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Bruce Levensen and the Hawks/Insurance Lawsuit

New Hampshire Insurance Company has just found itself in a legal jam. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the previous owner of the team, has filed a breach of contract suit. The Atlanta Journal Constitution states the lawsuit is over a settle of claims filed by the previous general manager.

Danny Ferry is the former general manager in question and the insurance issue revolves around issues related to wrongful Terminations and Workplace Torts. Specifically, it was believed the insurance policy would cover losses related to these two components. Per the lawsuit, the insurance provider has not paid on a claim. The plaintiff feels the insurance company should pay. The courts will eventually settle the matter.

According to, specific details on the lawsuit and the amount of money being sought have yet to be revealed. In time, as things become a matter of public court record, details are going to emerge.

Bruce Levenson (see: is among the former owners who is part of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC contingent. Levenson previously made news during the mammoth sale of the Hawks franchise. Levenson is also involved in a number of charities such as the I Have A Dream Foundation and the SEED Foundation. Levenson has been definitely been keeping himself active with various business endeavors and philanthropic causes since selling the Hawks.


Improvement in Health Care Staffing: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin, president of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, runs a company that helps employment seekers who wish to work in the health care industry career consultation and job seeking services. Torchin has played a role in the growth of HRC, because of his dedication to finding the best solutions for his clients and always keeping his qualified pool of candidates.

 Brian Torchin has found success in the healthcare industry by establishing long term relationships with his clients and seeking ways to respect their wishes. He has a client based of over 200 spread across US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

He works with various healthcare organizations, such as emergency care and private practices. His philosophy of being knowledgeable about the current hiring trends in healthcare has helped to attract the quality talent needed. Healthcare organizations have cut back and he wants to ensure that his job seekers receive competitive compensation.

His three step approach to working with his job seekers has helped to match the employers with the right employees. Consultation, direction, and expedience are all parts of his plan to find the employee the right job. He wants to offer fast solutions and be available at all times to answer questions.

Even though Brian Torchin is a busy man, he continues to write articles on the firm’s blog. He wants job seeks to stay on top of the current trends in the health care hiring field. The topics vary anywhere from top interview tips to hiring the right physician assistant. Brian Torchin dedicates himself to improving the healthcare staffing field.

Keith Mann Helps Students With Educational Testing

Dynamic Search Partners is a company owned by Keith Mann. He is a person who cares about aiding others in the Brooklyn community of New York City and he knows how to lead by example. Keith Mann chose to hold a private fundraising event not long ago on behalf of Uncommon Schools. It is an organization that strives to provide local students with financial aid to improve their situation in life. Many students who come from an economically disadvantaged background simply don’t have the funds to pay for testing fees. They need to take exams like the AP Tests and the PSAT and administering these exams costs money. Uncommon Schools needs sponsors to help students cover these fees and Keith Mann has decided to be a hero to some students by raising funds.

Keith’s event was at the famous Standard Beer Garden Hotel. He gave a passionate speech to an audience of financial services people who all reached into their pockets to help fund Uncommon Schools. A total of $22,000 was raised to help students that evening and it will be sure to make a difference in the lives of many. Keith Mann has been working to help Uncommon Schools since back in 2013 and he plans to continue to be their champion for many ears to come because he believes in their mission. Keith has established a platform that he can use to benefit his local community. He supports academic excellence and fosters innovation wherever he can. He knows that by helping students to get the needed tests they will enhance their chances of going to college and elevating themselves out of poverty.

Keith said he was very excited to form a partnership with Uncommon Schools. He met with administrators for one of the local charter schools that his fundraising benefitted. He walked the halls and stepped into the classrooms. He met students and the enthusiasm for learning that he saw on their faces encouraged him. He wants everyone to know that when you help students get ahead in life you are changing the world so don’t hesitate to try and make a difference in any way you can.

Sanjay Shah Works With Family

Sanjay Shah is one of the most successful professionals in his field. However, the one thing that makes him even more successful than others is that he has a family. His family joins him on his journey. As a result, not only do they get to enjoy the benefits of his labor, but they also get to participate in the activities. Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife have set up the Autism Rocks nonprofit foundation in order to receive funds to sent to a university so that they can do autism research. They have also set up events that people can visit so that they can fund the research.

They have also set up festivals that allow people to take part in plenty of fun activities with their families. One thing that Sanjay Shah is very passionate about is strengthening families and helping children with different developmental conditions. This is one of the reasons why Sanjay Shah is very successful and respected in his community. He then uses that respect in order to get people more aware of the health conditions that people are facing. His goal is to make sure that his child is able to develop well into his life so that he could function in society with minimal problems

Before finding out that his son had autism, Sanjay was already involved in philanthropic activities. Among the activities that he was involved with was sponsoring children that were brought up in less than favorable circumstances. With the money he has gained from his jobs as well as the business that he has started, he was able to make sure that the child he was sponsoring was able to get the food and the care that he or she needed so that she could improve her life. Sanjay is someone who is very generous and loving.

A Frantic Gambler: Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass is an American evasion finance administrator. He is the principal and founder of L.P. Hayman Capital Management. L.P is a hedge fund centered organization that is driven by international affair opportunities. Bass productively foresaw and efficiently gambled against the American subprime finance crisis. He purchased credit evasion trades on subprime securities, which increased in cost during the international real estate bubble burst.


Kyle Bass new disparaging profitable designs leave many issues. In another endeavor, he beat citizen copyrights and drove down pharmacy shareholders profits, reducing the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical firms in developing drugs to transform grave illnesses patients. He created a Coalition for Affordable Drugs, with an express intention of conveying patent challenge solutions. However, as it turned out, Coalition for Affordable Drugs interests were problematical and rather sinister. Coalition for Affordable Drugs is Bass’ newest integrity questioning investment policy, originally brought up by in a very informative article about Bass.


GM stockholder provides an analysis of Kyle Bass’s perfectly lined up individual financial self-interest. The company is responsible for covering up a story where patients died from disabled and defect airbags in certain vehicle models. This company, owned by Bass, was conscious of the safety concerns, although it failed to take action on them. Instead of taking responsibility for these passenger deaths he, blamed the victims.


Bass has also predicted the fall of the Chinese, and Japanese economies. He is so confident and even placed bets that his dreams will pay off. He has instigated a section allowing him to keep the increased fund’s customary fees when he distributes the winnings to his investors. According to Bass, it is just a time affair before Chinese and Japanese debts implode with both administrations enforced to cheapen their currencies. Kyle Bass projects a robust forfeit if his bet is proved exact. After striking the subprime mortgage crisis profits, Kyle Bass business reputation has been contemptuous and seems to be an unparalleled and frantic gambler’s luck leading to more and more losses. By the look of things, it seems he is not playing his cards well. He needs to change his tactics and game plan in order to reap much from this business.

Relmada Sues Laidlaw for Heavy Damages

Relmada Therapeutics has brought a lawsuit against Laidlaw. Relmada has made accusations against Laidlaw that implicate it in wrongful conduct as well as corrupt behavior. Laidlaw has allegedly published fraudulent materials and made efforts to manipulate Relmada’s stock price. As a result of Laidlaw’s nefarious activity, Relmada has suffered $75 million in damages to its stock price. Laidlaw took these actions as part of a ploy that would allow them to assume control over Relmada and have it be a puppet that they could use to earn advisory and banking fees.

Relmada is a pharmaceutical company that is publicly traded and operates at the clinical stage. Laidlaw is an investment bank that operates at the middle level and also functions as an advisory firm. 2 of its principals are Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Laidlaw at one point in time earned sizeable monetary fees through work it did for Relmada. they had a relationship between 2011 and 2014. But in the year 2015, Laidlaw was charging fees for services that were not in Relmada’s best interest, Relmada claims. Relmada made an effort to stop these fees by setting up roadblocks to curb them. Relmada’s chairman of the board also distanced himself from Laidlaw because he lost confidence in them when he saw that they were working towards self-serving goals.

Laidlaw had one of its members on Relmada’s Board. NASDAQ made revelations to Relmada that Laidlaw’s board member had participated in malpractice, insurance fraud, civil racketeering, and other crimes against Relmada. He was fired from Relmada’s board after that. Now that their hand had been revealed Laidlaw resorted to more aggressive measures to try and take control of Relmada. They made false statements that claimed Relmada had failed to attract institutional capital and that Relmada had also failed to do due diligence at the request of an investor. For all these crimes, Relmada seeks $20 million in damages against Laidlaw.

Jim Hunt Creates Better Wealth Tips

Jim Hunt has published his Wealth Wave book with VTA Publications, and he says that he can take just a couple small investments from a reader to make millions. He knows the market better than anyone else, and he explains how the readers can invest on the bear markets better than they can on bull markets. The bull markets are something that people use every day because they think that they can pick out when something will rise. The problem is that a company could be an overnight sensation and no one would know it. It is much better for people to focus on bear markets just as Jim Hunt does.

The Wealth Wave from Jim Hunt is a bear market product that helps people be sure they are picking out the stocks or companies that are falling. All the warning signs are there, and VTA Publications wants to be sure that everyone has the education needed to invest on these warning signs. There are millionaires all over America who have made their money betting against things, and that is why the Wealth Wave is such a powerful tool.

CrunchBase paints the picture that Jim Hunt is so good at what he does because he knows what it looks like when a company is no longer in a position to keep growing. These companies are showing signs that they cannot keep up with their growth estimates, or they might have lost earnings. They will begin to lose value because people do not believe in them anymore, and that is why it is important to best against these companies as often as possible.

Their value will start to plummet, and the investor wins. Investing against product and companies will earn vast amounts of money in short amounts of time. One bear market bet means a lot, and making many bets could lead to personal wealth.  Be sure to check out his Tumblr for more insight into Jim Hunt’s method.

Ken Zimmerman Argues That George Soros Did Not Donate $33 Million To Black Lives Matter Group

In the wake of the Black Lives Matters campaign, rumors have been milling around saying that George Soros contributed $33 million towards the campaign. Some of these rumors have hit the mainstream media such as The O’Reilly Factor, which is the ratings powerhouse of Fox News. Towards the end of July, Bill O’Reilly posited that George was one the donors of the affiliates of Black Lives Matter. Bill went on to say that Beyonce and Jay Z are some of the entertainers who gave money directly to the group.

Billy’s guest was Kelly Riddell. She authored an investigative report about George Soros’ charity affiliations with the left-wing organization. During the interview, Kelly argued that three women that were working in organizations supported by George Soros started the Black Lives Matter group. It was alleged that these organizations engage in community organizing activities. Kelly argued that she found out that George had donated $33 million to these organizations within one year. However, a director working at the Open Society Foundation, Ken Zimmerman, reiterated that George had not donated money to the 3 activists that founded the group. These activists are Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza. Ken said that George was not in the business of funding people to protest. The director posited that George Soros would not fund an amorphous movement such as Black Lives Matter, even if he wanted to.

The Open Society Foundation
George is the chairman of the Open Society Foundation. This foundation is committed to expanding the initiative of open society. George contends that in open societies, people’s rights are respected, the government is accountable and no individual brags of having the monopoly on what is true. Through the foundation, George gave scholarships to many black South African students to pursue higher studies. Open Society Foundation at helped George establish a system that brought transparency and enhanced accountability of the corporations engaged in the extraction of natural resources. George contends that his achievements in the financial markets make it easy for him to deliver his opinions on controversial matters because very few takes stands on such matters.

About George Soros
Besides Open Society Foundation, Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. George is a native of Budapest. Owing to the Nazi occupation, George had to flee to a safer haven. In 1947, he flew to the United Kingdom. Here, he pursued his college education at the London School of Economics. Later, he flew to the United States. He gained experience in hedge fund management and established his own fund. It is through this fund that George made a large fortune.

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