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Advancements & Contributions to Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour has been appointed as the chairman for Capital Group board in July 2015. Capital Group is the world’s leading investment management company and home of the American Funds. He was promoted to this position due to the loss of Capital Group’s previous chairman, Jim Rothenbrerg.

Armour is now the chairman and principal executive of Capital Research and Management Company, the chief executive office and chairman of Capital Group, and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

He’s also an portfolio manager of equity. With 33 years of investment expertise with Capital Group, Tim Armour knows the ins and outs of this business. And thus, he is a prime candidate to assist with investments.

His Work and Educational Background

Based in Los Angeles, California, Armour earned his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in economics. He started his career as a participant in The Associates Program at Capital Group. Afterwards, he became an equity investment analyst for Capital Group where he covered US service and global telecommunications companies.

His Board Memberships

His membership in various executive boards are as follows:


  • Chairman, Principal Executive Officer, Director, and Chairman of Management Committee
  • Capital Research and Management Company
  • Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman of Management Committee
  • The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
  • President, Executive Vice President, and Nominee Director of Capital Research & Management Company and Director of Capital Research & Management Company
  •  AMCAP Fund

From The Associates Program to Chairman and CEO, Tim Armour has been a main rising star for Capital Group for over 33 years now. He continues to use his expertise to continually make Capital Group a thriving success, and he even reaches out to others for them to have the best success possible in investments.

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A Review Of The History And Importance Of Comparative Law

Legal education across the world has been developing and many new concepts have been placed in the line of items students should study. Comparative law is one of the fields that students of today who pick law can choose to pursue. It is a unique branch of law that deals with the study of differences and similarities between legal systems.

This system can be used to compare the laws of two different countries and it is an important area when developing new laws as it helps the legislators to understand what some ideas could do if integrated into the constitution. With knowledge in comparative law, one is able to source for facts about certain laws from different countries or legal systems before coming up with similar laws as the ones used elsewhere. The specialty helps scholars to understand legal systems, which include conservative elements and the way they differ.

The origin of comparative law can be traced all the way to the 18th century in Europe. Before the development of the practice, scholars only used comparative methodologies that would help them to come to conclusions when gauging the importance of certain laws.

It is with the need to understand other pieces of legislation from different regions that the scholars started comparing the legislative structures of the regions and with these activities comparative law was born. In 1861, Henry Maine, the founder of the modern comparative law, published his views regarding the development of the specialty and he expressed hope in the traditions that came with the new systems of litigation.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally acclaimed authority in comparative law and constitutional development. He founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions and he also works as the Faculty Director of the body. This is the first university-based center for the mobilization of resources that help in constitutional building. Sujit Choudhry has been addressing basic methodological problems in different sections of law. He has also authored pieces addressing constitutional design as a way to manage transition from violent state to settled demographic politics.

Other areas where Sujit Choudhry has worked on include holding membership to the United National Mediation Roster and working as a constitutional consultant with the World Bank during foreign duties in Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Tunisia. Following his great skills and knowledge, Sujit Choudhry was awarded by the South Asia Bar Association in 2011 for being the Practitioner of the Year.

Danilo Diaz Granados – Miami’s Financial MVP


Danilo Diaz Granados always knew he would make something of himself. shows Danilo attended the prestigious Babson College in Massachusetts, alma mater of many star businessmen. Upon graduation he went to work for the firm Fireman Capital, located in Boston. There he began learning the ins and outs of high finance. He worked first as an associate trader before being given his first crack at financial adviser. By his mid 20’s he was handling multi-million dollar accounts for high net worth clients.


Life in Boston was good. But one day he received a call from a headhunter with Capital Inversion, a Miami based hedge fund. Word of his financial talents had spread. The financial world operates much like Major League Baseball. Star players are highly sought after and stratospherically compensated. If a firm can’t afford to keep stars on the roster, those stars are quickly made better offers by firms who can. Danilo Diaz Granados received such an offer.


If Boston is liberty’s cradle, Miami is its playpen. The recruiter’s tropical call to wealth and status was irresistible. The opportunities both financial and personal that the Capitol of Latin America could offer someone of Granados’ talents were limitless. Danilo Diaz Granados quickly flourished at his new firm. He was tasked with valuating the stocks and assets of international firms, by that time familiar territory. But as a high net worth financial adviser he was also permitted wide latitude in investment strategies.


He began acquiring deep expertise in the fields of green energy, insurance, real estate, fine art, merchandising and venture capital. He also began incorporating sophisticated macro analyses into his strategies. This allowed him to continue delivering outsize returns to his clients. He was slugging home runs day after day, year after year. His all-star track record as financial adviser eventually led to many opportunities to serve on both on boards and as executive of various firms.


In 2013 Danilo Diaz Granados and a few partners founded Toys for Boys Inc, of which he is currently CEO. Toys for Boys is dedicated to bringing the Miami lifestyle to a new generation of entrepreneurs and successful young men. Danilo came to love and partake of that lifestyle and found a way to share it not just with fellow Miami executives, but with the entire world.


He is also currently an executive with Movilway, a position which he’s held since 2010. Movilway is a major provider of cellular and prepaid services throughout Latin America and the US. Its headquarters is in Madrid, Spain.


Though his long and successful career, Danilo has always stood out for his ability to offer simple, perspicacious advice. He has a gift for approaching complex problems and distilling them to their bare components. Above all he believes in extracting knowledge through rigorous analysis of the data at hand. This allows for identifying and in some cases even predicting market trends that others can’t see at all.  But Danilo is also known for his commitment to the community, including his informative blog, but also the iCrowdNewswire article “Danilo Diaz Granados Habla de “Venir a América” para Emprendedores” which details Danilo’s journey to America to become an entrepreneur.


Danilo has employed this philosophy to great effect over the decades. He’s advised many startups, corporations and individual investors on winning strategies. His scientific approach, deep expertise and natural acumen have ensured his continued place at the top of the financial advisory world.

Chris Burch Finds The Perfect Marriage Between Technology and Fashion

As Chris Burch pointed out in a recent article, technology and fashion have always grown as time goes on. They even tend to grow together. As decades go on, fashion and technology become more and more intertwined. Technology becomes fashionable and fashion becomes technologically fashionable.



In the 70s, the invention of the boom box allowed consumers to carry their music with them. Users could carry their music with them wherever they went and could also record their favorite music. When the 80s came, the boom box was featured in movies, adding to its popularity. The boom box’s popularity made it a fashion statement. In the 90s, the boom box’s technology became more advanced (as technology typically does), with the invention of the Walkman. Now music portability became smaller and more personal. Yet another decade later, this music experience became even smaller with the invention of the iPod. This technology would have never grown and changed without the item’s fashionable popularity.



As time has gone on, technology and fashion have grown closer and closer together. Fashion designers, by nature, must give the people what they want. They must also break open new trends, and technology affords them that ability. Technology is endless; infinite. It has endless possibilities. Fashion is about creating something new and something popular. The two are perfectly meant for each other.



Some fashion can advance through its use of technology without meant to be popular. It may not be the fashionable thing to wear protective gear on your head, but the invention of the Airbag for Cyclists, a rider can wear a fashion around their necks to protect their heads in case of impact. Firefighters can find great use out of Frontline Gloves, a fashion that allows them to communicate with one another through simple hand gestures.



Technology can help fashion become more popular. Fashion can help technology become fashionable. The two can also suit other needs. Designers can use recycled materials to create fashions. Technology can be used in fashion to create energy, like the design of shoes that can power a phone from walking or running.



 Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. As the company’s CEO, Burch Creative has had a hand in numerous businesses that have a direct and positive impact. He has almost 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has witnessed the rise of over 50 companies through his leadership.



 The company’s portfolio includes Cocoon9, Poppin, and ED by Ellen Degeneres. He also has had a hand in trademarks for brands like Jawbone and Voss Water. The company is currently developing brands like Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and Blink Health.

Riding Out the Tough Times

Startup companies face many obstacles when opening for business. It is important to have a solid business plan. However, a business plan does not replace experience. There are always unseen variables that present themselves once the journey along a new path begins. Certain lessons can only be learned by living through them. Oisin Hanrahan lived through this first hand. He and his co-founder Umang Dua were set to make their mark. As time went on they would soon come to understand that what they didn’t know could be very costly.

Hanrahan and Dua formed Home Cleaners Inc. The company went forth with a strong business model and two bright young executives. A key element to the growth of the company would be hiring skilled workers. Hanrahan came up with a plan to streamline this evolution. However, his partner believed that the application process was too time-consuming. So much administrative work could be a turn-off to skilled trades people. Dua felt that the applicants would need to be supervised by a human presence in order to complete the process. Time would prove him right. This realization also coincided with an influx of business. All of a sudden Handy Home Cleaners had too many clients and not enough support to service them. Turning the way customers is not a preferred method of doing business. These consumers will ultimately find the competition. Complaints about a lack of available service ( skyrocketed. Hanrahan and his co-founder were forced to come up with a creative way to maintain the momentum they had gathered.

The investors were playing close attention to the turn of events. The company had recently secured new funding. The extra money gave them financial breathing room and operating capital. It also brought along more stress and responsibility. Now there was a new entity to answer to.


Christopher Burch Talks about the Future of Fashion and Technology

The fashion and technology industry has experienced a lot of growth together. Technology became fashionable, and the fashion industry became technologically fashionable. Chris Burch says that it’s fascinating how technology and fashion have grown together and that a squint of the past and the present indicates high expectations in the future.


In the current fashion industry the synthesis of technology and fashion is happening unlike in the 70s when the box brought excitement since it allowed people to move around with their favorite’s stations and tunes, back then the two cassette decks which one side played music and the other side would have recorded from the other cassette. With an improvement in technology in the 80s, movie story line was added and thus increased its popularity. In the 90s there was the invention of Walkman and a decade later down the line the iPod was established. It’s been a journey and today in the current world of technology one chooses the device they feel it’s more fashionable.


The fashion designers in the current world delight in tailoring products that delivers and this is made possible by use of technology thus resulting to a high level of innovation and functionality. A Dutch fashion designer says that technology is like a playground where experiments take place and results to a wide range of possibilities in technology and systems. The Dutch fashioner is popularly known for literally designing a drink-making dress and the DareDroid.


The future shines brighter in the technological world including when it comes to protection. Terese Ailstin and Anna Haupt designed an airbag for cyclists. During an encounter, the airbag pops out of the neck wearer and protects the head of a cyclist from impacts. The beautiful side of the airbag over the helmet is that one has a better visibility of the surroundings.


The technology works hand in hand with fashion, and in most cases, the technology relies on the style to gain popularity. Fashion shows tend to involve people on style and the latest trends as well hence advancing in technology borrows a lot from the fashion industry.


Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. It’s a firm that manages venture investments and also brand development based in New York City. He is a billionaire and was listed by Forbes magazine in 2012.

Burch has his entrepreneurial values and vision for the new market includes incubation, creativity, applying imagination, scale, and support. He is successful and keeps thriving in business. He also has an interest in fashion and technology.

Dental For Everyone

If you are looking at getting dental care for you or your family, you might want to look into MB2. You may be wondering why they would help you. They can help your to have a better look with your teeth. All you need to do is try them out and know what to look for.


What to Look For?

There are a few things you should be looking for when you think of getting dental care. The biggest is what you need done. The first thing you need is to know what you will need done. A simple visit to the Dentist can help you with that. They can take an X-Ray and find out where you have cavities and how they can help with your dental needs.


Another thing to know is what they do mostly. This might mean seeing if they even will do oral surgery type stuff if you need it. They may not do anything more than minor procedures and you might need a major type of procedure. This can be tricky if they don’t do what you need. They might be able to refer you.


Why MB2 Dental?

The reason you might want to look into MB2 dental is because they can give you the best in dental procedures. They don’t just look at you as a way to make money, they see you as a person. This is a great thing about them. You don’t want to go someplace where you are not being valued as a person and a customer. That is a huge reason you should look at MB2 for your needs.


There are a lot of companies that offer great dental care, but few of them are as good as MB2. You should take your time and find a dentist that is going to work for you and the needs you have with your teeth. The last thing you want is to get in with someone and then they don’t value you or can’t treat what you have going on. That is why MB2 dental is a great place to start. Go ahead, give them a call today.


Capital Anesthesiology Association Knocks The Lights Out of Surgical Pain

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is an Austin-based group of physicians, nurses and technicians who are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality surgical pain management available. CAA is recognized by national organizations, including the Anesthesia Quality Institute for consistently providing top-tier service. And all CAA members are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Going under the knife can be a nerve wracking experience. With a CAA member physician, you can rest assured that you will not experience unnecessary pain or anxiety before, during or after your surgery. With over 80 physicians and 130 CRNA’s, Capitol Anesthesiology Associates can provide the right team of specialists for whatever medical challenge the day brings.

CAA member physicians practice at all Level One Trauma Centers across Austin as well as most acute care hospitals and many outpatient medical centers. CAA members also represent most specialties including obstetrics, pediatrics and cardio-thoracic disciplines.

What is anesthesiology?

The word anesthesia is a Greek portmanteau which means “no feeling”. Some people mistakenly believe the term denotes the drugs used. In fact, anesthesia is simply the state of not being able to perceive feeling. General anesthesia, or total unconsciousness, is desirable for major surgeries such as open heart surgery. Local anesthesia, such as that used for tooth extraction, is commonly used for more minor procedures. But the end goal is always the same – to minimize the acute pain and distress caused by medical procedures.


Anesthesia, even for minor procedures, should always be administered by a licensed physician. For more information please consult CAA at

Investing Tips From Igor Cornelsen


Who Is Igor Cornelsen?


Igor Cornelsen is a former stock market investor and banker. He made a name for himself and amassed a significant fortune by investing in Brazilian stocks and working as a banker there. Mr. Cornelsen official retired from investing in 2011. Below are some takeaways from Igor Cornelen’s helpful iCrowdNewswire article that can help you invest more wisely.


Igor Cornelsen states on WordPress that you should spread out your investments in a multitude of different companies. This gives you two benefits. First, it reduces the chance that you will lose all of your money by not investing in a single company or venture. Second, it increases the likelihood that one of your investments will see a return and that you will profit. Diversity is key to any successful portfolio whether it is stocks, bonds or real estate investing.


When investing abroad, Igor Cornelsen stresses that investors must follow all the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction. The reason for this, is so investors do not end up in any potentially major incidents, lawsuits or trouble. Another tip from Igor is that you should avoid investing in a damaged company. Something wrong with these companies and it would be foolish to invest in them.


When looking at a company to invest in, look for a company that makes the most of its time and money. You should also look for a track record of success. Consistency in delivering profits or expansion should be looked upon as a positive. These are the kinds of companies that you want to invest in.


Igor Cornelsen says that you also see investing as a way of making money in the long run and not in the short term. Look for stocks or investments that provide returns on a consistent basis. These are safer and can end up being more profitable than highly speculative investments.


When you do invest, Mr. Cornelsen states that you should not overlook Brazil. Despite being the fifth largest economy in our world, Brazil is often overshadowed by other nations. Opportunities abound in Brazil. You just have to find them. Getting the right advice and expertise can really help you.  Igor’s presence can be easily found online, including his Facebook page, and Mr. Cornelsen’s official website.

How Either Presidential Candidate Will Affect The Economy

The current election is a new race to us all with the many twists and turns that have happened, which is why Brad Reifler wants us informed about it. The race has currently been narrowed down to two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. These two opposites in the political race for president have brought up many different points that will affect our country if they are elected. The main area that most are concerned about is the economy. With bad or good decisions in office, a president has the power to uplift the country’s economics or bring it into a depression. Due to the implications of this, it is important to understand how each presidential candidates’ platform will affect the economy.

Brad Reifler points out the two candidates are looking to effect the economy mainly through taxes. Donald Trump aims to cut the tax separation that has been increasing between the one percent and the rest of the country. He believes he can do this by reducing the spread out of the tax burden by decreasing the amount of complicated tax tiers that are in place. Hilary Clinton, on the other hand, wishes to make changes that would hopefully simplify taxes so that the average citizen would have a better understanding of them. Along with this, both candidates plan on helping out small businesses through different kinds of tax reforms. Each plan is slightly different, but aim to do this through tax breaks and subsidies. Each candidate also agrees on the fact that they should make tax cuts for child care to support families. The two candidates would also deal with estate tax, Trump getting rid of it all together and Clinton seeking to lower the minimum required for it and raise the maximum percent gained.

All together, Brad Reifler shows the two candidates are mostly on the same tax page, except for estate tax and income tax for citizens. These last two are where Americans need to do their research on the candidates because these will be where the differences come when either candidate takes office.