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Securus Technologies Is Helping Families Every Moment

Securus Technologies is helping families every moment by keeping inmates and their children connected more than ever before. When Securus Technologies was first established, their goal was to create better phone service, which included making long distance calls at no extra charge. Now, however, Securus Technologies specializes in video chatting.


The video chat service offered by Securus Technologies happens in real time, and this chat service supports long distance calls. Prisons make sure each inmate gets time with his/her child/children during major and minor holidays. Inmates also get to talk to chat with their children several times a week. Statistics have shown that children with access to this service have a better outcome in life, and children with this service end up having a better future relationship with their parent(s), too.


Many children have written emails to Securus Technologies personally. These emails talk about how happy these children are that they can see their parents face to face several times a week. Most children could never get to the prison with their mother/father is because most prisons are typically two hours away from modern cities. Many children also praise Securus Technologies for being the only inmate communication organization to offer this type of service to the community.


EOS’s new Pod is Crystal Clear

Evolution of Smooth has gotten smoother by giving their signature product a makeover, read more.

Evolution of Smooth, known to loyal customers as EOS, is introducing a new pod for new lip balms. The former round container is now less rounded, transparent, and wax-free. The transparency is a see-through applicator that glides on your lips instead of smearing it. A less rounded applicator makes it easier to apply lip balm in a prompt manner. The wax-free label is great for vegans because it contains no animal sacrifice to create this item. It also comes with a new name: EOS Crystal.

Besides the changes, EOS is adding two surprises. The first surprise is adding two new flavors to the EOS family. Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach are coming to stores in August in the new pod. As of now, they are the only colors using the new pod, but they hope that changes soon. The second surprise is mixing five essential oils to all flavors, including Shea, coconut, and avocado. This encourages lip protection and softness. Head over this similar site to learn more of the product,

This information originated from three Instagram posts. The first post states “Clear as crystal. Smooth as EOS. Say Hello to every girl’s best friend.” The second post talks about the essential oils added to their products. It goes “Five nourishing natural oils. Zero wax. EOS Crystal has officially arrived.” It includes a video explaining the crystal’s appearance while saying it “weightless, vegan, wax-free, and here.” The final post says, “Lips on sleek. New EOS Crystal is packed with 5 essential oils for a smooth glide that leaves your lips soft and chic.” Go to to read more cool articles.

For more information about the pod, the oils, or the new flavors, visit Visit that site to make your purchase for the classic and new flavors as well. Each pod is $5.49, so get your pod before it’s gone.

Discover more new flavors here on


Wellness Through Prevention With Lifeline Screening

Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips founded Lifeline Screening in 1993. Today, they are the largest company in United States committed to screening patients for various potential illnesses. Their goal is to provide reports that can be used by the patient’s doctor who can then work with the patient by providing a treatment regimen or simply help by offering advice to help avoid potential issues.

Lifeline Screening is not a typical physical. Their tests are designed to go much deeper and provide the most accurate feedback involving risks. Many people are unaware of any problems since they can go undetected for a long period of time until they are tested. The tests check a variety of health issues including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, cholesterol levels, glucose, and liver health.

With all the knowledge we have in today’s world it’s wise to take control and get screened in order to figure out what types of diseases or health issues you may be susceptible to in the future. Once tested, you can work with your doctor to develop short and develop long-term plans that will get your body on a healthy track.

The tests themselves include finger-stick blood screenings, which is all about the blood. These tests determine glucose levels, checking for cardiovascular disease elevated liver enzymes. A limited EKG is also done for determining the health of the heart. Finally, an ultrasound is used to screen for issues inside the abdomen. Peripheral arterial disease is checked for as well as bone mineral density. For more info about us: click here.

Lifeline Screening has also partnered with a number of businesses where they help provide a corporate wellness program. This partnership means serious savings on health care costs. Members are encouraged to utilize the information given by eating healthier, exercising, and leading a more active lifestyle. Lifeline Screening has an e-mail newsletter that is focused on helping people make the changes they need to put themselves at lower risk of disease.

Gregory James Aziz Successfully Revolutionizing National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz is National Steel Car’s administrator, president and CEO. The Hamilton, Ontario-based organization is a world pioneer in railroad cargo auto fabricating. A London, Ontario local, Aziz went to the University of Western Ontario and earned a degree in financial matters. In 1971 he went to work for Affiliated Foods, a discount sustenance organization possessed by his family. By 1987, the organization was an overall shipper offering real discount new sustenance showcases all through the U.S. what’s more, Eastern Canada crisp nourishment from South and Central America and Europe.


From the late 1980s through mid 1990s, Greg Aziz was in New York taking a gander at venture saving money openings. In 1994 he bought National Steel Car. His objective was to make the best railroad cargo auto producer in North America out of the formally awesome Canadian organization. Gregory J. Aziz underlined solid designing abilities and group working at National Steel Car. He contracted 2,400 laborers and by 1999 had expanded yearly generation from 3,500 autos to 12,000. The organization’s advancement, building and assembling magnificence prompted its railroad autos being voted the most astounding quality in North America 18 years in succession. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz is focused on the group in Hamilton, Ontario. As the organization’s fortunes taken off, he has offered liberally to the group. National Steel Car supports a wide assortment of social and beneficent associations. They incorporate the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the United Way and numerous other nearby foundations. Every year a great many over a significant time span National Steel Car workers go to the organization’s Christmas Party. The workers additionally take an interest in significant sustenance drives composed by National Steel Car for nearby nourishment banks.


Greg Aziz and Irene, his significant other, are Royal Agricultural Winter Fair backers. It’s the most unmistakable farming reasonable in Canada. For more than 23 years Gregory James Aziz has done his best to change National Steel Car into an organization with a notoriety for delivering the most astounding quality, most imaginative railroad cargo auto in North America. Not just has he succeeded, he has done his best to help enhance the personal satisfaction for individuals in Hamilton also. Click here for more info.


Aziz and National Steel Car’s prosperity is an immediate consequence of his vision, comprehension of business organization, scrupulousness and sense of duty regarding his staff, his organization and the group. Today he’s among Ontario Canada’s best business administrators. One that made his grand corporate vision a reality.


Madison Street Capital Helping Investors

Getting financial advice is difficult for a lot of people. Few investors want to pay high fees to companies for basic financial advice. Madison Street Capital is a growing company based out of Chicago. This is a company that has grown rapidly in recent years. One of the reasons for the growth of the business is how the employees treat clients.

In the financial planning industry, many companies treat customers based on how much money they want to invest. Instead of taking this approach, it is much better for companies to treat all employees the same. This is the philosophy that Madison Street Capital has used over the years with great success.

Investment Tips

Investing is really simple for many people. Instead of taking on complicated investments, many people just want to invest every month in something that is going to go up in value over time. Madison Street Capital likes to work with clients who trust them to make the best decisions for their finances. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital likes to encourage clients to simply invest in funds that track the overall market. This is the best way to have a positive return on your investments. Diversification is key to having success when investing.

Planning for Growth

Madison Street Capital has a lot of plans to grow in the future. Many people are excited about what the company is doing to help clients. Madison Street Capital is investing in a new website to help clients who have basic investment questions. This will also allow clients to track their investments over time.

In the coming years, Madison Street Capital is going to continue growing. There are many people who are excited about what Madison Street Capital is working on for clients with their new online tools and calculators. Learn more:

Fighting Corrupt Business Practices with Bruno Fagali

     Corruption is a scourge. Human beings, unfortunately, are always trying to get undue advantage probably because there is the tendency to apply the law of the jungle mostly sub consciously to everything. Survival was of the fittest such that if one does not know anybody and has no money he or she does not get that which they want. Bob Vierira da Costa is a co-founder of the new/sb agency. They have a number of accounts that are related to government.

New/sb has come up with a system to ensure good business practices called the Corporate Integrity Program. This system involves rules that ensure that no corruption takes place. To ensure the rules are followed and to the letter, the agency hired Bruno Fagali. It is his job to ensure the implementation of the Corporate Integrity program.

About Bruno Fagali

Mr. Bruno Fagali is experienced in the legal field being specialized in Law, Urban, Administrative and Regulatory law, Compliance and Ethics. He is a well-known lawyer in Brazil. He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in the year 2009. Mr. Fagali went on to specialize in Administrative law at the same university from 2010-2012 in which he wrote research papers supervised by Julia Maria Silva and Vera Christina Monteiro.

Bruno Fagali is currently studying for his Master’s degree in State Law. Bruno Fagali speaks four languages these are English, Spanish, Italian and French. Bruno Fagali has worked for various law firms including Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm in 2007, Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia (2012-2014) and Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Advogados Associados (2008-2009).

In 2014 he founded Fagali law firm where he provides development and implementation services for compliance systems. Fagali Law Firm also provides litigation and advisory services. Mr. Fagali has also been teaching at the University of Sao Paulo and working as Corporate Integrity Manager at new/sb.

Review Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that offers an array of online marketing solutions. They serve both small and medium-sized businesses. Read this review before you decide whether or not you should use them.

Quality Services For All Types Of Businesses

One of the best things about White Shark Media is the services they offer. They provide PPC services, such as creating pay-per-click campaigns and managing them. They also provide search engine marketing services, such as national SEM and local SEM.

Unique Strategies

Not only are their services of high quality, but they create unique strategies for each client they work with. No small or medium-sized business have the same needs as their competition. You’re unique and you need a unique online marketing strategy, not a cookie-cutter strategy. White Shark Media knows this.

What White Shark Media Reviews Say

White Shark Media has testimonials from many satisfied customers that work within various industries. This is a good sign because it means they take their work seriously. There are testimonials both on their own website and third-party sites. Testimonials have praised White Shark Media for their knowledge of their clients’ industries, as well as for helping them improve their performance. Other reviews have called White Shark Media the best pro-active company they have ever hired, while other testimonials mention the results they have achieved thanks to White Shark Media’s efforts.

If you run a business and you want to take it to the next level, then you need an online marketing strategy. White Shark Media can create a solid strategy that will generate results. As you can see from the above review, the company is worth hiring.

For prestigious wine meet the services of Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is an investor and an entrepreneur in Jackson Family Wine Company. She is in charge of the sales department. Julia Jackson has earned reputation in the wine industry for some years now. She is devoted to ensuring that the company`s wine brands meet the target market. She is also responsible for the expansion of the firm. Julia Jackson introduced different blends of wines to the market.

Having been in winemaking industry from her tender age, she knew what wine drinkers love. Her passion for fine wine makes her job easy. Julia Jackson concentrates more on delivering the quality types of wine to the market. Jackson Family Wine distills and sells quality wine brands that are well known in the market. They deal with La Crema, Verite, Hartford, Chardonnay, Freemark Abbey, Pinot Noir among other wine brands. Read more:

The unique feature of their wine comes from the time and energy they invest in wine production and packaging stages. The company collect and sorts grape for themselves to produce the best wine products in the market. Julia Jackson ventured into wine business since her childhood. She was born and brought up by the winemakers, Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. It is her father who established Jackson Family Wine Company which is being headed by her mother, Barbara Banke.

Julia had the love for wine and could help her family in picking and sorting grapes for wine production. She looked up her parents as role models and learned how to manage wine business from them.

Julia Jackson received her bachelor’s degree in Arts, Studio from Scripps College and a certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, an organization that empowers women in the society. Her foundation has given various charities to the needy. Julia is presently the spokesperson of Cambria Estate.

Class Dojo Adjusts Students’ Behavior

One of the largest problems with teachers in this country is trying to keep students well behaved. For some students, they have trouble behaving due to their disabilities or problems at home. As shown on The Guardian, even hard-to-reach students are coming around thanks to the app.

So What Is This Class Dojo App?

Class Dojo is a teaching tool that educators may utilize in order to make the classroom experience more effective. It allows for students, teachers, and parents to be connected to the app and they can share messages. This essentially makes parent-teacher conferences obsolete as the parents may be engaged daily.

The app is really popular amongst younger students. In 90% of K-8 schools in the country, the application has been deployed. A large chunk of these students has been introduced to concepts like the growth mindset or how to feel empathy. Deployment of this app worldwide is now possible now that it is translated into 35 languages.

How They Got Started

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had put their vision into practice by the summer of 2011. They had released beta software trials that were well received by testers. The team had then moved to California to get its foot into the market, which is far more lucrative than the market in the United Kingdom at the time.

It wasn’t until they were awarded the ImagineK12 fund from Ycombinator until they started to become financially well-off. Within 18 months of their big launch, they were able to reach over 1 million teachers. This had led them to receive a significant amount of venture capital funding in 2012 and beyond.

By 2015, over 3 million teachers and 35 million students had registered for the program. Even though they now dominate the market, they insist on keeping their application free for teachers. Their main goal is more about fixing behaviors for better learning environments than it is about money.

Gorge Soros: Democrats’ strongest ally

George Soros is one of America’s top self-made billionaire turned entrepreneur and philanthropist. George Soros is also one of the Democrat’s leading financial supporters. George Soros was previously active in the 2004 election and spent nearly $27 million in a battle to defeat George W. Bush. After failing to help John Kerry become president, Soros faded into the back. However, he came back with a vengeance in 2016.

George Soros is a Democrat donor and supporter. He has had a long-lasting friendship with Hillary Clinton. He even committed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well as other Democrat campaigns too. Because of his friendship with Hillary, he was expected to attend the Democratic National Convention and witness Hillary Clinton accept the nomination for president. However, he had to skip, so he could monitor the European economic crisis.

He had become more politically active this go around than other years because of two things. First, he had complete faith in Clinton. Second, he feared Donald Trump and what he wanted to do to this country as president. He even once accused Trump to be working with ISIS. George Soros may have lost the fight in 2016, but that did not stop him. Following the election he and a large group of liberals gathered together in Washington D.C. for a three-day conference to combat the Trump agenda. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

The meeting was hosting by Soros’ founded Donors’ Alliance which is a conglomerate of major liberal donors. Part of the conference was focused on political warfare against Trump and others discussed strategy for the upcoming 2018 elections. There was even a session on finding ways to sabotage Trump’s 100-day plan. The liberals continue to remain strong after the Clinton defeat.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American self-made billionaire. George Soros was born in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros and his family managed to survive the Nazis by using fake identity papers and hiding their real identities. He attended the London School of Economics in 1947, after emigrating from Hungary. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 1951 and later received his master’s degree as well. George Soros struggled to find work in the financial field but received an entry-level job in 1954 with Merchant Bank.

In 1970, George Soros founded the Soros Funded Management. He became the chairman and CEO of the management. He later left the position and established a hedge fund. George Soros later renamed his fund the Quantum Fund, which has found huge success and made over $5.5 billion in profits. George Soros continues to help those in financial need as well as those who are being discriminated against by those in power across the world. Soros continues to build up his fund. Visit this site to know more at