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George Soros Believes That Donald Trump Is Helping ISIS Without Knowing It

The extreme rhetoric used by Donald Trump during the recent Presidential campaign in America is feeding the anger of many people who dislike anything that is anti-American. Trump is using the most explosive language possible at all his rallies, and Forbes billionaire George Soros is concerned that Trump is helping the ISIS movement without even knowing it. His language helps recruit for a group that dislikes the west as Trump tells everyone how xenophobic he is. This article explains George’s stance on the issue as he watches from afar.

#1: George Sees The Signs

George Soros has been around for a long time, and he is very familiar with racist language that people have used throughout the years to make their cases for their own movements. The movement behind Donald Trump says that it will make America great again, but George believes that Trump is playing into the hands of recruiters for ISIS who play on his own language. Trump is making America look like a hateful country, and that only feeds the jihadi fire.

#2: Closing Borders Is Impossible

Ideas like closing the borders of the US will never work because it is impossible to close any border entirely. George understands that through his experiences in Europe. The European Union is much more open, and each country is being somewhat open to the idea of taking on immigrants. He knows that Trump does not want any Muslims coming to America, and he says that ISIS can claim rightly that America does not like its kind.

#3: Using Political Capital Is A Risk

George makes note of the migrant crisis in Europe by stating that Germany may have bitten off more than it can chew, but he says that each country must take a risk to help people who are in need. Being completely indifferent to the cause makes a nation look cold, and Trump has the loudest voice in America today. He is singlehandedly making America look like a cold nation that is not at all concerned about others.

#4: George Has Experience In Kingmaking

George is known as a scion of the Democratic cause, and his own talking points sound like a rebuttal of what the Republicans have to say. George is a staunch advocate of people who are not able to defend themselves, and he uses his Open Society Foundation to promote true democracy. He does not believe in the kind of democracy that is proposed by Donald Trump, and it appears he will keep talking about it until the world is balanced.

George Soros is a financial genius who is known for using the Bank of England to make a billion dollars, and he spends his time on worthy causes today. He knows that Donald Trump is a problem, and he hopes that the world is paying attention.

Marcio Alaor Made BMG Better

When many people think of shoe shiners, they may not think of the executive of one of the top banks in any given country. When people think of Marcio Alaor, they may think of all three of those things. Marcio Alaor is a true inspiration to those who are struggling everywhere to make it and has worked to make his bank, BMG, a better place.

Marcio Alaor was not always set for life with a vice president executive position at one of the biggest banks in Brazil. At the beginning of his would-be meager career, Alaor worked as a shoe shiner. He shined the shoes of big banking executives and men who held careers that he could only dream of. He wanted more out of life, but he knew that he must work very hard to get there. For this reason, he always did the best job possible while he was shining shoes.

One day, an executive of BMG bank was having his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor. He took notice to the way that the young man took a great deal of care while working on the shoes. He paid attention to detail and was sure to always be polite to the man he was working with. He was not polite in the way that most shoe shiners were, but he appeared to be truly interested in the stories and information the executive was giving him. The executive was impressed by this and began visiting Alaor on a regular basis.

During the regular shoe shining visits, the BMG executive got to know more about Marcio Alaor. He learned that he worked the job to make ends meet, but Alaor never once told him that he was struggling or wanted more. He saw in his eyes the determination that Alaor had and that he would do anything to make the money he knew he was capable of. The executive was able to recognize that quality in the young man and wanted to give him the opportunity to become better in life and have more chances at truly making it.

At that point, the executive offered Marcio Alaor an entry-level position at the BMG bank. He wanted to make sure that he was not overwhelmed, but Marcio quickly showed him that he was capable of doing more than he ever thought possible. Marcio Alaor was able to rise through the ranks of the banks at a fast pace. He was promoted more often and more quickly than any other person who had ever worked at the bank. His knack for learning and drive to move forward allowed him to propel himself to the position of vice president in a short amount of time.

Secret to Success

Status Labs has succeed very handsomely in its company. However, one must wonder what it is that makes it so successful. One factor in this is that Status Labs offers something that no other company offers. This is online reputation management. In fact, online reputation is so crucial to the performance of a client that his business could fail due to a bad reputation. Also, the Internet can be very brutal for online reputation due to the lasting power of some sources when it comes to the front page of the search results. This is where Status Labs comes in for managing reputation.

Status Labs has an article released that tells people how to run a successful campaign. There are a lot of factors that are very important to the success of the campaign. One major factor that Status Labs has named is the ability to stay on topic. If there is one way to lose an audience, it is to go off topic. For instance, if one writes something on the topic of economy and goes into politics, that might not work so well for the writer. The writer that stays on topic will have a better chance with his audience.

Other important aspects to successful pitches and campaign is elevator pitching, knowing one’s contact, offering things and telling a compelling story. These all work together in running a successful PR campaign that will not only get people’s attention, but also have lasting power on search engines. This is a lot different with the Internet than it was before hand when it comes to PR. Still, it is important for clients to have the help of PR professionals like Status Labs.

Status Labs has experienced a growth of over 900% with its talented and skilled professionals. They are also looking for ways to address the growing demand for online reputation management with the growth of their workforce so that they can continue to meet the demands of their clients. When one offers something no one else offers and does such a good job at it, he is bound to experience a lot of success in his career.

Securus Gives Back and Boosts Recognition

Over the years it has been said that the best way for business to gain exposure is by giving back. This is something that Securus Technologies has done through charitable contributions, and the company has really great rewards in getting recognition as a result of this. A lot more people are finding out about what this company does, along with the type of products the company makes, as Securus moved forth with a large selection of inmate phone call and communication monitoring and video visitation products.

I participate largely with giving to United Way, and this is actually how I learned about Securus. I actually work in law enforcement, and this company produces a large amount of products for law enforcement products. Oddly, I had never heard of the company and this area. It was through the large Securus contributions to the United Way that I discovered what this company was about.

I believe that this is one of the best ways for companies to actually get their name out there to more customers. It is always a good thing when the company has the ability to provide funding to a charitable organization. This shows the community that this company has leaders in place that are concerned about the community. 

The products that are made by Securus are actually designed for inmate communication monitoring so this is another thing that shows that this particular organization has to greater good of the community on the radar. That is something that has made me take notice of this company and the type of products that the leaders are pushing to the mainstream. 

One of the most useful products from this company, in my opinion, is the video visitation software applications. This allows people that are on the outside to conduct video visitations with their family and friends that are locked away in prison. This can be a wonderful thing for people that may have friends that are incarcerated if they do not live in the area where the prison is located.

In terms of at-home visitation I think that Securus produces one of the best applications on the market. It has been noted in magazines and websites, and I believe that the company has managed to grow because the employees provide a quality application. I would actually encourage others that have family members that are incarcerated to research this company and push for more prisons to acquire this. Look at this service more by clicking the following link:

Brian Torchin, Founder and CEO of HCRC

In March 2004, Brian Torchin a practicing licensed chiropractor started his company HCRC, which stands for Healthcare Recruitment Counselors.

Their expertise lies in career counseling for people working within the vast healthcare industry.
His main reason for creating this company was because, as a healthcare professional himself he realized and experienced firsthand, that the probability of finding a job in the healthcare industry presents many challenges and hurdles to jump over. as well as disappointments, dismay and stress along the way.

It can seemingly become a never ending uphill tedious journey, paved with unforeseen obstacles along the way. He vividly understood the crucial need for assisting medical professionals, to find jobs in their demanding profession. Brian Torchin came up with this brilliant idea as he was staffing his own medical offices with physicians, chiropractors, physician’s assistants and physical therapists. shows that Brian Torchin’s backdrop is in sports medicine and physical therapy, he also possess a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science.

He has pledged himself to provide the advantage to other medical professionals to have a truly effective service, an alternate avenue, which would make it easy to find new and favorable outcomes of employment. The dedicated aim of HCRC is to connect qualified and talented medical care professionals with hospitals within the U.S. from coast to coast, whether it is a front desk assistant, billing manager, chiropractor, medical doctor or chiropractor.

HCRC gratifies itself as the leader on personalized career consultation of nationwide search services to meet the definite and various needs of healthcare employers. They work relentlessly to discover hidden opportunities that matches the candidate’s competence and career aspirations, as well as provide exclusive individual attention and best customer support, in the dynamic and thriving healthcare industry.

They also offer complimentary resume and interview examinations, and there are no costs or committal for any of these mentioned services, which also includes a nationwide database job search tailored to personal adequacy and objectives.

Brian says on Twitter that their foremost objective is to construct long term rapports with clients as well as granting staffing elasticity, which ultimately creates positive and remarkable results based on respect, and a steady flow of exceptional outcomes. HCRC satisfies America’s flourishing and constant need for healthcare professionals.

HCRC has its main headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as in Delaware and Florida, and is still expanding.  Check out his official site for more.

Kyle Bass’s Prediction About the Financial Market in 2016

On January 8, 2016, Hayman Capital Management’s founder, Kyle Bass joined in with Halftime Report to give his insights and predictions about the economy in 2016. He particularly focused on the volatility of China’s market. While most experts put the blame on the unstable profits, Bass blames China’s banking system itself and compares it to the recent European banking crisis. In both cases, the banking system significantly outgrew the GDP (gross domestic product) $35 trillion to $10 trillion. He is predicting an epidemic amount of losses due to the current credit cycle. Bass is predicting a 10%-20% downturn by the end of 2016 but a worse crisis globally.

Bass is a hedge fund manager and financial blogger, and has become highly favored among Argentinean autocrats (an autocrat is someone in absolute and unlimited power, akin to a dictator). He founded Hayman Capital in 2006. However, his true fortune was derived from being right about his prediction about the 2008 mortgage crisis. In 2001, he was nominated for an award for best script and direction in M. Night Shayamalan’s The Sixth Sense.

Today, Bass is said to never seem to miss an opportunity to go on TV to offer his insights, predictions and bottom line. The recent appearance on Halftime Report was definitely no exception. He has been reduced to a low level in the public and financial eye due to being wrong about many of his financial market predictions and being in close alliance with Cristina Kircher. Kircher has a reputation for being economically illiterate and sending the country of Argentina into deeper poverty due to her seemingly unlimited covetousness.

Whether Bass’s current prediction about China’s banking and the global crisis is going to manifest remains to be seen. However, if one thing can be said about Bass, it is that he’s at least given insight from a different angle than most.  Although Usefulstooges say Kyle Bass might not be able to be trusted.

George Soros Speaks About The Future Of The European Union

Europe has long been divided into many states. Over the centuries, the continent has been home to many efforts to help create states that are stable and capable of functioning for the good of the entire continent. The latest effort in this field has been about creating a European Union across the entire region that many hope will provide for the needs of those living there for many decades to come. They aim to create a union that allows any one inhabitant to go from one part of Europe in the north to another in the far south without any state imposed barriers along the way.

Today’s European Union is a space where people visit and settle in order to seek economic opportunity. It is also a place that is home to over three hundred million people, making it one of the largest unions of people by both population and area in the entire world. Many world leaders have their roots here. One such person is billionaire George Soros. Soros has accumulated a vast fortune that has been based on many things including his shrewd reading of the market today and his understanding of how best to make money from it.

He shares his thoughts on the future of the European Union in a recent and much anticipated interview in The New York Review of Books. In the interview, Soros shares his thoughts with people about the current state of the European Union as well as what he feels should be done to help make the Union more stable and ideally something that will last for many centuries. He talks to readers about the present day structure of the European Union and how this has lead to the chancellor of Germany being one of the prime movers of the entire region and the whole world.

In his view, the fiscal crisis of the last few months in the south has helped create a situation where the region is divided into nations that are creditors such as Germany and nations that have been turned into creditor nations such as Greece. He feels that unless this situation is resolved, the net result may be that the entire European Union will not last as the situation is largely untenable and one that is unlikely to lead to long term stability in the region even once the crisis in question has passed into history.

How Does Sanjay Shah Lead Autism Rocks To Success?

Snajay Shah is the leader of Solo Capital, and he is the face behind Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a global concert series designed to raise money for Autism research, and Sanjay has put together many successful concerts for the cause. His business acumen has helped him lead Autism Rocks properly, and his relationships with some of the biggest names in music have helped create concerts that will raise money for kids with Autism. This article explains how Sanjay mixes his two worlds.

#1: Why Is Business Sense Needed?

Sanjay Shah is the leader of a successful hedge fund in Solo Capital, and he is using his business sense to help fund autism research. Sanjay created autism rocks to help raise money, and that money is sent to the Autism Research Trust or ART. The ART sends money to the trust sends money to the researchers who need it most. Sanjay has created a financial empire that funds Autism research as efficiently as possible.

#2: Sanjay Personally Appeals To Artists

Sanjay has developed relationships with artists like Snoop Dogg, Joss Stone and Lenny Kravitz. He has personally appealed to these artists to give concerts on behalf of Autism Rocks. His personal appeals go a long way with artists, and he has put together concerts around the world on the strength of his word. His ability to create a consensus with others has helped Autism Rocks raise millions in a short period of time.

#3: Commitment To The Cause

Sanjay has chosen to tie his Solo Capital hedge fund to Autism Rocks. Their Facebook page speaks of the two in tandem, and Sanjay uses his influence in the business world to help garner more support for his cause. Sanjay is not happy to create just one concert event. He wants to create a network of support for autism research.

Sanjay Shah began Autism Rocks as a single concert that was highly-successful, and his foundation has grow to help with research across the spectrum of autism. Kids who are hurt most by the disorder have hope in the concerts Sanjay creates with the world’s biggest artists.

You can follow them on Twitter.

The advanced services by the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve, is among the world’s largest distributers of gold, silver and platinum coins in the U.S. government. Currently, the organization greatly places its focus on offering great and outstanding U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver and Platinum coins.
The U.S. Money Reserve was founded by the gold market veterans. These necessitated the need to bring together good customer service skills, knowledge in the expert market and guidance in the purchase of these precious metals. So far, the organization has registered hundreds of thousands clients who come in to seek for their services and advise on financial advantages of owning the precious metals.
Due their quality and high yielding guidance, U.S. Money Reserve has attracted a vast line of clients who have placed their trust in them. This has led to the reserve placing many in the profit margins by helping them choose the highly profitable and wise purchases. This has been achieved by involving a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
U.S. Money Reserve has an added advantage of being into contact with highly experienced account executives who have many years of experience in the precious metals market. These assist immensely in selection of good purchases within the market.
The organization also provides access to the best Gold, Silver and Platinum coins to those who take a step further to create an account with them. These provide great profit margins. There is also a big advantage with placing purchases with the U.S. Money Reserve since the coins become tangible owned assets. One can easily gain access to them since he bares the full ownership.
Following dissatisfaction by a client with the order, U.S, Money Reserve also accepts a return within 30 days of the purchase. This however has some conditions that applies. The coins must be in their sealed container and also in their original condition. In the return process, handling, shipping and insurance charges are excluded. The return may either be refunded on the current coin market value or either the original price minus a certain percentage to cater for the restocking fee.
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Successful Hall Capital Headed by Notable Women

Hall Capital, founded in 1994, is lauded as one of the largest and most successful money management firms in the Bay Area. With $24 billion in assets, the company is headed up by some of the most respected women in the field. Hall says the firm offers accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance for its clients. The company is headed up by Kathryn Hall, who is also co-chief investment officer, President Sarah Stein, and managing director and general counsel and chief compliance officer, Helane Morrison. 

The San Francisco investment firm, founded in 1994, manages the bank accounts of some of the most successful families in the Bay area, including John Fisher, son of the founder of Gap. 

Stein said that female leadership is rare in financial services, but the fact that a woman is at the helm of such a great company is impressive and draws in some clients who trust the reputation and abilities and careers of the women. 

Morrison joined the firm five years ago after a legal career at the Securities and Exchange Commission and worked prior to that for a daily newspaper in South Florida. From 1996 to 1999, Ms. Morrison was head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office. While there she represented the SEC in business, legal, and matters of financial concern. 

Morrison practiced law for a decade at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996 where she was named a partner in 1991. She also served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Hall says Hall Capital’s benefit package makes it a desirable place to work. The firm includes maternity and paternity leave. The workplace is flexible and family commitments can be met with little guilt or difficulty. Hall Capital also encourages employees to be engaged in outside activities including church and community. Incentives and behaviors that reinforce the firms values are another reason Hall says the firm has enjoyed such success in the workplace.