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Madison Street Capital Helping Investors

Getting financial advice is difficult for a lot of people. Few investors want to pay high fees to companies for basic financial advice. Madison Street Capital is a growing company based out of Chicago. This is a company that has grown rapidly in recent years. One of the reasons for the growth of the business is how the employees treat clients.

In the financial planning industry, many companies treat customers based on how much money they want to invest. Instead of taking this approach, it is much better for companies to treat all employees the same. This is the philosophy that Madison Street Capital has used over the years with great success.

Investment Tips

Investing is really simple for many people. Instead of taking on complicated investments, many people just want to invest every month in something that is going to go up in value over time. Madison Street Capital likes to work with clients who trust them to make the best decisions for their finances. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital likes to encourage clients to simply invest in funds that track the overall market. This is the best way to have a positive return on your investments. Diversification is key to having success when investing.

Planning for Growth

Madison Street Capital has a lot of plans to grow in the future. Many people are excited about what the company is doing to help clients. Madison Street Capital is investing in a new website to help clients who have basic investment questions. This will also allow clients to track their investments over time.

In the coming years, Madison Street Capital is going to continue growing. There are many people who are excited about what Madison Street Capital is working on for clients with their new online tools and calculators. Learn more:

A Financial Institute in Dallas!

If you live in the Southwest, are heavily into the banking industry or know someone who is, then you might have already heard of Nexbank. Mind you, with a name like Nexbank, you might at least think you have heard of the company whether you have or not. For those readers who are still unfamiliar with Nexbank, here is some additional information on the subject in question:

Established in 1934, Nexbank or NexBank Capital, Inc., is a reportedly popular financial institute currently based and born out of Dallas, Texas. With a trio of locations (including the HQ) it is also said to be the 288th largest bank in the U.S. The institution, which is (as this goes to press) the 17th largest bank in Texas, offers a number of different services and products. They include certificates of deposit, commercial banking, investment banking, mortgage banking, personal banking, and corporate advisory and other financial services to other banks, big corporations, middle-market companies, real estate investors, small and start-up businesses and huge institutional customers in the capital markets. As of five months ago, Nexbank had a total of 91 employees. Their money market rates are currently reported to be twice the national average.

Some online sources state that Nexbank’s success at becoming one of the most profitable banking institutions in the country is due in part to the spartan business plan of Davis Deadman. The bank’s official website, however, merely notes that their team of executive managers have significant industry expertise and the ability to concentrate on providing their customers with what they refer to as “leading financial services capabilities”. The team is headed up bu James DOndero who is chairman, co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. They conclude that their directors have a dedication to the company’s success and bring a diversity of experience to Nexbank.