediation Roster and working as a constitutional consultant with the World Bank during foreign duties in Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Tunisia. Following his great skills and knowledge, Sujit Choudhry was awarded by the South Asia Bar Association in 2011 for being the Practitioner of the Year.

Mike Baur’s Digital Entrepreneurship Skills

Thanks to Mike Baur, innovators can now make their business dreams come true. Are you an entrepreneur with a vision of becoming successful? Do you have an idea that needs coaching and guidance? Well, Mike is a perfect paradigm that will walk you through the journey of making your startup business thrive. Being an entrepreneur and having gained a lot of experience in the banking sector, Mike Baur stands for realistic and achievable goals in the business sector.

Mike Baur has more than 20 years of expertise in the Swiss banking industry. His level of skills has enabled him become a co- founder and an essential part of a Swiss Start-Up Factory [SSUF]. SSUF is an accelerator in Zurich, Switzerland, whose primary target is digital entrepreneurs. This company mainly focuses on mentoring, coaching and advising entrepreneurs. The company creates programs and plans that help entrepreneurs focus on achieving their desired goals in the business industry.

Despite being a Zurich-based company, SSUF targets and reaches out to all entrepreneurs across the globe. One of the programs developed by Swiss Start-Up Factory includes a three-month accelerator plan. This program gives entrepreneurs an excellent platform with coaching and mentor-ship services required for the success of their businesses. The company also provides a unique network that connects entrepreneurs across the globe. This way, various innovative ideas are brought together for the improvement of entrepreneurship sector.

Visit the site Fintech Fusion to know more about Mike Baur.

Recent changes have made SSUF become better in providing its services through media technologies. Mike Baur has played a key role in adopting more advanced technologies to achieve desired results. Mike Baur helped adapt new concepts of digital media to help expand the benefits to innovative young entrepreneurs. Through Mike Baur’s real time updates and tutorials on the tips of becoming successful, SSUF has now achieved stronger networks across the globe.

Nevertheless, Mike Baur has made possible the collaboration of SSUF with some of the greatest and leading companies in providing financial platforms. Among these collaborations include the partnership with CTI Invest. Through this joint venture, SSUF can diversify its activities and event because the two companies share the programs. Furthermore, the two companies operate in different fields to ensure that the startup ecosystem is well covered. The SSUF and Fusion made another collaboration. Fusion is a Geneva-based accelerator company that helps SSUF in its mentorship and cooperation programs.

Mike Baur has led SSUF through a transformation from 2014 and has influenced its development. The company was able to undertake its accelerator program with Goldbach Group in early 2016, thanks to Mike Baur. His considerable efforts have undoubtedly made him make his way up in the entrepreneurship sector and the success of Swiss Start UP Factory.


Bruce Levensen and the Hawks/Insurance Lawsuit

New Hampshire Insurance Company has just found itself in a legal jam. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the previous owner of the team, has filed a breach of contract suit. The Atlanta Journal Constitution states the lawsuit is over a settle of claims filed by the previous general manager.

Danny Ferry is the former general manager in question and the insurance issue revolves around issues related to wrongful Terminations and Workplace Torts. Specifically, it was believed the insurance policy would cover losses related to these two components. Per the lawsuit, the insurance provider has not paid on a claim. The plaintiff feels the insurance company should pay. The courts will eventually settle the matter.

According to, specific details on the lawsuit and the amount of money being sought have yet to be revealed. In time, as things become a matter of public court record, details are going to emerge.

Bruce Levenson (see: is among the former owners who is part of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC contingent. Levenson previously made news during the mammoth sale of the Hawks franchise. Levenson is also involved in a number of charities such as the I Have A Dream Foundation and the SEED Foundation. Levenson has been definitely been keeping himself active with various business endeavors and philanthropic causes since selling the Hawks.