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The To-Do About Your Do With Wengie

Hair is important. That is the long and short of it. Hair can be a symbol of individuality or a collective group, a crown celebrating one’s ethnicity, or a halo of youth. Hair can grow long and luxurious if you stay healthy, or you can lose it if you are stressed, eating poorly and not taking your vitamins. Hair can be long or short, real or a manufactured wig. It can change with one’s mood, it can be neglected when one is too busy to deal with it. They even made a Broadway show about hair called “Hair”. Hair is one person’s pride and another person’s bane. Hair can change how a person feels. A happy hair day can help one feel confident and sexy while a bad hair day can cause one feel grumpy and down.


The icon of hairdom is our dear Wengie. Wengie’s videos have run the gamut from easy hair styles, to important hair treatments. The rainbow haired unicorn, as fans have come to call her, fills her channel with tips and life hacks for hair. She has displayed ways to style hair in under 5 minutes, talked about ways to color hair without damage, and has given ways to keep your hair looking healthy and making color last longer.


We know hair can change how we feel, in one recent video , Wengie teaches her fans how hair can also change the age you appear. There are tricks that one can use to shed years off their looks just by changing their hairstyle alone. For example, excessively tight and straight hairstyles can add a few years to your age. Letting your hair loose, with soft curls can give a careless, youthful appearance that can cause you to appear 10 years younger. If you are prone to ponytails, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face can help you seem younger.


Wearing bangs can be a factor in how youthful you appear. It can add volume, hide wrinkles or makeup lines from foundations, and brings out the color of one’s eyes. You need to be careful about the heaviness of the bangs to avoid being too heavy or too thin. Some people will use faux fringes that can be purchased at online or anywhere they sell hair extensions.


For more Wengie-tastic tips to a youthful appearance, watch the video linked below.