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Chris Burch Marries Fashion and Technology for Successful Businesses

Technology Transforms



To most people, fashion and technology exist separately. Although that may seem correct, Chris Burch, a fashion guru and entrepreneur, shed some light on the past fashion trends and technology, including their close relationship, which is symbiotic. According to Chris Burch, the boom box was the in-thing in the 70’s. It was an instrumental music gadget. The 80’s saw the introduction of movies, hence the continuous use of the boom box. However, all that changed in the 90’s when the Walkman was invented, followed by the iPods. Looking at the transformation, things just got better with time.



Fashion and Technology



To Burch, the synergy of technology and style puts weight on the height of innovation. This is further illustrated by a high-tech fashion designer called Anouk Wipprecht. According to her, technology has been instrumental to her fashion designs. In the past, she designed DareDroid Dress, Pseudomorphs and a dress with self-painting features. All the designs highly depended on technology. Anouk describes technology as a playground in which the deeper you dive, the more you learn. Technology offers fashion designers room for discovery and experimenting.



Technology Generates Fashion



A quick look at the transformation in technology and fashion leaves us appreciating equipment like airbags made for the protection of cyclists. Although fashionable compared to helmets, they serve the same purpose. Another set of items are the gloves made for firefighters. The gloves feature sign communication elements for safety at the fire scene. Other interesting designs feature the recycling of bike’s inner tubes. The recycled items are used to manufacture clothes. The radiator goes through recycling to produce gowns. Technology has a way of creating fashion and fashion has a way of branding technology. The two depend on each other for success.



About Chris Burch



Burch is not only a successful businessman but also, a fashion tech lover. With his love for fashion, he established Burch Creative Capital. It is a company that features a combination of fashion and technology to promote healthy lifestyles. The philosophy of Burch Creative Capital’s investment expresses Chris’s values on entrepreneurship and vision in the industry of fashion and technology. Through Chris, his company employs imagination, incubation, creativity, weight and support for direct, active and sustainable businesses. With over forty years experience in entrepreneurship, Chris has been an active participant in the development of over fifty firms. He merges an intuitive understanding concerning client’s consumer behavior with sourcing experience. Burch connects innovation to the outcome.


Julie Zuckerberg Journey in Recruitment



Julie joined New York, Brooklyn College’s Citi University, where she studied philosophy. She then joined New York Law School to study law. She has worked for several firms in different industries as the executive talent leader. Some of the skills she has acquired over time are talent acquisition abilities, administration, interviewing skills, training, and conflict resolution among others.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Recruitment Career


Julie Zuckerberg started her recruitment career in Houston staffing and recruiting in 2005. At the company, she as tasked with candidate placement for lawyers, case managers, advocates, and support staffing for various law companies. She worked in this industry until 2007 when she joined the financial sector.


In October 2007, she joined Citi in the position of vice president and recruiter. She was tasked with hiring more workers for Citi. To fully fit in the company, she did employee education about services like Citi cards that are offered by the firm. She left the company in 2013. Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company as the vice president and senior recruiter.


Julie then joined Deutsche Bank as the vice president and executive talent recruitment lead. Deutsche Bank is a company that provides investment banking services. She works in the company’s offices in Manhattan, New York City.


From April 2014 to November 2015, Julie Zuckerberg worked as the company’s executive recruiter, talent acquisition lead, and vice president. In that position, she worked together with business associates and hiring managers. Together, they managed all the hiring process for directors and managing directors. Some of the industries they covered are the US compliance, law, investor relation, and audit among others.


Julie and the other hiring managers would come up with the best sourcing. Some of these were direct sourcing, the networking approach, and internal mobility. Additionally, Julie worked with other independent search companies to manage contract governance and business relations. This was aimed at sourcing high-quality and diverse candidates.


As an executive talent recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie interacts with executives in the different private wealth and commercial groups, asset management, and the global technology and solutions companies. Also, Julie plays a leadership role in the discussion and development of offers at the managerial level. She provides advice on hiring governance and best recruitment practices to the leadership and executive committees. The advice is aimed at attracting top talent and increasing efficiency.


Julie Zuckerberg Role in Talent Acquisition


Julie has played key recruitment roles for several companies. She started her career at Hudson where she served as the director of candidate placement. Julie interacted with reputable firms in law, finance, and other big corporations. At Citi Global Functions, she was an executive recruiter. She is credited with introducing innovative recruitment process like the use of social media, employee referral, and internet search.


Other outstanding achievements at Citi was playing a vital role in the negotiations and development of unique job offers including equity buyouts and clawbacks among others.


Julie joined Deutsche Bank after leaving Citi. Due to her performance, she was promoted to the rank of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. He works with other business leaders to develop talent acquisition strategies and the overall improvement of the process.


She has led in the development and negotiation for various managing directors offers. She is tasked with providing directions and training to professional recruiters under her management. She is known for her solid leadership skills she displays in her work.


Better Values of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur with Marc Sparks

Marc sparks is a businessman and a capitalist who has inspired many people all over the world. Just like his name he has constantly sparked and reached higher level objectives to achieve what he desires. His beliefs have always been the major key elements to becoming successful.

Sparks began as an entrepreneur when he had only attained a diploma from high school and currently he is one of the talented entrepreneurs who started from zero to be richer. He resides in Dallas, Texas as well he is the founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP and CEO of the organization.

He majors in business mostly rather than his work in the field communication, sparks is well-known for beginning and improving several businesses corporate including Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless these are the organization he established.

Marc sparks also take his precious time to donate to the community henceforth, attaining the title philanthropist who made people life better, he also donates to numerous charitable developments.

The American Can! Academy is one of the projects he has assisted through funding them with thousand laptops, from the late 80s he has used his money to construct low costing apartments associating with the Samaritan Inn for helping those who have not enough money for expensive houses.

Timber Creek Capital gives and assists skillful entrepreneurs in beginning business for them to establish and begin greater firms. Each prospective entrepreneur requires capital to start his or her own firm, they do not only choose any business the choose specific companies that they can be able to manage and provide solid techniques for them to continue carrying out their type of method efficiently.

When they realize their business they are able to contribute to them by giving them the capital they need, apart from the capital they assist them with they as well provide business needs including banking, tools, professionalism in customers service office space and networking.


As a successful business person it was not easy for him because there were a lot of obstacles on the way. This encouraged Marc Sparks because he is skillful and has a lot of familiarity with the obstacles he faced through. His major key of being a flourishing businessman is hard work, faith and determination .he give advice to young upcoming business investors. He helped them to generate fundamentals values they require to manage their business.He also states that the level of education is not a must in order for one to be a prosperous entrepreneur.

What Is The Structure Of Brad Reifler’s Forefront Capital?

Brad Reifler is the principal at Forefront Capital, and he is leading a charge to help small investors who will not qualify to make major investments. They need not qualify their income, and they will participate in a head fund that he built for those with smaller incomes. This article explains how someone may begin investing with Brad Reifler today, and they will begin to build a nest egg that changes life.

#1: Forefront Capital Has Many Funds

Brad Reifler manages many different funds, and he has built large funds where he does qualify investors. The income trust is the smaller fund he created that will have its own investment structure, and the structure will ensure the investors are making as much money as possible. He will keep the money in the fund separate from other funds, and he will serve the people who have invested their funds in the company knowing they will see a return.

#2: Returns From the Fund

The fund that was created by Brad Reifler is one that was built to help smaller investors grow their funds. They want to see their stake in the fund grow, and they will notice they have made a tiny investment that will be much larger at the end of the year. Brad is making choices for investment that ensure the fund will grow slowly. He does not want to waste the time of his investors, but he does not want to move too fast. The money that has been invested in the fund will grow with his careful touch.

#3: Customer Service

There is quite a lot of money that is invested in Forefront Capital, and customers may contact the company at any time to learn what they may do to ensure their investments are improving. They wish to know they are managing their account properly, and Brad has hired a team of support staff to speak to each customer.

Brad Reifler at Forefront Capital has taken steps to ensure investment through his firm is done in the best way possible. He helps his clients with better service and a high attention to detail.

Sam Tabar: Counselling Businesses to Greatness

Attorney Sam Tabar has been prosperous in both law and business. Currently, he is the Chief financial officer for Awearable Apparel, a New York-based investment management company. He also serves as Chief Operation Officer for FullCycle Fund. Sam graduated with honors from Oxford University. He also holds a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. During his time at Columbia Law School, he was an editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. Sam has spent much of his career developing financial strategies for big financial institutions.

After graduating from the law school, Sam began his career by joining Skaddenb , Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, one of the most esteemed law firms in the world. At Skadden, he advised clients on things such investment management agreements, hedge fund structure and formation, and compliance issues. In 2004, Sam abandoned his legal career and moved into finance. He joined PMA Investment Advisors as counsel. PMA is an entity of Sparx Group, which is based in Hong Kong. After working as a counsel for some time, he was promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. In this role, Sam was tasked with developing a global marketing strategy for the firm. He managed to raise $1.2 billion in assets and introduced 400 additional investors to the company.

Sam’s success at PMA caught the eye of bigger financial institutions. In 2011, he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was appointed Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. His responsibilities included advising hedge fund clients and introducing new investors to the company. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar managed to build a base of over 1250 institutional investors. He left the firm in September 2012 to become the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI. He later went back to practicing law when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. At Schulte, Sam worked as a Senior Associate dealing with hedge funds.

Sam Tabar wants to share his success with the community. He is involved in a crowdfunding campaign to enable him fund development projects in Africa. He understands English, French, and Japanese. When he is not counseling clients on hedge funds, Sam likes traveling and hosting events.

Makari: The Ultimate in Skin Lightening

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It gives us protection and distinction from one another as well. Having a beautiful skin that has a natural glow maybe hard to come by unless you’re genetically gifted. If you’re skin could use a boost in it’s natural appearance then Makari is for use. This exclusive multicultural brand is great for people of color. The ingredients of carrot oil, agran oil, and caviar are extraordinary and does a great job with smoothing out skin tones. These are natural ingredients that gently work by removing black spots, dark circles, as well as acne marks. All Makari Skin Lightening cream products are manufactured in Switzerland under strict guidelines which ensures the consumer of the very best of products.

For those wanting the ultimate in clear bright skin, check out a few of the products below to get a better idea of what this brand has to offer.

  • Caviar Clarifying Glycerin
  • Skin Repair Clarifying Serum
  • Whitening Exfoliating Soap
  • Body Beautifying Brightening Milk
  • Exclusive Toning Milk
  • And many more

This only scratches the surface of what Makari has to offer and what it can do for you. Visit to view the product gallery online.


Handpicked Wealthy Miami Guests Attend an Unforgettable Fun-Filled Event Organized by Danilo Diaz Granados

The founder of TOYS for BOYS, Danilo Diaz Granados, treated his affluent Miami guests to yet another incredible event. The Miami socialites enjoyed intimate breakfast, mouthwatering dishes, special previews, champagne, time at the racetrack, and exciting boat ride. Since TOYS for BOYS opened its luxury doors in 2013, Danilo has hosted several amazing events for distinguished guests.

Danilo’s remarks

Danilo said that his primary objective was to give his guest a hyper-sensory experience. He added that TOYS for BOYS had created a place where people can purchase luxurious items. Danilo also stated that by the end of the event, the hand-selected visitors had connected with Miami’s fine cuisine, contemporary art, and unique entertainment.

The visitors took their breakfast at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They also enjoyed a private preview of the residential building situated in the Biscayne region of Miami. They had an opportunity to visit the Palm Beach Race Track via a helicopter. Their next stop was at the River Yacht Club where they enjoyed Dom Perignon’s bottle followed by delicious dishes. Danilo Diaz Granados and his guests closed the summer event by embarking on a sunset boat ride via new ships donated by Technomar and Van Dutch.

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados has been innovative since he was a small boy. He discovered his passion for business while pursuing his high school education. Danilo enrolled at Babson College for an undergrad in economics and entrepreneurship. He commenced his career by offering investment advice to the residents of Miami. Later on, Fireman Capital Partners appointed him as a senior associate. At Fireman, Danilo participates actively in research that identifies global issues that affect hedge funds, startups development, and energy efficiency.

After living in Miami for several years, Danilo discovered that the city lacked a one-stop shop that people could acquire amazing stuff such as contemporary art, jewels, and fine watches. He, therefore, leveraged that luxury concept to establish Toys for Boys Boutique. Danilo Diaz Granados also started the Edge of Glory Films, a film firm that focuses on marketing Hispanic content. Apart from overseeing the editing and production process, he also created a distribution network for his company.

Josh Verne shares tips for business managers

Being a manager isn’t a walk in the park. Josh Verne, the CEO of, and who has over 20 years’ experience of business management, admits this. He, however, shares tips that would make on drive his business to success.

  1. Passion is the most important aspect. Verne states that, if one doesn’t have a passion for whatever he is doing, he should drop it and find something better. According to the former owner of, there are only a handful of cases where a manager successfully drives a business he isn’t passionate about towards success.
  2. Proper managing is never about giving commands to your juniors. This way, one will come out as being bossy, a trait Verne states isn’t good for managers. A good manager leads. A leader takes into consideration the goals of his team, and helps the team to achieve them. A boss wants everything to go as he plans, without considering what his team needs.
  3. The decisions a manager makes should favor both him and his employees. Every decision should be a win-win for everyone. Verne explains that, it is possible to achieve this. For him, a win for the employees is also a win for the manager.
  4. Don’t solely focus on your business, and forget to work on other aspects of your life. A successful manager has healthy relationships, good health, and proper ties with others. All of these should be worked on daily.
  5. Don’t speak much, listen more. This way, you will earn respect easily by appearing more authoritative. As the number of words you utter increase, the power in them decreases.

About Josh Verne and are the major businesses that Verne has founded. Before this, he had served in superior managerial positions in other companies, including Home Line Furniture, a firm that distributed furniture. was the first business he ever formed. It is an online e-commerce platform, which lets its users make huge purchases off their payrolls. Until the time Verne sold it to Global Analytics, had over 50,000 brand name items under it.

After selling for an undisclosed amount, the entrepreneur formed less than two year later. targets college students, allowing them to share information through peer-to-peer connections. With this, students have the power to get real time information about current happenings in colleges. Marketing is also possible through this online avenue.


3 Of George Soros Biggest Moves In 2016

Lending A Hand To Migrants
The migrant crisis of Europe really took control of the headlines this summer. After a couples of years, a new, larger wave of migrants crossed the borders of the European Union. The response to these migrants has varied, but for the most part Europeans have expressed distrust towards migrants. George Soros, himself a former resident of Hungary, attempted to aid the migrants this summer with a donation of $500 million dollars. George Soros wants the European Union to use the money to help migrants integrate into their new host countries and start businesses.

Helping Build The Largest Campaign Ever
In America, the 2016 presidential election gave Soros high hopes. Most polls suggested an easy victory against her Republican challenger Donald Trump. She was ahead in the polls, Trump had fairly negative ratings in most polls, and outrage against his comments increased by day. To aid Hillary Clinton, Soros contributed millions of dollars to super PACs promoting Hillary Clinton. The donations on he and other progressive donors gave Hillary Clinton eventually gave her the largest campaign in American history. Despite this, Trump went on to receive 306 electoral votes which gave him the White House.

Standing Up To Trump
George Soros has made his dislike of Donald Trump loud and clear. Through the election campaign, Soros referred to Trump as a fascist and expressed disdain for the proposed policies Trump has stated throughout his campaign. After learning about Trump’s victory, Soros vowed to continue his fight against Trump. Currently, he is looking for a way to unite the Democrat leadership and progressive donors together. With their help, Soros intends to do everything he can to stall the agenda of Donald Trump and protect the gains the left has made over the course of the last eight years. Much of this assistance is coming from the Democracy Alliance on Formed after the victory of Bush in 2004, the Democracy Alliance seeks ways to make the most effective political donations possible. Using their help, Soros may have what it takes to help Democrats survive the next 4 years.

Learn more about George Soros:

Talk Fusion Is Award Winning and Life Changing

A lot of people in today’s world are looking for their lives to change. After all, when it is a new year, as it is in 2017, it gives people a lot of time to think about their lives. It gives them a shot in the arm or a certain type of bolt that really encourages them to make some serious changes and stick with them. One way that a lot of people are doing that is by getting Talk Fusion, which can be purchased at the App store or the Google Play store. It is a video communications service which has all the tools that anyone needs to open up their business.


With the state of the economy now, it is important to come up with creative ways to get a job, keep a job, and have a job. Plus, everything is being done online these days, so people can actually make a living working from home when they use Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which had a spectacular 2016. They earned two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. They are incredibly honored and proud of these awards, especially the 2016, which was the most recent award. This is the kind of thing they strive for, each and every single day they go to work. They know they play an important role in people’s lives.


Whenever anyone looks at the companies that last and the companies that keep moving forward as opposed to going out of business or standing still, there seems to be one common thing that sticks out. That is these companies are always expanding, improving, and innovating. They know that just because they had a great year or a great idea, it does not mean they can kick back their feet and call it a day. They need to top it and come up with an even better idea.


It is that kind of thinking and mentality that has Talk Fusion changing lives and winning awards for a decade now. They have the right attitude and they know how to have great follow through with their convictions.