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Unveiling Geoffrey Cone, New Zealand’s Foreign Trust, and Tax Expert

Geoffrey Cone is a renowned name in New Zealand’s legal and business circles. Mr. Cone is an established in the area of commercial litigation. Just the other day, Cone made a public publication in the press highlighting the state of foreign trusts in New Zealand.


Through the article, Cone points out that his country doesn’t have the characteristics of a tax haven as some quarters have tried to suggest. Ostensible taxes are not genuine in nature and the laws that surround them block the smooth flow of information with other states. Having said that, Cone reaffirms that the banking industry is New Zealand is transparent.


According to Cone, New Zealand has made significant strides in implementing tax standards that are favorable to foreign countries. Because of this effort, the country has made it to the OECD white list and continues to show exemplary leadership, accountability, and transparency in its foreign trust policies and transactions. The country is keen on following the current foreign trust laws and requirements.


Cone says that his country is forever willing to give the necessary information to foreign countries. In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced a new law in which countries are expected to provide Foreign Trust Disclosure Form obtained from IRD. Also, the state must maintain all vital tax records and information. For instance, they should keep a record of trustee income and expenditures, settlement information, distributions, trust deeds, and contact information.



About Geoffrey Cone

As mentioned before, Geoffrey Cone is foreign tax and commercial litigation expert from New Zealand. He is a graduate of the University of Otago and holds an LLB honors and a postgraduate diploma. He began his journey in Auckland in 1980 before moving to Christ Church. Cone was the Chairperson and Associate in a law firm with his duties being trust and tax advisory and providing commercial litigation services.



Cone as CO-Principal at the Cone Marshall Firm

Cone returned to Auckland in 1997 and founded his company Cone Marshall Limited in 1999. Cone Marshall Limited happens to be b the only one in Auckland, New Zealand that specializes in foreign trusts and tax planning. The company provides trustee management and trusts services through other partner companies.


Currently, Cone is a co-principal at the law firm and has represented many businesses within and outside his country. He is a known defender of his country’s reputation when it comes to foreign trusts. In an article he published in the Herald in 2012, Cone said New Zealand is transparent; hence many other states depend on it for their asset protection and suction planning services.


Brazil is Steadily Growing into a Global Economic Powerhouse

The National Confederation of Industry reported that since mid of this year, the Brazilian economy had registered a slight growth. According to Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex Company, the industry has faced challenges since 2014, but it is slowly improving. Data from the Brazil-based Institute of Geography and Statistics reveals there were 0.3 percent improvements in the second quarter of the 2016 financial year. This growth comes after a series of downfalls and is a clear indication that the market is doing well. This growth is attributed to excellent production performance, changes in inventory adjustment, and improved process of import substitution.

The Gross Fixed Capital Formation is estimated to rise to become the determinant of economic growth. Additionally, the Industrial Confidence Index also revealed a positive increase by 51.1 points compared to the one observed previously. The Brazilian economic recovery may be slow, but it is happening every day. Restructuring of public finances and structural reforms such as labor and social security is the only way to improve this country’s economic status.

Flavio Maluf’s details

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian citizen and a businessperson. Maluf is an alumnus of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he studied mechanical engineering. He also specialized in Foreign Exchange Principles at New York University, Foreign Trade Principles at EAESP and Business Administration in Sao Paolo. Additionally, he is an expert in accounting and rural management.

Maluf’s role at Eucatex Group and his charitable acts

Eucatex Company was established in 1951 and it specializes in the use of eucalyptus in the manufacturing of panels and sheets. Maluf has been working for Eucatex Group since 1987. As a new employee at Eucatex group, he moved around various departments from the trade to the industrial division. In 1996, Flavio was called upon to serve in the managerial position. In 1997, he was promoted president of Eucatex. Maluf has since restructured the company, making it one of the top companies in Brazil. Under his the management, the company has established other branches in Salto and Botucatu. Maluf, a renowned philanthropist recently, donated to medical maternity by teaming up with Hospital and Maternity LANG Carli to help pregnant women and underprivileged children.

Brad Reifler Gives Financial Recommendations

In an article for the Huffington Post, author Reifler says that businesses generate budgets to plan their expenses and project their revenue. Young people also need to allocate some time to figure out how much money they have and how to save and spend the money. He says that young people would better handle their finances if they considered themselves as a business. Reifler says that people avoid becoming victims because of their unmet needs and endless debts.

Brad Reifler is a sequential American entrepreneur. He is reputable for founding Forefront Capital and serving as its chief executive officer. He is a former founding partner of the Pali Capital. Reifler was also the originator of Refco. He had a primary business by the name Reifler Trading Company before establishing the Sino Mercury Company. Reifler endeavors to transform the lives of young people through financial life lessons.

Brad Reifler Financial Advice

  1. Significance of the Budget

the magnitude of balancing their income and expenses.

Importance of Compound Interest

Reifler says that individuals who start saving in advance become prosperous even before their retirement ages. Savings earn interest. This is supplementary to their balance and it leads to more interest. Reifler declares that compounding interest effect results to sustained considerable gains that help to lessen the retirement arrangement pains.

  1. Getting Quality Deals

The renowned entrepreneur says that low-priced commodities have general low qualities. He says that buying expensive commodities is the most reasonable act because they are often long lasting. He declares that young people should instead try to negotiate for discounts without reducing the cost value of commodities. It is better to save money if possible. One has to understand the distinction between good deals and low prices.

  1. Paying For College Education

Brad Reifler states that young people should try to pay for their college fees. He also says that they should try to avoid the top-of-the-line private universities that charge higher tuition costs. He says that most employees seek for services of the still-training professionals. Reifler ultimately says on Twitter that people need to emphasize and share these financial principles. Understanding saving, credit, budgets, and other conceptions will assist everyone to build a secure and stable economic opportunity.

White Shark Media the Best Choice in Digital Marketing

White Shark Media was founded in the year 2010. 3 experienced entrepreneurs formed the enterprise. Gary Garth is 1 of the founders and also the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart, who is in charge of sales and Andrew Lolk who is the vice president of PPC. White Shark Media is a company that offers digital marketing services. It has engineered it services mostly to suit small and medium businesses. Since its inception, the marketing media house has employed over one hundred and forty-four workers. The company has over six hundred clients with a customer retention rate of ten percent. The company is listed among the fastest growing companies. The survey was carried out by The company ranks number five hundred and twenty-seven out of five thousand listed companies.


In helping small sized businesses grow by offering digital marketing through Ads, Shark Media employs several tactical methods. On the forefront, the company has built a foundation of trust among its members and clients. The company transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing goes a long way to strengthening customer loyalty. After three years, their first customer is still doing business with them.


Google identified White shark media progress in 2012. 2 years down the line, Google drafted a partnership agreement with the company. This deal with one of the greatest technological powerhouse saw their growth skyrocket. Their services became better and customer relations improved to a larger scale. Next powerhouse in line to work with shark media was Microsoft. Shark Media entered into an agreement with Microsoft to take part in the Bing Ads Authorised program. The company’s dedication, transparency, and integrity saw them partner with two of the largest technology powerhouses in the world.

Shark Media takes up their customers, engage with them as if they were stakeholders in the company. This ideology ensures that they put as much effort they could put in their business into their customers. By embracing change, they have been able to adapt and come up with new ideas that ensure both the customers and the company stays relevant in the constantly changing world.


In regards to quality and level of services provided, Shark Media goal is always to deliver more than the customer requires. The company strives to be ahead of customer expectations. This strategy creates loyalty and potentially results in the growth of both businesses. Sharks media aims at exploring limits. By always working to maximize growth in their part, customers receives the best services. The company always betters their best.


One of the best values that lead to new customers and retention of the existing ones is customer relations. Shark Media tries to make every customer, existing or potential feel important. It achieves the goal by addressing queries as fast as they can. Finally, the company has embraced the idea of brutal honesty. By staying truthful to their customers, they have created a platform where clients can give honest feedback. Honesty has positively affected the company’s growth as well as the customers.

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