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Lori Senecal: Woman of Power

There aren’t a lot of known women working in the corporate world. That honor is usually represented by men. However, in recent years, more and more women have not only entered the corporate world but are playing significant roles in corporate success. One such woman is Lori Senecal.

Advertising is a tough game. Despite what many think, advertising contributes as much to a company’s success as the product or service they’re offering. It takes a special kind of talent to created effective ads for any company. The work created by Lori Senecal is not only effective, but it’s world-renowned.

According to Campaigne Live, Lori joined CP+B in 2015. Immediately, the company realized how tremendous of an impact she had on the company’s success. She not only began accomplishing great success in a short time, but she also impacted company culture in the most beneficial way. After some years with the company, she was promoted to Global CEO; a position created just for her.

Her new role at the company is one she’s perfectly suited for. Her talents and leaderships skills make her more than qualified to oversee the company’s global growth. Her strong focus is what fuels the company’s development and international growth.

Not only has her work expanded the company on a more global scale; she’s also been recognized numerous times for her quality work. In 2016, she was named one of the “Agency Executives to Watch”. She also won the Titanium Grand Prix for a piece she submitted at The Cannes Lions Festival.

Thanks to Lori Senecal, CP+B continue to create some of the greatest results their clients have ever seen. Her success at CP+B should come as no surprise. Even before joining that agency, her career was littered with success and accommodations. Visit her page to know more

Before joining CP+B, she worked KBS. Lori accomplished more at KBS because she had more say in the company’s direction. When Lori joined KBS, the firm employed 250 people in the U.S. Lori grew the company into a worldwide success with over 900 employees.



The Essential Functions of Advertising

Jose Borghi is one of the leading advertising executives in Brazil. The chief objective of advertising is to spread the word about the products and services your company has to offer. It can be nearly anything from an upcoming performance event you are promoting, a new product you are selling, an activism campaign you are leading, the development of a prevailing platform of services. Whether your promotion takes the form of commercials, print advertisements, handbills, billboards, advertising can bring the good word about your business and products to your customers. Jose Henrique Borghi and his ad agency, Mullen Lowe, have years of experience in these promotional aspects of advertising.

Advertising raises your target demographics’ knowledge of products and services with which they may be unfamiliar and educates them about the benefits that they can provide. Advertisers like, Jose Borghi, use their creative experience to create campaigns that spread product awareness internationally. He has worked with several ad agencies that are known worldwide and now leads his own agency in the international advertising market.

Advertising bids your target audience to appraise how your product or service compares to your competitors. Presentations of household cleaning products are a great example of this since they provide convincing visual proof of which product works faster and more effectively tackles stubborn stains. Political ads are one more example of how ads serve up side-by-side comparisons of contenders’ qualifications and voting records for viewers and readers to make educated choices when they are at the polls. These are examples of how an advertiser with decades of experience, like Jose Borghi, can promote awareness, target your ideal demographics, provide comparisons, and retain your customer base over the years. Advertising is essential in today’s market and can set your business apart from even your toughest competitors. Watch Video . for more .

Jose Borghi: The Highly Accomplished Marketing and Advertising Guru

Jose Borghi is a Brazilian leading marketing expert based in Sao Paulo Brazil. He has interests in marketing and publicity as well as vast know-how in advertising, networking, strategic planning, leadership, and management. Jose studied marketing at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.

Career Growth

Jose Borghi’s interests in the advertising field started at an early age after attending an advertising event while in high school. His career started at Standard Ogilvy Ad Agency where he worked as an advertising agent in 1988 before moving to other firms such as Talent, FCB, and DM9DDB. In 1999, Jose Borghi joined Leo Burnett as the chief creative officer and later rose to the rank of CEO. A position he held until 2002 where together with Ray Erh, he co-founded an advertising agency, BorghiErh. BorghiErh joined forces with Lowe + Partners with Jose Borghi heading the amalgamation named Borghi Lowe as well as acting as the chief creative officer. The agency was later acquired by Mullen Group and was rebranded to Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose is currently the principal executive of Mullen Lowe Group, having been appointed in 2015. In his leadership, Mullen Lowe has created and run a number of successful campaigns, including Review Concepts by Fiat, Carlinhos, which was created for the Down Syndrome Association and the great Mammal Parmalat campaign that was focused on emphasizing on the benefits of preserving the environment and wildlife.

Awards and Recognitions

Following his great commitment and immense knowledge in the advertising sector, Jose Borghi has curved a household name for himself leading him to earn several local and international awards in events such as 15th New York Festival, 11th One Show, and 7th London Festival. Jose was recognized as the most Professional Ad Expert by the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association in 2009 as well as winning the Advertising Professional Award of the Year in 2014 from ABP. for more.