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Sanjay Shah Appoints Will and Pete Best as Board Trustees of Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a charity organization dedicated to raising donations and awareness for desperate research needed to determine causes of the developmental disorder. The charity was founded by Sanjay Shah, Founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, LLP in 2014. PR Newswire released press news in London on February 8th, 2016 that Will Best and Pete Best have joined the Board of Trustees. Shah, Pete and Will met while attending college and are long-time friends. Shah believes the brothers have the professional expertise to efficiently manage and oversee the charity events, concerts and fundraisers.

The first artist featured at an invitational concert for Autism Rocks was Prince, which was held in 2014. Other artists who performed at some of the music concerts are Drake and Michael Buble. Will and Pete Best are now responsible for the management and planning of future invitational-only concerts and events to raise funds. Will has years of experience in the entertainment and music industry, which makes him the perfect candidate to add to the board of trustees. His brother, Pete has approximately 21 years of expertise in London’s financial markets, which is great for marketing.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital Market, a firm headquartered in London of England. The firm was incorporated in 2011 and specializes in investment consultation, professional sports investments, and proprietary trading. Solo Capital is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. Its net worth at the end of March 2015 was €15.45 million and total asset was €67.45 million. Shah has interests in over 29 companies in London, The Cayman Island, British Virgin Islands, and Dubai.

Solo Capital Partners, LLP is still active, although Shah retired to devote his time for charities and family. Three directors remain with the brokerage partnership company to manage and monitor investments. Sanjay contributes much of his time with Autism Research Trust as the Trustee. The organization provides donations to Research Centre at Cambridge University. Funds donated to the organization are used to research and identify early stages of autism; who are likely to develop the developmental disorder; and prevention.