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US Money Reserve Launches New Website

U.S. Money Reserve has recently launched a new design for its website. The new website will now have a more user friendly template for visitors to enjoy. With the new website template, U.S. Money Reserve will now have a much improved presence on the internet. With the new site known as, the organization will now have a source that people can look at who are interested in learning more about precious metals, economics and finance topics about investment options. As well as offering more information on precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve will now look to use its site to more effectively promote its core values of trust, and commitment to providing the very best customer service available. The new site features photos of various precious metals such as gold coins as well as images of the President of US Money Reserve Philip N Diehl.

One of the individuals who played a significant role in developing the new website for the organization is Ryan Buchanan. He is the Vice President of Brand and Creative who looked to make the site more responsive and informative to visitors. With this new design, Buchanan believes that it will provide some of the best quality precious metals content available. One of the best things about this site is that it will offer improve interaction with investors who are looking to get more detailed information about a number of different kinds of precious metals. They will now be in position to get more comprehensive information about gold coins, gold bullion and silver currency units.

When visiting the new U.S. Money Reserve website, investors will get to see the new growing online shop. The new shop provides a list of competitive prices on numerous precious metal units. Visitors will have the opportunity to examine the cost of many different gold and silver bars, bullion and coins. Individuals who are looking to get coins will be sure to take advantage of ones that are certified. This allows investors to be sure that they are getting precious metals that are legitimate. As well as getting access to the selection of precious metals, investors can also access the gold information kit and the knowledge center. Both of these things provide them with valuable information about the various precious metals available. The new site by U.S. Money Reserve also provides Client Connect Advantage which allows investors to more easily interact with the site. They will be able to get one on one consultations which will give them any help they need when making a decision of purchasing precious metals from the site.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Glamorous Projects

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO of Damac. This is the UAE Company that is often associated with highly glitzy property developments. Besides, they come across with attractive marketing stunts that may include a fancy car like Bentley free with every luxury apartment booking. Most recent has been his highly glamorous golf course projects that he had done in association with Donald Trump.

But there is more to Hussain Sajwani. He has been recognized for the outstanding food service that he had performed to the United States army. This was during operation Desert Storm which was in 1991, during the first Iraq war.

Hussain Sajwani claims that they have worked for the Americans all across the world, namely in Somalia, Bosnia as well as the Gulf. In addition, they have also worked for big American companies such as Bechtel.

Hussain Sajwani is 57-year-old. The DAMAC owner keeps the food business as a part of the Damac Group operations. This is a clear reminder of his first business expertise. It also depicts his ability to cultivate important friendships in high places that is on an international scale.

Hussain Sajwani has put such skills to good use. Now Damac is gearing up to take advantage of the economy in UAE through the recovery in UAE property prices. He is also considering an initial public offering of shares. The London Stock Exchange will be one of the possible IPO venues in this case.

The early stages of this potential IPO process are already under way. He has kept all options open for a company of this size and structure. It will all depend on the advice of their banks. Talks with several institutions are on while no one has been hired as yet regarding any IPO.

Hussain Sajwani says that they do have cash as well as bonds as a cushion, along with a debt/equity ratio of just 10 per cent. Hence cash is not really needed. But IPO can provide cash for expansion. It can also be an option for the owners to take away some money from this business. But they have kept all options open.

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The Values and History of Cotemar Mexico

Located in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V was formed back in 1979 with the primary aim of providing services to the energy sector., Since its formation, the company has undergone tremendous changes and growth, placing it among the top businesses in the energy sector in the North American region.

Cotemar offers its services in three main categories: The Cotemar construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services ensure that the offshore rigs as well as the processing centers are well constructed and maintained to support smooth operations. This process is made possible by the use of dynamically semi-submersible rigs positioned accurately to allow fast and timely movement from one oil field to the next.

Cotemar Specialized Vessel Services allows easy transport of personnel, equipment, lightweight material and other commodities that might be of use to the crew. The company under the specialized vessels also offers firefighting services through their firefighting vessels. For navigating narrow waters, Cotemar offers the services of barge boats. In the case of hauling large structures, the company provides these services through its towing vessels.

Cotemar Catering and accommodation offers hospitality services to rigs operated by the company. These services include; laundry, cooking, general cleaning and boarding services.

Cotemar has gone through many changes throughout its history. During the year it was formed, the organization was able to acquire its very fast maintenance and transportation vessel. Two years later, it added to its fleet, a specialized vessel that would be used to transport both materials and personnel. A few years later, it went ahead and acquired its fast rig where it was tasked with services such as food and accommodation.

Ever since its formation, Cotemar has witnessed a growth in strength, and as a result, it has managed to acquire more rigs and expand its market share. Among its recent achievements is the awarding of a contract of the Cuichapa Poniente area that was assigned to Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Cotemar.

There are many benefits of working with Cotemar Mexico. You will be given an opportunity of doing what you love. If working as an engineer on an offshore oil rig is your dream, then working in Cotemar Mexico is highly recommended.

Their value on employees is something to be admired. When you work in Cotemar Mexico, you get a chance of meeting experts in your field of work. Working with these experts will expose you to new working environments and increase your skills and knowledge.

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Remaining Relevant In The Phase Of New Media

A person must have the relevant skills to achieve career success in a world that is constantly changing because of technological advancement. Many professions are changing, and most people have stopped being relevant because they do not have the skills. Career success is a journey of growing with the discovery of new products and services in given fields. This is the only way that an individual remains competitive in the industry for them to be eligible for more and better opportunities. The journey of PodcastOne is one of a kind.

PodcastOne is a new media product that is tailored to meet the needs of the current generation. People are rigid towards change most of the time, but technological advancement can cost you and cause you to remain irrelevant until you learn to embrace it. PodcastOne is a product that gained a market share by constantly changing from one discovery to another. This makes it a competitive product that is adopted by its consumers. It is a product that produces audio books and messages. The messages are the ones that are of interest to its users. Most people download the information it shares. The product uses various modern people to capture different markets. It is accessible and easy to consume than the traditional media.

Norman Pattiz is the man behind the discovery of the new media product. He leads the team and is in charge of PodcastOne. Norman is an open-minded person. He has the ability to fit in a new environment and develop new skills to remain relevant. Pattiz is not rigid to change compared to most of the people in his age group. He is easy to work with since he is a team player and gets along with people easily. Most people of his generation understand the traditional way of working on things, but he chooses to embrace change and understand different opportunities that are tied to change.

Pattiz is capable of working with the various people at various levels who view things differently. This attitude has seen him collaborate with the best media outlets. He has worked with the government at their radio transmission on the military department. These are some of his major achievements that make him gain experience in the media. PodcastOne gets its revenue through advertisements. It has currently released a new product called Beyond the Darkness.

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Why You Need Online Reputation Management

Every entrepreneur, organization leader or private individual at some point will find themselves in a situation that leads to bad reputation. Negative remarks or derogatory posts on social media platforms or discussion forums can hit you and your company at any time. It can come from a malicious competitor or an irate customer posting negative reviews.

Online reputation management enables you to take control of the online conversation concerning your company so that Internet surfers are presented with positive content when they search your name or your company.

A business may have hundreds of positive feedback or satisfied customers, but it takes just a few negative reviews to cause devastating damage to its reputation. Factors like these are often difficult to control, but they can have a great influence on your online reputation.

Online reputation management is certainly essential for businesses, executives and organizations. Nowadays, without a good reputation it can be very difficult to convince people that you are trustworthy, and can benefit them.

The process of controlling what appears on Internet search results when someone looks up your name or your company’s name, is not easy. It is advisable to let the experts handle this important project for you.

A reliable team of online reputation management professionals can help you create and publish positive content in order to put your information on top pages of search results and suppress negative or irrelevant content farther down in search results. When negative or unwanted content is suppressed, and positive, relevant information about you populates the top positions in search results it’s good for your reputation.

Having good reputation can help you become successful in your endeavors, because potential customers will see you as a trusted authority in your niche.

There are many reliable companies out there offering reputation management to businesses, organizations and individuals but you need to choose a team that is well known for rendering top notch services to clients. Once you find such a great team, you’ll need to set up a consultation with them so they can go over your situation and determine how they can help you.


Financial Aid Tailor-made For This Generation

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea? Many people feel stuck on where to get start-up capital. Upfront capital is not easy to raise. People take a risk by using some of their valuable assets in most cases. Some of these risks end up not paying up, and they feel devastated to invest in entrepreneurship. This is the substantial reason why Equities First Holdings (EFH) was developed. EFH develops a platform that enables people to take cheap and affordable loans by the use of the stock market. The process of applying and receiving the loan is easy and fast. EFH Resume .

EFH was developed to serve its clients to the best of their ability. This financial solution looks into changing lives. EFL does not get involved in striking deals and doing business like other traditional financial solutions. It makes accessibility of an economical solution efficient and effective. Anyone is qualified to get a loan from EFH. EFH does not require you to own a piece of land or a car to qualify for a loan as opposed to the traditional financial solutions offered by different financial institutions. A client has an opportunity to walk away with the loan once they sign up. Click Here for Marketweird news for EFH.

Equities First Holdings has existed in the industry for over a decade now. The economic platform has changed many lives. This platform comes in at a time of financial constraint. We live at a time when people fight; this generation is a generation of fighters. There have been few opportunities leaving ample room for people to create their own for this reason. EFH was tailor-made at such a time as now. It fits with the current needs of society. You ought to look no further than Equities First Holdings if you are in need of instant financial aid. Visit for more.

Julie Zuckerberg Has The Expertise To Staff An Agency With Qualified Workers.

Branded as a miraculous corporate employee, even when compared to the nation’s highly respected, principal directors in the industry, is the talented Ms. Julie Zuckerberg. Julie firmly cemented her power by creditably commanding the daily requirements required from her during her time at Deutsche Bank. She was the supervisor of the Workforce Attainment sector. Julie Zuckerberg has produced a lofty reputation for herself by integrating her enormous understanding and her multitalented capabilities. Zuckerberg is also famed for her unequaled gifts, toiling alongside commended leaders in the corporate field as well as the private asset class of corporate relations, on top of the commercial facet of being a commander. Julie Zuckerberg is particularly proficient at problematic conversation, and also making use of elaborate senior manager relations. Her spectacular assemblage of organizational competence is repeatedly accredited as being unusually proper for manufacturing an agile group of recruits, and Julie’s employment techniques for new personnel are unmatched for spawning a steadfast and dogged team. Time and again, Ms. Zuckerberg amasses a group of extravagant and trustworthy employees, certifying the usefulness and expertise of the corporation with Julie’s grouping of skilled workers.


Ms. Zuckerberg also has skillfully emerged fruitfully, at her positioning as Leading Workforce Recruiter before comprehending her talent to stick out as the Personnel Acquisition Captain. Julie Zuckerberg has achieved competence of high value in her skills while operating at Deutsche Bank at the same time expanding to the advantaged status of Vice President. For the duration of Julie’s service in this position, Julie’s ingenuity was enhanced by managing vital associations with a great many confidential business actions, to institute a miraculous congregation of trained workers. Julie has in addition fashioned indispensable links with corporate contacts to development management of the staffing procedures for accumulating a surprising range of workers. This is fundamental to the responsibility of gratifying requisite and greatly esteemed roles in the conglomerate – such as, Region Superintendent, U.S. Conformity Associate, and Shareholder Attainment, in addition, many very essential corporate roles.


Julie Zuckerberg is lionized for her level of accomplished corporate finesse and gifted corporate intuition. Julie has in addition, benefitted in the vocation of Fundamental Staff Proceeding, while operating at Hudson Global Incorporated. This key position was Julie’s starting role, back in 2002. Right through the scope of Julie’s innermost responsibility at Hudson, for five years, Julie granted to the corporation an overflow of capable personnel and she trained a gifted assemblage of personnel for an untold amount of prominent corporations.


This flood of personnel was mandatory for gratifying a number of openings. When Julie decided to leave the Hudson, she dedicated her extensive talents to Citi Global, which is a highly reliable consumer investment system. For the span of this commission, Julie improved her proficiency by ascending to the position of Chief Managerial Recruiter. This commission gave Julie the power to exploit sophisticated approaches for locating faculty by adopting the internet’s power, social media groups & enlisting efficient agents.

The To-Do About Your Do With Wengie

Hair is important. That is the long and short of it. Hair can be a symbol of individuality or a collective group, a crown celebrating one’s ethnicity, or a halo of youth. Hair can grow long and luxurious if you stay healthy, or you can lose it if you are stressed, eating poorly and not taking your vitamins. Hair can be long or short, real or a manufactured wig. It can change with one’s mood, it can be neglected when one is too busy to deal with it. They even made a Broadway show about hair called “Hair”. Hair is one person’s pride and another person’s bane. Hair can change how a person feels. A happy hair day can help one feel confident and sexy while a bad hair day can cause one feel grumpy and down.


The icon of hairdom is our dear Wengie. Wengie’s videos have run the gamut from easy hair styles, to important hair treatments. The rainbow haired unicorn, as fans have come to call her, fills her channel with tips and life hacks for hair. She has displayed ways to style hair in under 5 minutes, talked about ways to color hair without damage, and has given ways to keep your hair looking healthy and making color last longer.


We know hair can change how we feel, in one recent video , Wengie teaches her fans how hair can also change the age you appear. There are tricks that one can use to shed years off their looks just by changing their hairstyle alone. For example, excessively tight and straight hairstyles can add a few years to your age. Letting your hair loose, with soft curls can give a careless, youthful appearance that can cause you to appear 10 years younger. If you are prone to ponytails, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face can help you seem younger.


Wearing bangs can be a factor in how youthful you appear. It can add volume, hide wrinkles or makeup lines from foundations, and brings out the color of one’s eyes. You need to be careful about the heaviness of the bangs to avoid being too heavy or too thin. Some people will use faux fringes that can be purchased at online or anywhere they sell hair extensions.


For more Wengie-tastic tips to a youthful appearance, watch the video linked below.

White Shark Media Is Well Known For Providing Superior Ad Management


Are you in need of professional ad campaign management for your business? Do you want to enlist the services of a top rated team of PPC advertising professionals?


White Shark Media has been providing outstanding ad management solutions for years and has some of the best advertising professionals in the industry. Numerous small business owners, entrepreneurs and medium sized companies rely on this highly regarded company for reaching their target audience quickly, and generating leads and sales.


Pay per click advertising is a great way to improve sales and revenue because it allows you to bring targeted traffic to your site. Setting up a profitable ad campaign is not an easy task. It requires great expertise, and ad monitoring has to be done carefully and with dedication.


At White Shark Media, the pay per click campaign management specialists are Google Adwords certified, and are well experienced. White Shark Media can operate Pay Per Click campaigns for lead generation, individual products or even organization branding initiatives. Furthermore, their PPC consultants have a strong track record in analytics and business enterprise management.


While many other promotion and marketing consultants and digital advertising and marketing firms offer commodity based, solutions and frankly make it hard for you to get great outcomes, White Shark Media pays special attention to each client and reviews their situation and need, build a winning approach to make sure their great outcomes.


Let the renowned experts take the weight off your shoulders and handle your account management for you. The PPC advertising and marketing team at White Shark Media will work on improving your PPC account so you can concentrate on your company. Smart tools and excellent resources save money and time, and allow for visually stunning reporting. Contact the advertising specialists at White Shark Media today.


Jose Borghi: The Highly Accomplished Marketing and Advertising Guru

Jose Borghi is a Brazilian leading marketing expert based in Sao Paulo Brazil. He has interests in marketing and publicity as well as vast know-how in advertising, networking, strategic planning, leadership, and management. Jose studied marketing at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.

Career Growth

Jose Borghi’s interests in the advertising field started at an early age after attending an advertising event while in high school. His career started at Standard Ogilvy Ad Agency where he worked as an advertising agent in 1988 before moving to other firms such as Talent, FCB, and DM9DDB. In 1999, Jose Borghi joined Leo Burnett as the chief creative officer and later rose to the rank of CEO. A position he held until 2002 where together with Ray Erh, he co-founded an advertising agency, BorghiErh. BorghiErh joined forces with Lowe + Partners with Jose Borghi heading the amalgamation named Borghi Lowe as well as acting as the chief creative officer. The agency was later acquired by Mullen Group and was rebranded to Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose is currently the principal executive of Mullen Lowe Group, having been appointed in 2015. In his leadership, Mullen Lowe has created and run a number of successful campaigns, including Review Concepts by Fiat, Carlinhos, which was created for the Down Syndrome Association and the great Mammal Parmalat campaign that was focused on emphasizing on the benefits of preserving the environment and wildlife.

Awards and Recognitions

Following his great commitment and immense knowledge in the advertising sector, Jose Borghi has curved a household name for himself leading him to earn several local and international awards in events such as 15th New York Festival, 11th One Show, and 7th London Festival. Jose was recognized as the most Professional Ad Expert by the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association in 2009 as well as winning the Advertising Professional Award of the Year in 2014 from ABP. for more.