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Lovaganza Foundation Promises Equality

Lovaganza is a foundation that was created to offer quality life to all the children in the world by the year 2035. The organization does not make any profit as it is a humanitarian group. Lovaganza aims to accomplish their set targets by bringing together other organizations around the globe with similar goals.

The organization was founded by J.F. Gagnon and his wife, Genevieve Gagnon. The couple has two kids together, Nathan and Carla-Rose. Jean-Francois Gagnon is a renowned producer, director, musician, and writer, with both French and Canadian roots. Genevieve, on the other hand, is a screenwriter who has worked in several popular movies in her career. Their association with filmography has led to the setting up Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise.

Since the Lovaganza Foundation is not for making profits, they rely on the income from the entertainment franchise. The group has produced several films in Hollywood and have visited many countries around the world in the process. The entertainment arm aims at producing films that have an impact on the lives of people in the world. They also seek to inspire other like-minded organizations around the globe to join forces with them.

Lovaganza Foundation plans to begin its operations only when it completes the process of registration. The organization will also decline any donations until then. However, Lovaganza promises to keep supporting other groups with similar objectives as them, to better the lives of children and other people by 2050. The foundations first mission is to bring the value of life for every kid in the world.

Lovaganza aims to accomplish their first milestone by finding organizations with the same goals and working together. The group has set down some of the targets they hope to achieve by 2035. The goals include;
(1) Providing safe drinking water to all the kids in the world.
(2) Ensure that every child has enough food to sustain them.
(3) Provide the children with proper shelter and clothing.
(4) Providing excellent health care services to all children in the world.
(5) Ensure that every kid has access to quality primary education.
(6) Keeping the children safe from forced labor, war, and early marriages.
The set targets may, however, change as the foundations continue its operations.

Lovaganza Foundation has set up offices in every continent to monitor the individual needs in the different areas so as to come up with concrete solutions. The organization will make public any groups that collaborate with them to help meet their targets. The set goals are due for completion by 31st of December, 2035.

The organization plans to complete research on the requirements of children in the world by the end of 2016. Two years later, Lovaganza aims to have come together with not less than ten organizations that endorse their ideas. At the end of the decade, the group hopes to have convinced all the countries in the world to support their course. The team will then check on the progress made by all the countries in 2022, before signing a worldwide agreement by 2025. The future of all children is bright according to the Lovaganza Foundation.

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Danilo Diaz Granados; The Entrepreneurship, Investment, and Financial Services Expert

Danilo Diaz Granados has vast experience in the financial services sector. He has excellent knowledge of hedge funds, real estate, energy efficiency, investments, merchandising and startups. He is also an expert in demographic and social analysis, and this has significantly contributed to his success in entrepreneurial ventures.

After living in Florida for many years, as listed on his Facebook Danilo is fluent in both English and Spanish. He currently works for Fireman Capital Partners, as an Associate after joining the firm in 2015. Before joining Fireman, Danilo Diaz Granados worked as an Accountant for Private Equity Investing based in Miami.

Through his entrepreneurial skills and a vast knowledge of fine arts and fashion, Danilo has been able to set up and run several famous and successful businesses. He is a co-founder and the producer of Edge of Glory Films, LLC a film company based in Miami, Florida. Diaz Granados is focused on Hispanic content to cater for the growing Hispanic population in the United States. In the film industry, Diaz Granados specializes in production, editing, marketing and distribution, and promotions.

This man has diverse interests indeed. Recently, together with his friend Rafael Gill, Danilo Diaz Granados founded Toys for Boys Boutique Privee. The showroom hosts unique cars like the Spyker Spyder, watches, art and timepieces on offer for men. The business also based in Miami, Florida is offering Miami men with the most extravagant items hence keeping them a step ahead of the rest.

From his love for technology, Danilo gets involved with a variety of gadgets like laptops and smart phones. He is also a lover of music sports and living a good life. Danilo writes about these topics to share the information on online publications and social media sites like Facebook.

Danilo Diaz Granados skills of starting and managing diverse businesses were acquired from Babson College in Massachusetts that specializes in training entrepreneurs. His Bachelor’s of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics was earned from the College. Danilo still participates in the Colleges Alumni and Friends Network. He has a word press blog where he publishes his views on different issues.  Check him out on Twitter @DaniloDiaz_G1.

Uncommon Schools is Grateful to Philanthropist Keith Mann for $22K Fundraising Event

In a recent fundraiser for Uncommon Schools, Keith Mann helped raise a much-needed $22,000 for the organization. On behalf of his company, Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), he also donated $10,000 upfront. This was to ensure that Uncommon Schools had all the money and resources they needed.

The reason his passion is so strong for helping this cause is that Uncommon Schools and Keith Mann came together in 2013 and pledged a mission to help students get access to vital resources to improve their educations and lives. This passion drives him and his team at DSP every day. They know that each dollar raised is going to helping students grow bright futures.

Uncommon Schools provides testing supplies for high school students, which includes AP tests and PSAT tests. All too often, students who cannot afford such tests are put in difficult positions and it can endanger their academic future. Of course, Uncommon Schools doesn’t just worry about testing, but the actual school buildings themselves. That’s why they built one in Brooklyn. The new school is just one more way Mann and his partners at Uncommon Schools are ensuring that kids have a bright future not just now, but after college too.

Mann has always been interested in giving back. This focus led him to the hedge fund industry, even before he founded his own company. He had a successful career in financial services before at Dynamic Associates as a manager of alternative investments. In this capacity, he was able to help financial institutions find the right candidates for the job. He was later promoted to the vice president. Furthermore, he was with Dynamics Executive Search as a managing director, which he also built a solid reputation in.

It seems that no matter where Keith Mann goes, he leaves a trail of success and leadership. Even when working for others, he was able to use his superior vision to spot a growing market with hedge funds and the need for executive placement. That’s why he eventually founded his own company, Dynamics Search Partners, which has helped him support so many great causes over the years.