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Ricardo Guimarães And His Accomplishments At Banco BMG

Ricardo Guimarães is a very well-known Brazilian entrepreneur. He is very respected because of all of the things that he has accomplished in his personal life, and also because he is a talented man of action when it come to business. Guimarães has also served as the president of Banco BMG. He is heir to the business, and he is the son of Flávio Guimarães Pentagna. Guimarães took over the presidency of the family business in 1998. The Banco BMG was founded by his grandfather father in 1930 and at that time the bank was called the Land Credit Bank. Since Guimarães took over the presidency of the bank, the bank has seen many positive changes. Banco BMG has become the leader when it comes to payroll loans and personal loans. Many individuals and private companies trust BMG with their most important financial endeavors.

Banco BMG is based in Belo Horizonte which is the home town of Guimarães. This Banco BMG is part of BMG group. BMG group is one of the largest banks in consigned credit in all of the country. The bank has come up with innovative product marketing strategies that have drawn much attention. The model that BMG has established has been copied and used by many other banks. BMG was voted eight times to be the best financial conglomerate and was voted for the third time to be the best bank in customer finance.

Guimarães is also a man that has done much for his community as well. According to the blog at, In 2011 Guimarães received the City Council merit of honor diploma. Guimarães received this diploma because he had helped his home town to hold on to its traditions and he has done amazing work when it comes to athletics. Guimarães aided in the founding of the Athletic Club and he was president of that club from 2000 to 2006. This award ceremony was attended by the secretary of state, the president of the legislative assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG, Congress men, Congresswomen, and the municipal secretary of finance.

Guimarães was appointed to serve as the vice president of the board of BMG in 1996. He graduated with a business administration degree from Una – Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais. Guimarães has done much to aid in the family business, and his initiative and skill have aided Banco BMG to be one of the most recognized banks in all of Brazil.

Europe Begins to Attract Venture Capital

Venture capital is money that is used to get companies started, usually in exchange for part ownership or other equity consideration. This allows the company the financial infusion, but also a team of experienced partners that can help guide the nascent company through the often difficult first few years of its existence.

For a long while most venture capital money went to companies in the United States and Asia, leaving Europe mostly neglected. These areas represented the hotbed of development during the dot-com era, and where the majority of technical innovation was born.

But now there is a growing interest in European investments that is begin led by companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Sequoia Capital according to a recent article in the Seattle Times. These companies are finding several reasons why investing in Europe makes sense.

Start-ups in Europe are often less expensive to get started, and to operate in the longer term. Plus there is a huge influx of talent from investment houses, banks and other large companies who have trimmed their payrolls.

European companies in the past have been happy to serve a more localized market than the US or Asian competitors. This has meant that while the products and applications were usually of a very superior quality, their geographical reach was limited. This also caused the companies to grow more slowly, often taking decades to reach the magical threshold of 100 million euros. More venture capitalists say that benchmark should be achieved in five years.

Overall the hunger for venture capital has also left the market open. While the US and Asian demand for capital remain strong, so is the competition from both seekers and among providers. With fewer VC’s looking at Europe and the strong, pent-up demand most VC’s have little problems filling their calendars with potential partners.

One US-based investment bank looking at the European opportunities is Jim Dondero‘s Highland Capital Management, a Dallas, TX hedge and investment fund. Highland has been the recipient of a number of industry awards for its mutual funds. It is also the recognized leader in placing collateralized loan obligations (CLO’s) which are a securitized basket of corporate debts that have been bundled based on their risk profiles and general terms. CLO’s offer companies with less than investment grade credit access to needed funds to fuel their growth.

Jim Dondero founded Highland in 1993. The company has grown under JIm’s tenure to over 1550 employees working in offices throughout the world. At its peak, Highland has over $23 billion in assets under management for its various clients.

Madison Street Capital: Choosing A Reliable Investment Banking Firm

When it comes to choosing someone or a company for investment advice or other financial service, it’s imperative that you choose carefully. The first step is to research and find a company that is well known for rendering high quality services to clients. With so many firms out there promising to provide you with the service you need, it can sometimes be a challenging task to make a decision.

Madison Street Capital is well known in the investment banking arena. As a reputable international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital is fully committed to integrity, excellence service and effective leadership. The company has great expertise in the financial services field and provides services that include corporate financial advisory services, private placement memorandums, merger and acquisition expertise, finance and valuation services to publicly and privately held businesses.

Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, and specializes in corporate finance advisory including mergers and acquisitions, Mezzanine capital raise, and financial restructuring. Their business financial services offer excellent solution to those who need proper guidance from business funding to obtaining growth capital. Their professionals will help you secure capital and finance properly, enabling your business to expand and become successful. Their international financial services come highly recommended and are unparalleled. Madison Street Capital encourages you to contact them for any questions or concerns you may have. They can be reached today at 312-529-7000.

Madison Street Capital has an exceptional credibility and reputation and comes highly recommended in the financial industry due to their impressive service. The company has qualified and experienced professionals who are highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of the client. Madison Street Capital receive numerous positive reviews and comments from people around the world.

Even if you can learn something relating to investing from friends, loved ones and other individuals you know, you really have to consult with an experienced professional concerning your investment strategies and objective. Find someone who is absolutely well-informed about financial matters and money management, adequately credentialed, and, most importantly, works for an established investment firm.

Most people choose Madison Street Capital because of the excellent services and honest advice they offer to clients. Madison Street Capital has been rendering top notch advice and guidance in the industry for many years and has established a great track record. Get in touch with Madison Street Capital, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Three Important Qualities When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility

Manse on Marsh is located in beautiful, historic downtown San Luis Obispo, California and boasts grounds and living facilities that are equally charming. When looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, their are many factors to consider and Manse delivers in flying colors. Argentum (previously known as the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) has reported on several features that should be considered when choosing an assisted living facility. When you visit Manse on Marsh you will find the dedication to quality senior living that has gone into every aspect from the culinary offerings to the expansive activities calendar.

High Standard of Care Should be a Priority
ALFA states that staff should provide a consistent level of high quality care, with a minimum invasion of privacy while still monitoring the resident. Manse has developed a five times per day discreet check-in system whereby staff will make sure your loved one is safe and adhering to medication schedules. All staff members are trained to offer exceptional customer service along with the best of medical attention. An on-staff registered nurse makes sure each patient has a care routine specifically designed for the that persons medical needs. Family members never have to worry about the care of their loved ones.

Quality of Social Life
At Manse on Marsh, activities are planned from morning to evening. Shopping excursions, Zumba, arts and crafts, church service and much more, gives all residents a chance to come alive. Manse believes at it’s core that a vibrant community adds to the health of its members. Realizing some persons prefer a more quiet day, no one is forced to take part in any activities they prefer not to. Still a superb dining experience awaits in the beautifully, sunlit Atrium; or quiet time reading in the library; maybe sitting on the roof top patio watching a brilliant sunset or taking in a movie and popcorn in the comfortable theater. When family visits, a stroll in nearby downtown, with it’s shops and eateries, is a perfect way to spend the day.

Cost and Value
Manse on Marsh offers a range of living options, outlined in Senior Advisor,  to fit your loved ones retirement budget. No one is spared when it comes to amenities; cable television, mini-fridg and microwave are supplied in all living quarters. Selecting from studios, one bedroom suites or our cottage or home options – in addition to their weekly housekeeping, laundry and transportation to and from doctors appointments, Manse on Marsh provide exceptional value for the cost.

Visit Manse on Marsh for a tour of this lovely and quality assisted living facility. Their residents can live as independently as they are capable. They even can provide continuing hospice care services if the need arises. In this way, your loved is home, for good. There is no need to consider future moves, and this helps the entire family be at ease.

Starting a New Steelers Season Right with Susan McGalla

It’s that season again, and if you are a Steelers fan there is great news for you. Earlier this year wikinvest reported that the Steelers football team announced a new fashion line lead by Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers. She is organizing the new fan clothing line as well as a new website for the team to connect with fans. Along with the new pushes, she establishes a better mobile app so fans can connect with the team and purchase their favorite memorabilia. Among the new releases, fans can purchase their favorite Pandora Steelers charms as well as fashion from major labels such as Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. The new Steelers line is geared towards fans at any age and any gender. Ms. McGalla takes on this new venture with the Steelers and brings with her two decades of expertise. She is alumni of Mount Union College in Ohio where she attained her degree in business and marketing. Her experience in the field began in marketing at the Joseph Horne Company. Before having the position of the President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. for fifteen years, she was the Divisional Merchandise Buyer for women’s clothing for the company. She then moved into a retail industry consultant then was the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc., where she reinvented the brand. From there, she founded P3 Executive Consulting firm where she used her expertise to provide advisory services to the Wall Street community. In 2015, she took the position as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her experience and proficiencies make her the lead in her field when it comes to branding and marketing. Her know-how has made her an asset to the business management field. She knows the ins and the outs of the field as well as how to overcome in complexities she comes across while in the marketing field. Mc. McGalla brings her understanding from ireport of the management practices to help others by sitting on the Board of Advisors for Mount Union College.

Food Bank To Benefit From U.S. Money Reserve Crowd Funding Effort

Each year during the Holiday season the thoughts of many turn to helping those who are less fortunate. U.S. Money Reserve is a precious metals trader that is now seeking to assist those in need with a fundraising drive designed to provide added assistance for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, which has been serving a number of communities across Central Texas for almost 30 years.

Over the last few years the traders at U.S. Money Reserve have been looking to assist a range of charitable organizations in their quest to help people with various needs in the central Texas community. The company works for investors hoping to make a profit from trading in precious metals and employs more than 100 traders who hope to provide the best advice for the clients of U.S. Money Reserve. Despite the success U.S. Money Reserve has achieved over recent years the needs of the community have always been at the top of its list of priorities. Previous charitable drives have benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

Digital Journal explains how U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise page allowing individuals the opportunity to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The Crowdrise page explains how U.S. Money Reserve are asking employees, clients and friends to assist the food bank in providing meals for the needy over the Holiday season. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas partners with more the 300 agencies across 21 counties within the central Texas region; the fundraising effort hopes to achieve similar results to the work of the food bank in previous years when they provided more than 31 million pounds of food for communities across central Texas.

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US Money Reserve Is Absolutely Fantastic

Locating a trusted vendor and distributor of gold and other precious metals is not exactly easy. One can go to a financial institution and safely purchase these metals, but the fees charged by an institution that does not specialize in gold and silver are usually pretty high and quite inconvenient for anybody interested in buying gold for collecting or investing purposes.

The United States Mint have printed every coin that is in use by US Money Reserve, further solidifying US Money Reserve as a company that is based entirely in the United States. Citizens of the United States feel favorably about companies that operate domestically because the money that they spend is going to come back to them in one form or another.

All of the precious metals on the website are of the highest quality, whether it comes to the purity of the gold bullion or the inscriptions and imprints on a coin. All of the coins are graded at either a 69 or a 70 on a scale that runs from 1 to 70, both of which being the industry standards for the quality of gold purchased by investors in the precious metal market in the United States.

The order placing process on US Money Reserve has been designed around the safety and security of the customers of the company, so it is always going to take at least a week on average to place an order for gold bullion or coins. This is faster than what it usually takes to get these precious metals from other distributors because it is not exactly easy to arrange transactions that require highly touted financial institutions, armored delivery trucks, and other things that cost money and take time.

Customer service is the name of the game for US Money Reserve. Many of the clients of US Money Reserve’s are repeat customers and spend lots of money per transaction so it makes nothing but sense for US Money Reserve to place such an emphasis on satisfying the customer no matter what.

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George Soros on Refugee Asylum



One of the biggest political issues today is how to treat refugees from a poor country that enter in to a more wealthy one. In a recent article in MarketWatch George Soros lays out a plan for the European Union to deal with asylum for political refugees. Over the past couple of months, the number of people who are fleeing foreign countries is at an all time high. There are many people around the world who are worried about the effects of these refugees on countries they are a part of. However, as the article states, George Soros believes that all nations should start with the needs of the people first. Here are a couple of details about his plans.

Refugee Plan

George Soros believes that all members of the European Union need to have a comprehensive plan for how to deal with the refugee issue that many are facing. Over the long term, this is a huge issues that will have a lot of consequences on both sides if it is not handled with care. Anyone who is wanting to have a plan in place for the refugees must understand that there are a lot of nations with different things at stake with this issue. George Soros believes that no matter what the plan is, it is vital to consider the needs of the people fleeing the Middle East. He points to his own life where he immigrated to England before the second world war, as detailed in his Investopedia profile. Overall, there are must be a solution offered up that both increases security in Europe and helps people fleeing from other countries.

George Soros

As one of the richest people in the world, George Soros has a lot of influence in different political thoughts. In the long run, he has been able to effectively shape the political policy of many places because of his wealth. His political views are generally left of center, and in this particular issue he certainly has a lot of people who disagree with him. In light of the recent terrorist attacks, there are many people in Europe who want to increase security at all costs. However, it is his opinion that nations should always start with the human cost first.

Final Thoughts

There are many smart people on both sides of this argument that have fair points. Over a period of many years, Europe must come together and reach some sort of cohesive policy on this issue. There are going to be a lot of people who are interested in what the nations of Europe decide to do here. George Soros believes that any policy must consider the personal cost first.

Chicago Neighborhoods Experience a Rise in Tax Assessments After This Year’s Reassessment Exercise

There will be another property tax increase come next year from the Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s tax proposals. The areas affected by the tax move will be centeredon Halsted and Division streets. The same neighborhood had an average tax assessment rising the more that 48 percent early 2015.
This is one of the highest increase in values of residential homes after the reassessment done in the whole city. When added to the higher tax proposed by Emanuel and passed later October 2015, the new value changes will affect all homeowners at Chicago Avenue Brown Line stop and between Clybourn Red Line stop and CTA’s North
The assessment also registers big jumps West Township 051 also called the East Village, North Township 030, which is a large swath of River North and Streeterville, and North Township 013, which is one of the a hundred and eighty-four sections that were re-assessed as part of the three-year reassessment cycle.
The recent developments in the North Township 13 area have made a tax rise inevitable. The area has had several condominiums and townhouses completed with commercial developments spilling south of the North Avenue. According to a property agent in the area, the area has become pumped-up with new stores, restaurants and residential homes in an area that was predominantly industrial five years ago.
Areas that experienced a tax fall
Lake Township 285, also called Longwood Manor, found on the east of the Southwest Side of Beverly, the average assessment dropped by 9.5 percent from the last assessment in 2012. Moreover, some parts of Rogers Township and Hyde Park Township experienced a rise of 7 percent and less.
The bills of the homeowners in this part are not likely to go up, as their houses are valued at $250,000, and below. Such homes are insulated against an increase in tax by the Emanuel’s plan.
The rapid increase in assessments in high-priced neighborhoods comes at the back of rapid appreciation after the recovery of mid-200’s recession. Home prices have been rising steadily and doubling up in a few months. This effect had to lead to an increase in assessments.
According to Majeed Ekbal, a leading real estate investor in the area, there has been a rise in services targeting the new homeowners. His company, Expresso, has been undertaking delivery services to the clients at their offices.
According to Majeed Ekbal, he has been offering convenience to the upscale customers who have little or no time to shop at the stores. The company makes grocery deliveries every day of the week with orders made after midday delivered the next day.

2015 Hedge Fund Award Goes To Highland Capital

Winning in the category of “40 Act Fund – equity,” Highland Capital Management was awarded the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award for their Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund (HHCAX). Highland, combined with all its affiliates commands $20 billion dollars of assets, which they manage. Co-founder and president of Highland Capital had this to say, “Winning the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award is a testament to the deep experience and healthcare investment expertise of Michael Gregory and his team.”

The judges took a great deal of data into consideration of different fund of funds categories, including 40 Act funds to decide whom has won the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. The award is based on performance measured far beyond their peers. The judges will also be considering different year ranges of performance data gathered, 1 – 5 years. The fund manager’s reputation and history also play a part.

James Dondero started Highland Capital with his friend Mark Okada in 1993. After the meltdown that was the Savings & Loan fiasco, during the darkest days that included bankruptcy for Drexel Burnham, The two friends picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and began one of the most successful and innovative investment firms in the whole world. James Dondero relates quietly, “We created our first collateralized loan obligation in 1996… It was quite challenging because there were only a few non-bank investors outside of ourselves and a few mutual fund investors. Since then, we have created 40 collateralized loan obligations and structured vehicles.” They’ve recently expanded their family by hiring a new President of Institutional Products, Terry Jones.

Michael Gregory is the full time manager of the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund and points out that the healthcare sector is by far the largest area of investment with their $3 billion dollars in assets. Eleven specialist investors whose entire focus is in the healthcare sector bring a total of 130 years unified experience. Mr. Gregory is also Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Highland Alternative Investors. He had this to say, “We remain focused on delivering strong, repeatable performance for our investors… This award is indicative of the success of our investment process and risk management infrastructure, and a credit to the hard work and intensity of the team.”