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The Entrepreneurship Undertakings of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who is based in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. His greatest investments are two state-of-the-art shopping malls, which are Manara Shopping and Mangeira Shopping. Mr. Santiago is currently 58-years old. He has been striving to ensure that the properties offer excellent services that make them stand out. The businessman started focusing on his investment career when he was a teenager. His first major enterprise was a cartonnage company that manufactured decorative and utilitarian items. He began by designing his creations from cardboards and later changed to utilizing innovative technology in making the products. Roberto is recognized in the area due to his success and an entrepreneur.

Santiago made significant profits from his cartoon business and used the money to venture into real estate. At that time, he had sufficient knowledge in business, and this enabled him to be successful. The businessman was born and bred in Joao Pessoa. He schooled at Pio X-Marist College and then enrolled at the University Center of Joao Pessoa to study business management. Apart from entrepreneurship undertakings, Roberto Santiago participates in sports such as kart and motocross and has been awarded several trophies and medals.

The construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall started in 1987, and it took two years. The shopping mall has been operational since 1989, and it is regarded as a landmark in Joao Pessoa. It has been designed to offer an exceptional experience to individuals who visit it. The main facilities that it offers are for shopping, comfort, entertainment, and relaxation. The building is located in a strategic place and offers a beach that has vivid sunset views.

The amenities that Manaira offers include a gym, theaters, ballrooms, and an electric amusement park that is 1800 square meters big. Its cinema has been equipped with the best 3D screens and about 11 movies rooms. It offers the clients refreshments such as soft drinks, snacks, popcorns, candy, and alcohol. The electric amusement park has the 200 impressive machines. Manaira Shopping’s roof top has a spacious concert hall that is called Domus. It was set up about seven years ago, and it has outstanding sound facilities, air conditioner, and a holding capacity of up to 10,000 people. Another facility that the mall offers is a gourmet place. It has a food court and steakhouse that offers delicious food. The environment of the shopping place is serene, and families and friends can relax there whenever they visit the city. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Brazil is Steadily Growing into a Global Economic Powerhouse

The National Confederation of Industry reported that since mid of this year, the Brazilian economy had registered a slight growth. According to Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex Company, the industry has faced challenges since 2014, but it is slowly improving. Data from the Brazil-based Institute of Geography and Statistics reveals there were 0.3 percent improvements in the second quarter of the 2016 financial year. This growth comes after a series of downfalls and is a clear indication that the market is doing well. This growth is attributed to excellent production performance, changes in inventory adjustment, and improved process of import substitution.

The Gross Fixed Capital Formation is estimated to rise to become the determinant of economic growth. Additionally, the Industrial Confidence Index also revealed a positive increase by 51.1 points compared to the one observed previously. The Brazilian economic recovery may be slow, but it is happening every day. Restructuring of public finances and structural reforms such as labor and social security is the only way to improve this country’s economic status.

Flavio Maluf’s details

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian citizen and a businessperson. Maluf is an alumnus of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he studied mechanical engineering. He also specialized in Foreign Exchange Principles at New York University, Foreign Trade Principles at EAESP and Business Administration in Sao Paolo. Additionally, he is an expert in accounting and rural management.

Maluf’s role at Eucatex Group and his charitable acts

Eucatex Company was established in 1951 and it specializes in the use of eucalyptus in the manufacturing of panels and sheets. Maluf has been working for Eucatex Group since 1987. As a new employee at Eucatex group, he moved around various departments from the trade to the industrial division. In 1996, Flavio was called upon to serve in the managerial position. In 1997, he was promoted president of Eucatex. Maluf has since restructured the company, making it one of the top companies in Brazil. Under his the management, the company has established other branches in Salto and Botucatu. Maluf, a renowned philanthropist recently, donated to medical maternity by teaming up with Hospital and Maternity LANG Carli to help pregnant women and underprivileged children.

Duda Melzer’s Busy Life and Career

Duda Melzer is a widely known figure in the business world. He comes from Brazil and was born there in the spring of 1972. His full name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. “Duda” is a short and snappy nickname for his first name. Melzer currently works as the president and chairman of the Brazil-based communications company Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is among the biggest communication entities in the entire South American nation. It has a staff that consists of 6,000 workers plus.

Although there’s no disputing that Melzer has a lot of work to handle with Grupo RBS, he’s involved with other firms, too. He’s an e.Bricks Ventures shareholder. He’s also e.Bricks Digital’s chairman.

Melzer is an alumnus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. This educational institution has locations in Viamao and Porto Alegro alike. It’s a sizable Catholic university. “PUCRS” is a common abbreviation for it. He studied business administration at the school and left in 1998. Melzer also did some studying abroad. He graduated from the esteemed Ivy League institution Harvard University in the early 2000s. He earned an MBA (Master of Business Adminstration) degree there.

Melzer has had quite a few positions throughout the course of his illustrious career. His early days centered around franchising and finance in his homeland. He later held a position at Delphi Corporation back in the states. He served as a senior analyst for the automotive parts business. He even worked in the media realm in New York, New York. Melzer was Box Top Media’s CEO for some time. He has been part of Grupo RBS since 2004. That’s when he secured a position as the company’s domestic market CEO. He got a promotion that named him the company’s executive chairman in 2012. Melzer is active on the social networking site Twitter.

Two Year Handover Of RBS Completed For Duda Melzer


The well known Brazilian media company RBS held a ceremony on Jan 1 2016 to mark the completion of the two year process of handing over the leadership of the company to Duda Melzer. The University of Harvard graduate became the third member of the Sirotsky family to lead RBS Group as he follows in the footsteps of grandfather and RBS Group founder Mauricio Sirotsky, who founded the company in 2957.

Duda Melzer steps into the role of Executive President of RBS Group during a period of time when the media industry is changing because of the rise of the Internet, and a change of viewing habits by many around the world. Through its many media outlets spread across TV stations, radio companies and newspapers the high quality journalism RBS has become known for has continued in the early days of the leadership of Duda Melzer.

Commentators have been eager to identify the leadership style of Duda Melzer, which has seen many potential critics support his decision to add a higher level of openness to the structure of the company. The future and direction of RBS Group is open for discussion with regular video conferences held between the new Executive President and the employees of the RBS Group. Along with his commitment to creating a more open environment for all at RBS, Duda Melzer has also been looking for the best ways of regulating the media industry through his participation with the National Council For Advertising Self Regulation; Melzer also takes an active role on the Executive Council of the Standard Norms for the media industry.

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An Anheuser-Bush Incentive Plan Could Negatively Impact Small Craft Breweries According to Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

There’s a change going on in the beer business, and that change is called craft beer. Craft beer is a locally produced, flavor-forward product that has a following in the millennium beer drinking market. The old standards like Miller, Miller-Lite, Budweiser and Bud-Lite are losing market share to craft beers that taste better, are packaged better and are made by locally owned entrepreneurs.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães is an entrepreneur and a beer lover and he thinks small, local breweries in the United States offer consumers a better product. That’s the way Guimarães conducts his business in Brazil. His small, family owned bank took on the big banks they compete with in the payroll loan industry, and his bank came out on top. Ricardo’s plan to sponsor soccer clubs had a huge impact on soccer fans, and when it came time for them to apply for a loan fans called a BMG Bank agent. Guimarães did something the other banks overlooked. He gave consumers what they wanted, which was low-interest loans with good terms. Ricardo thinks craft breweries in the United States do the same thing.

When Guimarães learned that Anheuser-Bush introduced a new incentive plan to distributors, he immediately checked out the plan. AB InBev is offering distributors a marketing and retail display reimbursement if the distributor promotes an AB InBev craft beer instead of a local craft beer. That reimbursement could be worth more than $200,000 to some distributors, and Guimarães thinks that’s not good business.

Market access is an ongoing battle and craft brewers have infiltrated the retail market by brewing beer that has a distinctive quality and taste. The big breweries have a hard time producing that taste. If the AB InBev incentive plan continues, Anheuser-Bush will be able to control materials needed to make beer like bottles, cans, malted barley and hops as well as packaging. Hops production is already at a premium because hops plants take three years to mature, according to Mr. Guimarães.

The Department of Justice is looking into the AB InBev incentive plan. The losers, if the DOJ allows the plan to continue, will be consumers, according to Guimarães. If Anheuser-Bush controls what distributors promote, small breweries will go out of business and consumers will have fewer choices. The plan may make sense to Anheuser-Bush investors, but the plan is flawed when things like fair competition is considered.

The AB InBev plan has only been accepted by one distributor in the St. Louis area, and that makes sense since St. Louis is the home of Anheuser-Bush. Distributors in other cities haven’t accepted the plan. Some distributors say they won’t consider it, and others are waiting for a ruling by the Department of Justice.

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Ricardo Guimarães And His Accomplishments At Banco BMG

Ricardo Guimarães is a very well-known Brazilian entrepreneur. He is very respected because of all of the things that he has accomplished in his personal life, and also because he is a talented man of action when it come to business. Guimarães has also served as the president of Banco BMG. He is heir to the business, and he is the son of Flávio Guimarães Pentagna. Guimarães took over the presidency of the family business in 1998. The Banco BMG was founded by his grandfather father in 1930 and at that time the bank was called the Land Credit Bank. Since Guimarães took over the presidency of the bank, the bank has seen many positive changes. Banco BMG has become the leader when it comes to payroll loans and personal loans. Many individuals and private companies trust BMG with their most important financial endeavors.

Banco BMG is based in Belo Horizonte which is the home town of Guimarães. This Banco BMG is part of BMG group. BMG group is one of the largest banks in consigned credit in all of the country. The bank has come up with innovative product marketing strategies that have drawn much attention. The model that BMG has established has been copied and used by many other banks. BMG was voted eight times to be the best financial conglomerate and was voted for the third time to be the best bank in customer finance.

Guimarães is also a man that has done much for his community as well. According to the blog at, In 2011 Guimarães received the City Council merit of honor diploma. Guimarães received this diploma because he had helped his home town to hold on to its traditions and he has done amazing work when it comes to athletics. Guimarães aided in the founding of the Athletic Club and he was president of that club from 2000 to 2006. This award ceremony was attended by the secretary of state, the president of the legislative assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG, Congress men, Congresswomen, and the municipal secretary of finance.

Guimarães was appointed to serve as the vice president of the board of BMG in 1996. He graduated with a business administration degree from Una – Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais. Guimarães has done much to aid in the family business, and his initiative and skill have aided Banco BMG to be one of the most recognized banks in all of Brazil.

Understanding Business Management Skills With Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG

Business is among complicated fields that call for some creativity. Beating competition is something many have not been able to achieve as there are various challenges that come on the way, thereby making it difficult for a business to sail through. All that matters is the way a business is managed. Despite the banking sector getting branded as one of the most competitive arena of business, BMG has been able to grow seamlessly over the years they have been in business. The company has been patient and careful about getting the right market visibility. With able managers, they have identified reliable marketing strategies, which include celebrity promotions and offering support to the society.

According to an article posted, BMG signed a partnership with leading tennis player, Marcelo Melo, whom they have offered to sponsor to the 2016 Olympics competitions. The player has been successful in past competitions and this is something Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG, was able to note. He saw the great ability Melo displayed and offered to include him in the list of beneficiaries who have been shortlisted for sponsorship by the bank. The support extends to both monetary and material support, which will ensure BMG allows different individuals achieve their goals. Ricardo Guimarães is also confident that they are going to win come the forthcoming competitions. This could lead to an expansion on the partnership, which will allow Marcelo Melo to grow his career further.

Great leadership comes with responsibilities and this is something Ricardo Guimarães has proved. He has taken as his responsibility to ensure BMG maintains the right reputation in the market. This has been in the various projects he has overseen to ensure the public benefits from the existence of BMG. Such include environmental conservation attempts that have led to a better life among many individuals. BMG, with the help of their able president Ricardo Guimarães, have also sponsored football clubs across Brazil. This support has allowed several young individuals to build their talents, some becoming recognized players internationally and nationally.

Ricardo Guimarães is a well educated professional with a background in business. His skills include hiring and maintaining the right staff. While at BMG, Ricardo Guimarães has inspected the hiring process to ensure the company hires committed individuals who are willing to offer value to customers. This has improved the overall image of BMG and has allowed customers to enjoy using various products.

Marcio Alaor BMG Bank

One of the top banks and financial institutions in Brazil is BMG Bank. Part of what makes BMG Bank a leading financial institution is its leadership which includes current vice president and director Marcio Alaor. With Marcio Alaor as vice president and director, BMG bank has continued its tradition as well as maintained its vision to provide the best financial services to both individuals and businesses. By providing high quality financial services to both individuals and businesses, BMG Bank is able to efficiently meet the needs of these two parties and allow them to get the most out of financial management such as making deposits, using loans to finance purchases and also insurance to protect their property. They also benefit from credit cards to finance short term purchases and investments to help grow their savings and prepare for their future.

The first and most common customer who most benefits from the services of BMG bank is private individuals. For private individuals they will be able to take advantage of a number of services that enable them to get the most out of banking and financial services. Making deposits is the first service that comes to mind for individuals looking to use a bank such as BMG. With deposits, individuals can put their money in both checking and savings accounts. The checking accounts provide individuals with the opportunity to store money in an account in which they can use to write checks and make purchase. Using savings accounts allows them to place funds for future purchases and use such as retirement or a down payment on a home.

Another common service to individuals is loans which give them financing for a number of things such as a house or a car. The bank will offer individuals money to make these large purchases and at reasonable terms. BMG bank offers home loans and auto loans at low interest rates along with reasonable time periods. As a result these loans will be very affordable and allow them to meet their big ticket purchase needs.

Private individuals will also be able to take advantage of investment services which allow them to prepare for their future. With investment services, individuals will have the benefit of talking to an advisor who will provide them with information about securities and how to best meet their long term financial goals such as retirement. They will give individuals the opportunity to put their money in securities funds and allow their money to be managed by the advisor. Therefore individuals will have assistance in not only growing their savings through investments but also giving them an income as well to provide financial security.

Brazilian Lawyers Need To Show That They’re Working Hard

There are many lawyers in Brazil who have worked hard to make their careers into something good, and there are also many lawyers in that country who have not chosen to do that. There are some lawyers who have slacked off and not done their best work for those who had trusted them to do that, and that is not right. Every lawyer who wants to have success is going to have to be determined to do things in a good way for each of the clients that they are working for. And that is what one Brazilian lawyer has always done.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has always been determined to give his best to all of those he’s been working for. He has always been trying to be a good lawyer, and his ambition has helped him to tackle the problems that people have been facing and to do things well for them. He’s been able to help people out with their problems and win cases for them, and that has made him come to be known as one of the best lawyers in Brazil.
It takes a lot of hard work put in for one to become a good lawyer, but Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has never been afraid of hard work. He has taken on every challenge that has come his way and used it to help him to grow stronger. He has always been determined to be his best for all of those that he has worked for, and he has been able to do some good things in that. He’s been making a big name for himself in Brazil because of all of the ambition that he has always shown.
No matter what country one is in, they will have to work hard in order to be a lawyer that people will trust. Lawyers in Brazil have to work just as hard to get the respect that they are hoping for as lawyers anywhere else, and it is smart thing for one to put much ambition into their career. When they prove that they are working hard people will begin to trust them immediately.

Mario Alaor And BMG Creating Real Wealth

If you think about how the banking world used to be, you can tell that times have changed. It used to be that banks in general existed simply to bring people together. You could earn a decent savings rate with your money while also being able to go to banks not just for loans but for help in general. Now those days are almost gone it seems, and the times of banks existing to help others has been replaced by banks trying to scrape money from their customers in any way that they can.

The good news is that certain banks out there aren’t just keeping up with the ideas of old, they are starting to make banks better than before. In a world that is confusing due to new products, ever increasing tax implications, and gigantic financial regulations popping up each and every day, there is at least one bank out there that is bucking the trends and putting service first.

BMG is not just a bank. It isn’t just an institution where monetary transactions occur. BMG has emerged as one of the leaders in the banking field simply because even though they are a bank, their number one concern is to help people and then the profits are an afterthought. The reason that they focus so much on their clients and customers is because they have a strong belief in banking being a part of society and a major asset to communities, businesses, and people. When you have a team of individuals who all work together towards an idea of improving the lives of everyone around them, you truly can see why BMG has been so successful in recent times.

The other reason that BMG has gone straight to the top is simply because of the work of Mario Alaor. Mario Alaor would be considered an executive except he doesn’t fit the part. When you think executives you tend to think of corporate folks in suits who only care about money and not about an individual who realizes each and every client is important to the whole business. When you see the type of service that BMG offers as a whole and then get a chance to see Mario Alaor in action, there’s no question that the bank has taken off as a result of his leadership. There’s also no question about the success that they will have when you think about how service oriented Alaor and BMG are.