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David Giertz plans towards social security

David Giertz is an eloquent public speaker and an excellent financial advisor. He believes that people need to be trained and be aware of the benefits accrued to social security. The majority have no ideas on how to plan for their future, and therefore they don’t save for retirement. David Giertz encourages people and helps his client to create a retirement income plan that will yield good outcomes when you are old.

From the recently conducted survey which was done by Nationwide Retirement Institute, it showed that 30% of the retirees are receiving peanuts from the social security benefits. It is out of their expectation since their retirement saving plan was not in order. It is significant to note that even future retirees failed to know the factors to be considered in evaluating the social security amount. Precisely, it shows that awareness should be created to people on how social security benefits work and help them to plan on the future income plans to avoid misconceptions and theories.

For instance delaying benefits from the maturity date after retirement and accessing it later result in more monthly income. Although, those who start getting social security benefits at early stages than expected due to financial challenges end up earning very little. From the research, 37% of retirees said that health problems and medical expenses prevent people from receiving the benefits as expected. It is fortunate to individuals who work handily with the financial advisors since optimizing your social security benefit will settle all your retirement financial stress.

David Giertz worked as the Sales agent at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He now serves as the President of Nationwide Financial Distributor Inc. Besides that, David serves as a director and VP to various companies. He also plays the role of the financial advisor at Nationwide Investment Services, in Dublin. David Giertz passed all his academic examinations and ventured into the commercial field. David has over three decades of experience in financial management field.