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Things you need to know about Nick Vertucci

Having started at a low profile, Nick Vertucci has been an inspiration to many people through his great achievements in the real estate sector. At a young age, the renowned entrepreneur went through significant financial difficulties since the loss of his father. Due to his great determination towards achieving the best, Nick established a system through which he managed real estates that eventually led him to be a millionaire. In cases where you feel enlightened to venture into the real estate sector, Nick Vertucci is the right person to approach for advice and acquirement of knowledge on the investment.

The renowned real estate expert encourages individuals with a determination to exercise readiness to learn from others as they could acquire vast knowledge from experts, which would develop their firms if well implemented. Being a great learner, Nick attended some seminars that his friend linked him to through which he acquired ideas on establishing real estates. Besides, he also urges people not to give up but rather hold on to ensure that they achieve their goals. Nick believes that persistence is the basis of achieving success, evident from his old life before he established himself.

Nick has always exercised patience in his life, evident from the long period that he took before setting himself after attending the seminars. He urges entrepreneurs not to rush in making decisions regarding starting up new ventures but rather gather enough information and evaluate all their acquired ideas to ensure that they employ the right strategies while establishing their businesses. Nick believes that a critical analysis of the gathered information enables one to quickly identify the most suitable ideas to bring to life as well as their impact to a venture.

Due to his inspiring journey to success, Nick Vertucci has always had a dedication towards helping other people to succeed and achieve their dreams through the many seminars that he hosts, mainly to help individuals with a passion to accomplish their goals. Through his seminars, Nick equips people with knowledge on real estates as well as entrepreneurship. No charges apply to his seminars, and he voluntarily shares his expertise with any interested parties to help them develop themselves. Nick covers a vast range of topics including how to use other people’s money to establish a real estate, among many other helpful items. Through his seminars, Nick Vertucci has improved the lives of many individuals who have now set their real estate ventures.

Nick Vertucci Transforming The Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci, a 64-year-old real estate investor mogul, is an indication that no matter your background and past, your future and dreams are still valid. This is a lesson from his humble beginning, after losing his father at only ten, later drowning into debts, after losing his computer business, to being the founder of Nick Vertucci Companies (NVC) Inc.


Nick, the CEO of the Irvine-based company (NVC), specializes in buying properties owned by banks, develops, and customizes them to fit the needs of his clients. Additionally, he has made tremendous achievements through his popular flipping process that he uses to show people how to evaluate properties, fund, refurbish, and invest in real estates. As a result, he is the most sought -after single family homes developer, across California.


Real Estate Academy.

Prior to being the successful entrepreneur, he is, Nick served as the president and the CEO of Coastline Micro, a computer systems company that came crashing due to the dot com effect. As a result, after his success in real estate, he established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2013, with an aim of imparting knowledge on upcoming real estate entrepreneurs, on how to invest wisely and be successful in this market. Through this mission, the academy has spread its tentacles across the United States, thus becoming the fastest growing real estate education program.


What the Academy Offers

As the CEO of this realtor training company (NVREA), Nick offers interested parties, workshops, and seminars on how making fortunes in the real estate business, by helping the learner identify properties at a lower market price that can generate income, how to repair and rent property, and how to sell them.

Additionally, the Real Estate Academy teaches the entrepreneurs how and where to find money, that will fund deals such as rehabilitation costs. Lastly, its seminars offer skills, on how to make the property attractive to potential buyers, so they can sell at a higher profit and fast.


Nick’s Accomplishment

Despite his humble background, Nick has made tremendous achievements in his career. One of them is through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that set its learners ready in the market. Through this, thousands of budding entrepreneurs have hit the toughest milestone of finding start-up capital, a great achievement. For this reason, the academy has become the most coveted education program that is helping in real estate goal realization.


Real estate business has become one of the most sought after investments, due to its high income and appreciation, and through Nick, lives of many fledgling entrepreneurs have changed. For Nick, changing others lives’ positively is the greatest achievement. As a result, many people have gained financial freedom.

David Giertz: Social Security and Retirement

David Giertz, former president of the sales division of Nationwide Financial, has more than thirty years under his belt of experience in the financial service industry. Having graduated from Milikin University with a Bachelor of Science degree and from the University of Miami with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he joined Nationwide in 1999 after spending ten years in Citigroup.

He is now based in Dublin, Ohio, for Nationwide Life Insurance and is a registered FINRA broker in eighteen states. David Giertz has increased the profits of Nationwide Financial’s Ohio division by over six billion dollars, due to his creative strategies. He is known for innovation, excellence and his hard work.

When a recent survey revealed the number of retirees not being properly informed about their Social Security, David Giertz responded with some enlightenment. He pointed out the problem of complexity; the Social Security program rules are now so numerous that most advisors feel overwhelmed learning them, even more to go through them with their elderly clients. The financial advisors need to discuss the program with their clients, however; a lot of retirees can lose money by not understanding it, or not preparing a backup income. The Social Security can provide 40 percent of some retirees’ income; but a retirement plan is still needed to cover the other 60 percent.

Another problem is jumping the gun on retirement; by going into retirement and claiming Social Security before full retirement age, the income can be held taxable against the client. But if some patience is applied, and the client waits until full retirement age, then the Social Security benefits will grow substantially each year. David Giertz commented on the importance of giving full thought to Social Security before retirement, and creating the retirement plan that will maximize Social Security benefits.

Brazil And Its Leaders

In the world of business, numerous people come and go. However, only a few prosper due to their heightened business acumen. To expound further, these businessmen know how to run a business. Not only do these businessman know how to run a business, they also possess several leadership skills regarding their specific niche. In spite of such advantages, only a few people can compare to Mr. Jens. For those unaware, Mr. Jens remains a man of many trades. In addition, he remains a prominent figure in the business world. In particular, he remains renowned and critically acclaimed for his work in Brazil. With that being said, he has held numerous high-ranking positions in his field. In particular, he became an alternate member of the board of directors of Odebrecht.


In addition, he has managed his company’s finance divisions in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Due to his expertise, he played an integral role in Odebrecht Agro-Industrial, Odebrecht Ambiental, and so forth. With such work experience, it remains easy to see why Mr. Jens enjoys the success that he possesses. With that being said, he hails from an educational background. In particular, he holds a degree from the American Garvin School of International Management. However, he also has several other degrees. Recently, Brazil’s government announced plans for making concessions. This includes its partnership with BNDES. As a result, Brazil continues to focus its efforts on improving infrastructure and public services.


Moreover, public power performs 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation. Furthermore, BNDES plans to develop a plan of action to address significant problems. In addition, Brazil’s water sector remains an economic challenge. Over the years, its water sector has lost a significant amount of water. Therefore, the government had to allocate funds that they should have used to boost their economy.



Flavio Maluf: The Ingenious Man Leading Eucatex to it Success

Flavio Maluf is one of the few widely known personalities and a brilliant entrepreneur and businessmen in Brazil. He is the incumbent CEO of Eucatex Group, which is a leading firm in the country. Flavio’s affiliation with Eucatex spans over 28 years. During his 28-year long association with Eucatex, Flavio has served the company in several capacities. After serving the firm in many positions, in 2005 Flavio went on to become the president and CEO of Eucatex, a position he continues to hold until this day. He has a strong background in technical education. He has been able to amalgamate his technical skills with his entrepreneurial skills to become one of the most successful businessmen in the country.

The Eucatex Group has a unique status for being one of the oldest companies in the country. The Group was established in 1951. It is credited with the reputation for introducing the novel idea of aligning industrialization and progress with sustainable development. It has a dedicated commitment to the protection of the environment. The Eucatex Group initiated its business in Sao Paulo by building factories. It soon expanded its business to across other cities in Brazil. The company began producing environment-friendly panels and sheets by using raw material. Over the years, the company made huge business and the rising profits helped it expand to other cities and countries. The company has started its operations in Argentina. The company’s business grew in such a way that it has become one of the top manufacturers in the world. It has exceptional expertise in manufacturing plastic floors, doors, paints, panels, ceilings, and several types of hardboards. Currently, Eucatex exports its manufactured products to more than 37 countries, and it has 2200 employees on its staff.



Flavio Maluf has been instrumental in driving the company down the road of success and expansion. Flavio’s technical and leadership skills have made him one of the best presidents the Eucatex ever had. The brilliant CEO holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his long career, Flavio has amassed extensive professional experience. Under his strategic and dynamic leadership, the company is achieving milestones in the world of manufacturing. He is indeed an excellent business manager and leader equipped outstanding professional skills and valuable experience.



The History of Flavio Maluf

The tale of the successful entrepreneur is a classic story. The story of Flavio Maluf is no exception. Born into a successful legacy, Flavio always knew where he’d end up. That fact didn’t stop him from exploring his youth and making a name for himself.

After he graduated from FAAP with a degree in mechanical engineering, he moved to the United States. There, he attended New York University and earned a Business Administration degree. Although he’d been working on and off again at his family’s business, Eucatex Group, he also earned experience working at other companies and starting some of his own.

Today, he’s President and CEO of Eucatex, but that was not always so. His first worked for his family in 1987. He started out in the trade area of the company and quickly moved to the industrial area. He worked there until 1996.

President of the company at that time was his uncle. His uncle made him a member of the executive team. He took to the family business like his uncle and grandfather before him. His contributions to the company were consistently outstanding. One year after being named to the executive team, he was named President of the company.

Flavio grew his family’s company into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sustainable furniture and construction material. When his grandfather founded the company, they only sold to Brazilian companies. Flavio expanded the company’s reach into over 37 countries.

Part of his strategy was using the latest technology to produce the highest quality product possible. His reign over the company is summarized by the number of improvements he made to their manufacturing process. Flavio also created South America’s first industrial scale recycling plant by using wood residues to generate energy.

Like many successful businessmen, Flavio’s schedule has more free time than in his early years. His fills much of that time with philanthropies. Born and raised in a hard-working Brazilian family, Flavio understands how important it is to give back to the community.