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Jeffry and Ascendant

Principal Executive Jeffry Schneider knows the game of finances and financial investments like no other. In fact, he has over 10 years of experience in management, having founded Ascendant Capital LLC, Alternative Investments, Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. He has been in this game since before March 2004 and continues to run operations in all areas of the business. He has skills in capital markets, investments, capital, equities of a private nature, series 63 and 7, investment banks, securities administrations, hedge fund operations, financial placements and advisories, plus funds and equities. He studied at the University of Massachusetts.

His current Vimeo page contains 10 videos, one follower and 28 likes. He currently serves as the CEO of Ascendant Capital, a firm for alternative investments that is based out of Austin, Texas, where Jeffry Schneider currently resides as well. He has been to numerous parts of the globe, including Asia, Europe and South America. One of his many goals includes raising over $50 million a month towards funding both his business and philanthropic efforts. He has donated much to charities in the past.

Such organizations have included The Gazelle foundation, Wonders and Worries, God Loves, We Deliver and Cherokee Home for Children. He spent much time working for the most reputable organizations in capital and finances, such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. He believes in transparency and open honesty in all matters of business and attempts to reflect such values and views upon every employee from the top down. He firmly believes and invests in the possibilities for alternative investments in diversifying holdings. He has seen an explosive amount of growth in the last few years due to this.

He anticipates this growth to rise more in years ahead. His company has raised $1 billion from managers. Ascendant Capital works with over 50 brokers, 250 investment advice professionals and countless offices of a family structure. He also works with private banks in public and private offerings worldwide, having plenty of education and experience in marketing, sales, education and financial structuring operations. He currently trains potential leaders.

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