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Dog Food Market Revolution

If you happen to visit Fresh Pet production facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and see very freshly cooked meat leaving a machine and getting mixed with other meat products, you will think that they are also making human food. The pet-food industry has been invaded by fast-growing innovators who have come up with new ways of making the food and are winning the hearts of pet owners.

These innovators are obsessed as revealed by Wikipedia about the quality of their products and are doing everything in their power to ensure this quality is achieved. They are using only fresh ingredients, quality preservatives and are making sure the food do not sit on the shelves for long. The food is also nicely packed and refrigerated just like human food. Craig Giammona, of Bloomberg News, spoke to Richard Thomson, the CEO of a small pet food manufacturer. According to Thomson, this is the new level of how people will be feeding their pets.

The old fashioned way of mixing lamb and salmon will soon be forgotten. Traditional food makers are now digesting this and coming up with ways of surviving in the market. They just cannot ignore the threats posed by this upstarts innovations. The old companies are fighting back with acquisitions and innovations. For example, Purina has bought Merrick Pet Care. Merrick is the first licensed producer of dry and wet organic food. Merrick’s innovations include the introduction of a backcountry line that includes recipes like Pacific Catch and the Game Bird.

Purina is the producers of the Beneful dog food which have a variety of wet food, dry food, and dog bites. Beneful dog food is made with the understanding that your dogs’ diet needs are different depending on their various characteristics like age. For example, a puppy needs to have a special mix of nutrients for proper development. For this need, there is the Beneful Healthy Puppy formulated with a balance of nutrients that your puppy needs so he can grow up healthy and happy.

Beneful dog food has all the varieties you need for your pet, and all you need is to understand your pet’s needs. Nestle PurinaStore has also employed a team of Nutrition researchers who evaluate the safety and the ingredients that go into making‘s dog food. The team is led by Janet, who has a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition. Beneful products are available on


A Short Girl’s Guide To The Perfect Shoe

Recently, I found the perfect outfit for both work or play, but when the time came to wear the fabulous frock I was at a stalemate. I would have preferred to walk to work barefoot that put on a pair of heels with that perfect outfit. Sometimes the mood just does not strike for a day in heels and wedges. Flats seems to be the reasonable solution on Twitter, but I am what one might refer to as a “short girl”, and at 5’2 I sometimes feel as though I might bump my head on the conference table if i wear flats. Recently, I read and article posted on, about the 3 types of flats every woman should own and how to wear them. This lovely little piece of fashion literary heaven has saved my little piggies, and i now feel more than confident rocking flats at the office or even a night out! The article divulges information on the 3 styles of flats; work flats, weekend flats, and my personal favorite fancy flats. The article on Heels detailed how to sport each style of flat, and even provides readers with photos and shopping information for each style pictured. A shoe lover’s dream come true!

Once I had educated myself on all three styles of flats, and found inspiration for the looks I wanted to achieve I headed to JustFab. is an online subscription boutique with literally hundreds of shoe styles. Customers are able to sign up for a monthly subscription where a personal stylist will send you monthly style recommendations based on your style preferences! Yes, I said personal stylist! At JustFab, members come first and they guarantee the most updated styles and on trend designs available. Located in Los Angeles, the online boutique promises styles that are born right in the heart of the L.A. fashion industry. is not only shoes, but clothing and handbags too! Check out, and shop the most recent on trend designs to update your wardrobe!

King of the Skies, Andy Wirth

A Bloomberg reporter said that many people love to glide in the skies as they fall back to earth, Andy Wirth is one of those people. Having always wanted to get into skydiving Mr. Wirth found a new friend in J.T. Holmes. This chance meeting had presented itself while Andy Wirth was settling in at Squaw Valley.

Becoming the new president and CEO in 2010 for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings he never could have guessed his life was about to change dramatically. Spring pf 2011 Sean McCormick, a Red Bull athlete, helped Any Wirth to become certified to jump.

No wonder KCRW stated at a news conference that jumping as often as Andy Wirth was able to, he quickly became almost addicted to the feeling ( Things went well for him in this endeavor till that fateful day, October 13, 2013. After a few things going wrong he found himself in a deadly predicament.

Unable to make the drop zone after pulling the rip cord for his parachute too late he drifted into a vineyard. A crosswind caught his parachute leaving his arm to get caught on a vineyard pole.

This took his right arm clean off. Such trauma, though, did not slow him down. More than thankful to the team that came to his rescue he eventually was able to regain 70% use of his right hand. 12 hours were spent on reattaching his arm.

This was followed by over another 50 hours in 24 surgeries for reconstruction. Eventually Andy Wirth returned to his active lifestyle. Trail running along with biking keep him busy now – read more on Tahoe Topia.

This coupled with the new friends he made in some Navy SEALs. Now not only is Andy active physically but also in helping to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation helps families of SEALs that were wounded or killed. He feeling that their stories and commitment have been a huge part of his recovery.

Uncommon Schools Received Funds to Support AP and PSAT Testing from Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners

Uncommon Chartered Schools offer students from kindergarten through 12th grade the opportunity to receive a quality education, and prepares them to attend four-year colleges and universities. Managing Director of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has supported the chartered schools program since 2013. He has influenced thousands of students in New York to focus on learning through mentoring workshops and scholarship foundation, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievements. In March 2015, PR Newswire released press news that Mr. Mann and the Dynamics Team raised more than $22,000 to help students receive college aptitude testing in 2015. The fundraiser was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and all proceeds went to a new school that is opening during the fall of this year.

In addition to the estimated $22,000 that was raised, Dynamics Search Partners had already given $10,000 to help with chartered school testing. Statistics and data have proven that the mission of Uncommon Schools are being fulfilled based on the academic performance of chartered students. According to Uncommon Schools Organization, chartered students in New York City outperformed the students attending public schools in N.Y.C. and the State of N.Y. Chartered students scored higher on math standardized testing by 58 percent. More than half of the students scored advanced or proficient in mathematics, while 34 percent of New York City chartered students scored higher in English and Language Arts.

This is great news to the Uncommon Charter Schools Organization Keith Mann Scholarship Professional Achievement Foundation, and team at Dynamics Search Partners. In Brooklyn, there are over 5,900 students who attend 21 Uncommon Chartered Schools, including elementary, middle and high schools. Keith Mann is pleased with the students’ educational performance and working with Uncommon Schools.

Keith Mann co-founded Dynamics Search Partners and serves as senior vice-president. He contributes hours to volunteer and work at selected Uncommon Chartered Schools in Brooklyn and other neighborhoods in New York City. Dynamics Search and Mann will be celebrating its third year of working with the Uncommon Schools Organization in its mission to prepare students for college.

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How Avi Weisfogel is Helping Children With Facial Deformities

Prominent New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel has come to the aid of Operation Smile, an international non-governmental organization. He is aiming at fundraising 2,000 dollars for the organization through a Go Fund Me campaign. Operation smile is a global organization, which provides surgical operations to kids for free. The correctional surgeries aim at amending cleft palates, bifurcated lips and other kinds of face deformities. Avi hopes that his participation in the initiative will help children and young adults suffering from facial anomalies develop into healthy and self-assured adults.

Speaking during a recent media interview, Avi Weisfogel retaliated that his desire to partner with Operation Smile was out of his belief that every child should have access to quality medical care. The organization’s goals are also in line with his personal credence, that all kids must enjoy their lives to the fullest and be helped to achieve their dreams. His love for children, coupled with his medical background made him select Operation Smile as the recipient of funds that will be raised from this campaign.

The NGO carries out medical duties in numerous locations around the world. It partners with medical research institutions, government agencies, local governments and health professionals to ensure that the best medical care is availed to children with facial malformations. Since its inauguration in 1982, it has delivered more than 220,000 free surgeries, mainly in third world countries.

He is a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. This is a wellness and fitness facility, which mainly deals in sleep disorders resulting from dental conditions. He prides himself in providing high quality cosmetic dentistry to patients for almost 20 years. Under his stewardship, Old Bridge Dental facility provides one-of-a kind dental healthcare. The medical team is devoted to ensuring that the well-being of its patients is given priority.

Weisfogel attended the New York University College of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors. He is dedicated to sleep medicine, a commitment that saw him come up with the Dental Sleep Masters program. This is a system that encompasses dentists, physicians and other health professionals. It aims at enhancing health care delivery and awareness about the treatment of sleeping disorders. Due to his dedicated service to the field of dentistry, he has been named New Jersey’s Dentist of The Year on numerous occasions. Away from his profession, Avi is a hockey fan and supports the New York Rangers hockey team. He is also a fan of rock and classical music.

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Email Video Marketing Has Many Upsides

Email marketing works and always will work. With a properly composed and presented email, sellers are in a good position to effectively market a product or service to an audience. What marketers have to do these days, however, is work at developing far more engaging and relevant content in an email. More text and static images are not enough. Nice logos at the top of the email masthead won’t impress to the same degree they once did.

Instead, a better plan would be to integrate videos into the content of an email. A detailed article in Hello Tesla reveals videos presented in emails help increase revenues by up to 40%. Those who open marketing-oriented emails may be intrigued to click on the video box to see what its all about. A solid video has the potential to really grab an audience. The audience is made up of potential customers. Grabbing their attention is a must for any success to be achieved.

While there are scores of free programs available to put together a video, a wiser strategy is to work with professionals. No real secret exists as to why. Solid professionals are going to be in the best position to actually produce a quality, results-driven work.

Talk Fusion is one of the top providers of online video content in the world. Talk Fusion’s advertising slogan “Be part of the moment” could mean a lot of things. In Talk Fusion’s case, the “moment” is frequently defined as the time period in which a great idea is developed. In 2007, the founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, pioneered the use of videos in email marketing campaigns. Today, Talk Fusion continues to come up with successful and innovative strategies at the forefront of the video marketing industry.

The Hello Tesla article points out many reasons why email video marketing is so critical. The strategy often effectively leads to conversions and results. Are those not the results businesses want to achieve with their online marketing?

Sanjay Shah Appoints Will and Pete Best as Board Trustees of Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a charity organization dedicated to raising donations and awareness for desperate research needed to determine causes of the developmental disorder. The charity was founded by Sanjay Shah, Founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, LLP in 2014. PR Newswire released press news in London on February 8th, 2016 that Will Best and Pete Best have joined the Board of Trustees. Shah, Pete and Will met while attending college and are long-time friends. Shah believes the brothers have the professional expertise to efficiently manage and oversee the charity events, concerts and fundraisers.

The first artist featured at an invitational concert for Autism Rocks was Prince, which was held in 2014. Other artists who performed at some of the music concerts are Drake and Michael Buble. Will and Pete Best are now responsible for the management and planning of future invitational-only concerts and events to raise funds. Will has years of experience in the entertainment and music industry, which makes him the perfect candidate to add to the board of trustees. His brother, Pete has approximately 21 years of expertise in London’s financial markets, which is great for marketing.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital Market, a firm headquartered in London of England. The firm was incorporated in 2011 and specializes in investment consultation, professional sports investments, and proprietary trading. Solo Capital is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. Its net worth at the end of March 2015 was €15.45 million and total asset was €67.45 million. Shah has interests in over 29 companies in London, The Cayman Island, British Virgin Islands, and Dubai.

Solo Capital Partners, LLP is still active, although Shah retired to devote his time for charities and family. Three directors remain with the brokerage partnership company to manage and monitor investments. Sanjay contributes much of his time with Autism Research Trust as the Trustee. The organization provides donations to Research Centre at Cambridge University. Funds donated to the organization are used to research and identify early stages of autism; who are likely to develop the developmental disorder; and prevention.

Charles Koch Supports George Mason University

According to tax records spanning from 2011-2014 Charles Koch has donated an estimated $48 million dollars to George Mason University. Why should this become noteworthy? Charles Koch has spent millions on his philanthropic pursuits. The large amounts of the Koch Foundations donations have caused some university officials and students concern as to the feasibility of academic independence. Another cause for alarm are the number of people who sit on the university’s boards who have ties to Koch Industries.

The majority of the donated funds go to the Mercatus Center which was founded by Richard Fink who is the Executive Vice President of Koch Industries. Charles Koch also sits on the board of the Mercatus Center and the University’s Institute for Humane Studies. The Mercatus Center conducts research that is designed to educate Federal regulators and congressional aides whose work can influence the direction of government. Recently Koch Industries donated $10 million dollars to the George Mason University’s Law School. Over the past four years the university senate committee and various student organizations have been attempting to investigate the relationship between George Mason and Charles Koch to no avail.

In 2013 the Koch Foundation signed an agreement with Florida State University. The Foundation gave a considerable grant to the university with the permission from university officials to fund the Study of Political Economy and Free Thinking Program. One needs to ask do these grants truly come with no strings attached?

Billionaire Charles Koch was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas where he still lives today with his wife and children. Charles graduated from the Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he holds a bachelors in general engineering, a masters in electrical engineering and a doctorate in chemical engineering. Upon completion of his studies he returned home to Wichita to the over the family business Rock Island Oil and Petroleum after the death of his father. Charles then changed the name of the company to Koch Industries. Today Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned corporation in the United States.

In 2008 Charles was named one of Business Weeks top philanthropist after donating an estimated $250 million dollars. He donates to a plethora of organizations who range from free thinking libertarian groups to the Republican National Party. All of the programs and organizations have one thing in common and that is the studying of free societies we and forming an understanding about how economic freedom benefits humanity.

Helene Morrison: Looking after the People

Some of us remember the Stock Market crash a few short years ago, and the subsequent way the Banks of America followed suite. Most people agree it was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, but in the wake of the upheaval that swept through the country, America gave birth to some of it’s greats. Helane Morrison is one of those, and an article by Project Eve depicts Morrison’s career as she carves her way to that title.

How does she do it? According to Project Eve’s research, she does it by cleaning house. Helane exposed the corrupt practices in the financial sector of the business world is hardly going to be easy, but she comes out of the gate wielding a background of law and journalism. This ensures that those responsible are prosecuted, as well as exposed to the public who trusted them. She is hardly shy about it, too, publishing a Google book to showcase her cases.

Morrison’s strong morals ensure she cannot be swayed from the path she has chosen to walk down, and her unique leadership style draws people to her cause. But while Morrison is a pioneer in secure investments, that could hardly be all she is. No person is so one dimensional that there is never more to them.

Passionate about the environment, animals, and even people, Morrison balances her work at Hall Capital with work on the Regional Parks Foundation board. As a member of this board, she works with her peers to raise awareness of environmental issues and preservation of animals and their habitats.

One method they have created is called Campership. Campership is designed to expose high risk or disabled children to the joy of camping. Another method that boasts great success is week-long immersion for underprivileged youths in fourth and fifth grade.

She also volunteers her time to the American Bar Association, sitting on a subcommittee for hedge funds. Hedge funds previously had very lax rules and were often used to take advantage of clients. However, Morrison has worked hard to weed out managers and management styles, using stricter regulations to close the loopholes that may have left a person hesitant to invest their money.

Morrison is one of those few people who’s history speaks for itself. She is determined to look out for the future of people, be it in America’s youth or by safeguarding the investments of Americans.

Why Choose the Professionalism of the US Money Reserve

Investing your money on into any type of stock, bond or fund can be confusing and risky. If you are tired of always dealing with bum stocks that cause you to lose money with time, it might be time for you to think about working with the US Money Reserve to find something better worth your time and money. The US Money Reserve is one of the country’s oldest precious metal and gold coin distributor in the world and this is why so many people have been using this company for their own benefit.

One of the key features of the US Money Reserve is that they enable you to buy gold and silver coins to invest into. Investing in both gold and silver is a lot more worthwhile than putting your money into any type of stock or bond. Stocks on can be risky, but the price of both gold and silver are continually going up day after day. This is why a lot of investors are now advising people to put their money into precious metals and to make sure that any and all of their investing is done through the US Money Reserve.

You can also follow US Money Reserve on Twitter, like them on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn to keep in touch of what they have available to their customers. Before you make any investments, you can educate yourself about the company and see what they have available to you. You can then feel confident in knowing that they work diligently to get you the best possibly quality of precious metal that you can find out on the market. This is what sets the US Money Reserve apart from so many of the others out there.

For anyone looking to make wiser investment decisions, you might want to think about choosing the US Money Reserve to buy your gold and silver. Whether you want to buy a small amount of gold or silver, the US Money Reserve experts can work with you to get you the best possible metals available. You can also consult with a professional adviser if this is something that you are new at doing and just need a bit of help with before doing anything yourself. Be sure to look into the different types of options available to you and make sure that you choose the US Money Reserve when buying any and all of your metals for investing.