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Real Estate In Brazil Is Hot

There are many reasons why the real estate in Brazil is selling well. It is a great place to live, and more people are wanting to call it their home. The scenery is beautiful, and people find that there is plenty to do and see in Brazil.

Construcap Is A Real Estate Company That Can Help

At Construcap, the real estate agents are experienced and practiced at what they do. They know Brazil well, and they can show a person a great neighborhood that they will want to live in. Since a person should have an idea if they want to be near good schools or the entertainment of Brazil, these real estate agents can pinpoint a place that will work for them.

At Construcap, The Agents Can Also Sell A Home

For sellers, Construcap is very good at pricing a home so that it will sell fast. They know the market in Brazil, and they can get the house in order so it is ready for people to take a look at. The agents are also able to help investors that want a property to turn around and sell later.

Customer Service Is Important At Construcap

At Construcap, customer service is very important. They are congenial and hard working for their clients. They will answer any questions that might come up about housing and other information in the areas. They understand the area, and they will know where the work is, the best restaurants to go to, the best schools and shopping districts. Since they live in the area, they are the most knowledgeable about all of these types of things, and they can assist their clients in a variety of ways. People that are interested in the real estate market in Brazil just need to give Construcap a call to get the process started.

The Brazil real estate market will continue to improve. People that want to move to the area will find that there are plenty of great places to go. Sellers and investors are also in for even a better, real estate market.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital a private company, is an international banking enterprise dedicated to the highest plane of principles,virtues, superiority and perfection in assisting and granting corporate economic counseling benefits to publicly and privately held corporations.
They were established in 2005 and their headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois with extended branches in Asia and Africa. They are a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
They prioritize and indulge in assisting their clients with joint consolidations, procurements and proficient assessment services along with capital reconstitution,reorganization,bankruptcy possession,private recommendation advice. and obscured assets appraisal advantages.
These accomplished and adept experts in their field comprehend that every dilemma is exclusive for the prospective client therefore in all spheres they insist on careful scrutiny, accurate proposals and the best conceivable connection between the purchaser and marketer to produce definite solutions and best outcomes.
Through the years they have personally assisted numerous clients in a multitude of industry perpendiculars to achieve their objectives in a reasonable time span.
Their obvious untarnished track record candidly speaks for itself,they possess stability,unsurpassed client opinion and the distinction of perfection that undoubtedly exceeds any and all expectations in the pandemic ally investment banking enterprise.
Madison Street Capital released the fourth version of its hedge fund M&A analysis depicting purchase actions M&&A favorable circumstances. MSC disclosed that 42 hedge fund agreements were successfully concluded universally in 2015 superseding the purchases that closed in 2014.
Additionally,2015 transaction quantity calculated by AVM was relatively 27% greater than in 2014, thrusted by the constant yet steady stream transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015 were influenced by other motivating factors responsible for the impetus which subsequently aligned 2016 to be a most dynamic year in relation to hedge fund M&A transactions.
The hedge fund industry capital is definitely riding on an all time high in spite of the average pursuance crosswise hedge fund schemes that were finalized in 2015.
The hedge fund is projected to exceed equity markets in 2016 with assets escalating to three trillion U.S. dollars as expressed by Deutsche Bank’s 14th yearly Alternative Investment Survey.
It is estimated that 41% of respondents plan to confidently boost their hedge fund allotments during this predicted progressive year.
Madison Street Capital has the expertise, wisdom and comprehensive connections to adamantly compete in today’s central market venture banking corporations. Their massive and firm foundation of team experts has the competence and profound ability to form suitable financing and well tailored capitalization.
At this time their inside company trade tally consists of more than 100 exclusive contracts.
Some of the constituents associated with Madison Street Capital are Bond Medical Group Inc.Central Iowa Energy,LLC and Fiber Science, Inc.
Their company divisions include technology,media,telecom,oil and energy,consumer retail,healthcare,manufacturing,construction,pharma,agriculture and transportation.

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Source: hedge fund industry M&A overview

The Boom of Visual Search

Visual search is a service that has been growing in recent years. It is similar to a traditional search made over the Internet, only instead of typing in keywords into a search engine, an individual is going to upload an image to the service. The engine is then able to compare the images directly through the search field and provide an accurate result based on the image uploaded. While this service continues to develop and expand, it is something that has proven especially popular for shopping. Whether someone is looking for a new pair of shoes, dress, hat or anything else of that nature, individuals are able to look for the most accurate depiction of the image they use directly through a visual search service, such as the one produced by Slyce.

Slyce is a image recognition service that has helped expand the popularity of the search method. It works with many of the top retailers in the world in order to make it easier for customers to find their products. Additionally, the company also works with smaller start-up companies, in order to give them a foothold inside of the industry as well. This makes it possible for the companies to compete and to reach new customers when they never had the chance before. With the creation of visual search, start up companies have the ability to expand to new regions and to make sales they typically never would, as Live Mint points out.

For a small business, it is important to have a strong Internet presence. Previously, attempting to make up ground against the larger manufacturers proved difficult, simply because of all the different services out there with larger marketing budgets. This, however, makes it easier than ever before to compete. Thanks to the Live Mint service, companies can include their images and products with image recognition. There are a few different ways this kind of method can help out. First of all, someone is able to directly see the product if they upload an image that matches what the startup has produced. Beyond this though, the service also provides similar looking items or less expensive options for a buyer to select from. This offers an alternative method for reaching customers where they normally would not have this chance. All of this kind of service makes it easier than ever before to make sales to customers from around the world.

Philip Diehl on Gold Coins, Investing, and Customer Service

U.S. Money Reserve remains one of the biggest distributors of precious metal coins in the United States. Located in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve puts a lot of effort into acquiring high-end gold coins. The president of the company, Philip Diehl, took time out from running the company to discuss the benefits and complexities of investing in gold coins. He granted a podcast interview on EPN, and the interview was quite interesting.

Diehl makes it clear that investing in gold could be a good strategy for those wishing to expand and diversify their portfolios. He is quick to suggest one of the main reasons people choose gold over other investment vehicles is monetary policy drives them in that direction. Specifically, when people become worried about monetary policy, they look towards gold. Weak currency conditions commonly lead to an increase in the price of gold. Once people become worried about currencies, they move towards precious metals.

Diehl does say it is necessary to buy the right gold assets. Bars and bullion are popular, but they do lack one strength quality gold coins possess. Gold coins that are legitimate legal tender are backed by the strength by the government that issues them. Many of the gold coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are made by the U.S. Mint. That means they are legal tender backed by the United States’ economy and government. No one is going to question the legitimacy of such coins.

Sadly, there are coins out there known to be counterfeit. On the podcast, Diehl mentioned that foreign sources are importing fake coin. The poor people who purchase these coins end up with a product that has no investment value. They are, after all, fake coins.

This is why it is so wise to purchase an established seller with a proven and serious track record. U.S. Money Reserve definitely does have such a track record. Under the leadership of Philip Diehl, the company is putting a huge emphasis now on customer service.

The 15-minute interview covers a lot of ground. Listening to the podcast is advised for those wishing to learn more about Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve, and gold coins.

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Beneful Seeks To Put Pets First

The globally respected pet foods brand Beneful has been seeking a new and improved way of playing an important role in the lives of pet parents from around the world. In 2001, the Nestle Purina group decided a new brand needed to be made in a bid to make sure the most natural ingredients were available pet parents across the world who were concerned about the problems of processed foods. The brand has been actively seeking the best ways of producing the best foods and marketing Purinastore’s Beneful products to customers across the globe.

Over the course of the life of the Beneful brand the pet food products of the brand have been the subject of some of the most innovative marketing campaigns ever produced. In European nations Beneful became the first pet food brand to produce a TV spot directed solely at the pets themselves, instead of attempting to attract their pet parents. This has not been the only move Beneful has made in directing marketing campaigns at pets; a poster marketing campaign was also conceived in Europe that allowed odors of the pet foods produced by Beneful to be pumped out in a bid to attract pets to the brand.

Pet parents are now faced with a large amount of choice when it comes to the purchase of the best available foods, which is where the Beneful brand has seen a large level of growth over the course of the 21st century with its link to the respected Nestle Purina trademark.



Solo Capital: A Sanjay Shah Success

Solo Capital is an international investment firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah and incorporated in 2011. The firm offers various services that are specialized and produce excellent results. The first area that the firm specializes in is global boutique investment. Within this area, the firm provides everything from talent acquisition and commercial advisory and representation to asset and permanence management. The second arena that the firm offers to clients is proprietary trading. Within this division, the firm will provide clients with commodities, FX and derivatives. The third area that Solo Capital has a division in is consulting. They provide services like performance, investment and human capital.

Within five years the firm was able to create monumental success. The firm has assets surpassing 67 million dollars, cash flow of more than 30 million dollars and a net worth estimated at over 15 million dollars.

Solo Capital is located in London and the United Kingdom regulates them. They have more than 100 individuals employed with 35 of them being traders. The firm also has offices in Dubai, which is where Sanjay Shah and his family now live and due to its success Shah has stepped back from running the firm on a day to day basis.

Solo Capital is just one of Shah’s projects. He also owns more than 30 other companies around the world, including in London, The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai and Luxembourg. His net worth is estimated at roughly 280 million dollars and it is growing quickly.

Before Shah started his own firm and started buying up other companies, he was just a kid in London. His parents had moved to the city in the 1960s after emigrating from Kenya. Shah went on to study at King’s College in London and although he started out in medicine, he quickly realized that was not the occupation for him. He switched to accounting and pursued DJing in his free time.

When Shah graduated from university, he started at KPMG as a chartered accountant and then moved onto investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Rabobank, ING, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He has served as everything from a chartered accountant and a member of a synthetic prime brokerage desk to a senior equity finance trader and the lead on a linear equity derivatives trading team.

Shah has also started up projects in the music industry. He has partnered with Done Events to host and annual jazz festival in Dubai and he has started his own charity, Autism rocks, to raise money for autism research by hosting small private concerts. He currently has plans to produce a compilation pop CD.

Savvy Businessman Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua, founder and C.E.O. of Organo Gold started in 2008 with its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Organo Gold is a company that sells gourmet coffee that has a robust, smooth flavor, which is enhanced with rich Ganoderma Lucidem. The global gourmet coffee company is a huge success as a network marketing corporation and currently operates in over 39 countries and is privately held. Around the globe, Organo Gold has over one million Distributors.  Bernardo Chua just recently saw the company expand into Turkey for the first time in fact.

Coffee is not necessarily been a healthy drink until now with Organo Gold. The Ganoderma Lucidum helps improve the body’s healing capacity and longevity and is a medicinal mushroom with a number of natural health benefits. The Chinese regard it as the “King of Herbs” or the Miracle Herb”.

The Organo Gold product line opened last year in Turkey among several locations globally. The appetite for coffee thrives in Turkey, and so Chua seized the opportunity to introduce them Organo Gold with its benefits as an excellent healthy choice. With the increased interest in an active lifestyle and expanding nutraceutical market thereby increasing the awareness of and demand for Organo Gold products.

Bernardo T. Chua is originally from the Philippines and was involved for years in multi-level marketing. He affectionately goes by the name “Bernie”, was raised in the Philippines. He began hs career as an executive with Gano Excel first in the Philippines. Three years later he helped expand the Gano Excel product to Hong Kong and Canada and then to the United States. Chua relocated to California to become the President of Gano Excel U.S.A. These Ganoderma products included capsules, instant coffee and other food products. Bernardo Chua is a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient. You can find Bernardo Chua on Twitter and LinkedIn. Chua has been awarded on five different occasions with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” title. Organo Gold received two People’s Choice Awards: one for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and a second for being the “Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.”

These days, Bernardo Chua tries to focus more of his efforts on expanding his very successful business. He works closely with some of the best and top organic Ganoderma producers which allow him to provide quality without a high price tag. He also funds research related to Ganoderma, allowing Organo Gold to be one step ahead on the competition when new breakthroughs are discovered. Bernardo Chua believes that direct sales are the best way to introduce his business. He wants to educate and introduce Ganoderma to the people around the globe. Direct Selling News reports Organo Gold as the 55th largest direct selling company in the world.

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An Anheuser-Bush Incentive Plan Could Negatively Impact Small Craft Breweries According to Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

There’s a change going on in the beer business, and that change is called craft beer. Craft beer is a locally produced, flavor-forward product that has a following in the millennium beer drinking market. The old standards like Miller, Miller-Lite, Budweiser and Bud-Lite are losing market share to craft beers that taste better, are packaged better and are made by locally owned entrepreneurs.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães is an entrepreneur and a beer lover and he thinks small, local breweries in the United States offer consumers a better product. That’s the way Guimarães conducts his business in Brazil. His small, family owned bank took on the big banks they compete with in the payroll loan industry, and his bank came out on top. Ricardo’s plan to sponsor soccer clubs had a huge impact on soccer fans, and when it came time for them to apply for a loan fans called a BMG Bank agent. Guimarães did something the other banks overlooked. He gave consumers what they wanted, which was low-interest loans with good terms. Ricardo thinks craft breweries in the United States do the same thing.

When Guimarães learned that Anheuser-Bush introduced a new incentive plan to distributors, he immediately checked out the plan. AB InBev is offering distributors a marketing and retail display reimbursement if the distributor promotes an AB InBev craft beer instead of a local craft beer. That reimbursement could be worth more than $200,000 to some distributors, and Guimarães thinks that’s not good business.

Market access is an ongoing battle and craft brewers have infiltrated the retail market by brewing beer that has a distinctive quality and taste. The big breweries have a hard time producing that taste. If the AB InBev incentive plan continues, Anheuser-Bush will be able to control materials needed to make beer like bottles, cans, malted barley and hops as well as packaging. Hops production is already at a premium because hops plants take three years to mature, according to Mr. Guimarães.

The Department of Justice is looking into the AB InBev incentive plan. The losers, if the DOJ allows the plan to continue, will be consumers, according to Guimarães. If Anheuser-Bush controls what distributors promote, small breweries will go out of business and consumers will have fewer choices. The plan may make sense to Anheuser-Bush investors, but the plan is flawed when things like fair competition is considered.

The AB InBev plan has only been accepted by one distributor in the St. Louis area, and that makes sense since St. Louis is the home of Anheuser-Bush. Distributors in other cities haven’t accepted the plan. Some distributors say they won’t consider it, and others are waiting for a ruling by the Department of Justice.

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Bernie Sanders Receives Endorsement From Goldman Sachs?

It is not a headline that you would expect to read but Bernie Sanders may have just received an endorsement of sorts from Goldman Sachs. No, there was not someone from Goldman Sachs who actually stated their support for Bernie Sanders, quite the opposite actually. According to a few leads at, Jon Urbana actually stated how scary he considers the Sanders campaign to be.

In an article from, the writer argues that the words from the CEO may have actually been an accidental endorsement of sorts. Democratic voters are not known to be big fans of Wall Street or the bankers in general. This is something that means that the Goldman CEO could well help push more voters into the arms of Bernie Sanders by talking about how afraid of him he is.

While the Goldman Sachs CEO is talking about how scared he is of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is having difficulty coming up with a way to explain her speaking fees that she generated from that same bank. She has received at least $600,000 in speaking fees. She has stated that this is the kind of thing that people in her position of power all do. However, that too may backfire for Clinton as she tries to work her way through the Democratic primaries.

These types of things have a larger negative impact than what they perhaps have had in the past in this process.

How Shah Turned A Tragedy In Into Something To Help Others

Imagine sitting in your lounge outside your home relaxing one afternoon then you receive a phone call snoop dog wants to see you! To many it is an incredible moment. One they will surely remember for the rest of their lives and which is the real life story of Sanjay Shah.


Sanjay Shah is a doctor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist who runs Autism Rocks. It is the organization that has seen him became a household name, and that was the subject of Snoops visit. The visit was to give birth to Autism Rocks. It is a concert that raises money for kids with Autism. It is a cause Sanjay Shah holds very dearly to him, his son having being diagnosed with the disease several years ago.


Sanjay Shah reveals he for a long time gave money to charity in India. He sent money there every month but didn’t care what exactly it did. Shah said when his son was diagnosed with Autism, he was shocked. Even more shocking was the news that he couldn’t do much about it.It was then that he decided they are going to give as much they can as that’s the least they could surely do.


Sanjay Shah today contributes to Autism Research Trust of Cambridge University. Shah started Autism Rocks in 2011.It was by chance when they took their then two-year-old son to the hospital here he was diagnosed with Autism.


Sha is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partner. It is headquartered in London, and it is involved in the following businesses.


  1. They provide consultation services that are geared towards investments, manpower advice, and performance.
  2. The group is also involved in investing in professional sports in activities such as commercial advisory, acquiring talent and management of asset and their performance.
  3. It is also involved in trading in the securities and stocks markets involving foreign exchange, derivatives, and commodities.
  4. Shah is also interested in other sectors where he has offices spread in other places such Dubai, British Virgin Island, Malta, Luxembourg among others.

Source: Global-Citizen

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