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Joseph Bismark – Combining Employee Health And Business Wealth

I have always taken a keen interest in socially responsible businesses. A corporate desire for profits drives our economic engine, but often depletes our spiritual engine. Nevertheless, there are business leaders who recognize that the business bottom line does not have to be at odds with the well being of a businesses employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Recently I came across an article on Left Handed Right Mind about Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the Qi Group. Bismark is an example of a business leader who understands how to grow a business in a socially responsible manner. Bismark, who spent nine of his formative years in an ashram in the Philippines, is able to combine successful business practice with a keen sense of social responsibility. For example, under Bismark’s leadership the Qi Tower in emphasizes paperless business practices. He also co-led efforts to convert one of the company’s resort properties to solar power.

What particularly impresses me about Bismark, however, is his commitment to the well being of his employees. Bismark views his employees as teammates, not subordinates. He encourages his employees to achieve their highest potential, and allows them to express their creativity to benefit both themselves and the company. Bismark, perhaps due to his upbringing in an ashram, also recognizes the need for spirituality in the workplace. I rarely have founded corporate leaders, including socially responsible ones, who allow for spirituality to play a role in the workplace or in business decisions. Bismark, however, recognizes that the economic demands of business do not foreclose incorporating spiritual concerns into the decision making process.

Lest anyone think that concerns of wellness and spirituality impede the business, Qi has undergone exponential growth since Bismark became managing director in 2008. The verdict is clear, business and social concerns can coexist, so long as a dynamic leader such as Joseph Bismark can guide them together.